1920: The Evil Returns (2012) [Hindi ](2012)

1920: The Evil Returns (2012) [Hindi] (2012)

Film Name 1920: The Evil Returns (2012)
Genre Horror
Director Bhushan Patel
Producer(s) Vikram Bhatt
Music Director Chirantan Bhatt , Amar Mohile
Lead Cast See Full Cast
Release Date 02 November 2012 (India)
Movie Budget 9 Cr. (Estimated)
Box Office Collection 28 Cr. Approximately (Worldwide)
Rating IMDB: 4.9    Bollywood Product: 6   

1920: The Evil Returns (2012) [Film] Synopsis

1920: The Evil Returns is a Hindi (Bollywood) Horror and Supernatural Thriller film released on 2 November 2012.

It was the second film of the 1920 Film Series and is the quasi-sequel to the 2008 film 1920.

Cast and Crew

Bhushan Patel is the Director, Vikram Bhatt is the Producer, Screenplay Writer & Hindi Dialogue Writer, and Sanjy Masoom is the Tamil Dialogue Writer of 1920: The Evil Returns.

Chirantan Bhatt is the Music Composer, Amar Mohile is the Background Scorer, Naren Gedia is the Cinematographer, and Swapnil Raj is the Film Editor of 1920: The Evil Returns.


Aftab Shivdasani and Tia Bajpai play the lead roles, whereas Vidya Malvade and Sharad Kelkar play pivotal roles in 1920: The Evil Returns.

The film also features Vicky Ahuja, Sanjay Sharma, Tarakesh Chauhan, Naresh Sharma, Yogesh Tripathi, and Falguni Rajani.

Budget and Box Office Collection

The tentative budget of the film 1920: Evil Returns was 9 Crore INR. The film did good commercial business at the Box Office, earned approximately 28.4 Crore INR, and was declared a Hit.

Movie Plot

Jaidev Verma is a well-off person and a famous Poet. Smriti (Tia Bajpai) is one of his biggest fans and wants to meet him. However, she could not meet him due to time mismanagement.

Smirti writes a letter to Jaidev Verma and happily receives a reply from Jaidev Verma. Both Smriti and Jaidev continue to write letters and fall in love with each other without seeing one another in person.

Finally, the day comes when Jaidev Verma reaches to meet Smriti. The servant of Smriti informs that Smriti has already died in an accident.

Present time story

Jaidev Verma lives with his sister Karun (Vidya Malvade), who is his only support to recover from the grief of the untimely death of Smriti. However, Jaidev Verma is not able to forget Smriti.

Twist in the story

Smriti is still alive, and her servant informs her that Jaidev Verma still feels for her and can not forget her.

Smriti now decides to meet Jaidev Verma and starts her journey in a chariot driven by a driver (Naresh Sharma). On the way to her journey, some supernatural events happen, and Smriti becomes unconscious.

Jaidev Verma finds unconscious Smriti and brings her to his home. Unfortunately, Smriti has lost her remembrances and can not recollect her memories.

Karuna asks his brother not to keep an unknown woman with him because it can be dangerous. However, Jaidev does not listen to his sister and gives shelter to Smriti. Since Smriti has lost his memories, Jaidev starts calling her with the name Sangeeta.

A cemetery keeper Bankimlal (Vicky Ahuja), warns Jaidev not to keep Smriti/Sangeeta with him, but Jaidev ignores him. Jaidev starts building emotional bonding with Sangeeta, and thus he wants to keep Sangeeta at home.

The biggest twist

Sangeeta feels frightening phenomena, vomiting iron nails and seeing ghosts in her room. On their way to see a doctor, Sangeeta gets possessed by the evil power.

The only possible hope for Jaidev is the cemetery keeper, Who is ready to help, but he needs the original identity of Sangeeta.

With some twists, Jaidev finally learns that Sangeeta is his lost love, Smriti. He goes to Smriti's old address to find out the truth. However, he surprisingly discovers that Karuna had come there before, asking about Smriti.

Who is the evil spirit, and what is the connection between the Spirit and Smriti? What is the role of Karuna in the entire scenario? Will the Ghost leave Smriti? The film 1920: The Evil Returns replies to these questions.

Full Cast and Crew of 1920: The Evil Returns (2012)

Full Cast:

To be Updated Soon.

Other Cast(s):

Aftab Shivdasani
Tia Bajpai
Vidya Malvade
Sharad Kelkar
Vicky Ahuja
Sanjay Sharma
Naresh Sharma
Rupam Bag
Mithilesh Pandey

Full Crew:


Bhushan Patel


Vikram Bhatt


Music Director(s)
Chirantan Bhatt
Amar Mohile

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