Joker (2019) is a Psychological Thriller Hollywood Movie released in India on October 02, 2019. The movie was initally released on August 31, 2019 in 76th Venice International Film Festival and on October 04, 2019 in United States. The movie became seventh highest grossing Hollywood Movie of 2019. 

Joker (2019) Story

Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix) lives with his mom Penny and works as a clown in an agency. His ability to non-stop laugh is actually his disability as he is suffering from such a disease which makes him unable to stop his laughing.  

Authur’s Mother has been working for 12 years as a housekeeper in the house of Thomas Wayne (Brett Cullen) who wishes to become Mayor of Gotham City.

Aurthur loses his job and becomes violent when he saw three guys teasing a girl. He tried to stop them but his violent nature becomes the reason for killing of those three guys.  And a killing movement initiated.

Wayne turns out to be Mayor of Gotham City and becomes the voice of rich people. Hence, poor people started agitation against him. In the meantime Penny alleges that Auther is illegitimate son of Wayne.


'Joker' is a one man show and the performance of Poenix's is one of the best performance of his career. His performance can be easily compared with Heath Ledger's 'Joker:The Dark Night'-2008. Legendary Actor Rober De Niro has also done his respective part very elegantly despite of the age factor which shows his love towards acting and creativity.  


 The movie almost runs flawless but some scene have been stretched by the Director. The film could be much effecting by cutting a few minutes of unnecessarily stretched scenes. 

Joker (2019) Movie Review:

The movie is not for the weak heart. Violence level in the movie is such that audience may shiver sometime. The movie is warning sign for mental illness also. But the treatment to the movie is superb and almost everyone would love this dark movie.