AaniBaani (2023) [Marathi ](2023)

AaniBaani (2023) [Marathi] (2023)

Film Name AaniBaani (2023)
Genre Drama
Director Dinesh Jagtap
Producer(s) Dinesh Jagtap , Amol Mahadik , Krushna Jagtap , Sachin Jagtap , Yogesh Shinde
Music Director Devdutta Manisha Baji , Aadi Ramchanndra , Pankaj Padghan
Lead Cast See Full Cast
Release Date 28 July 2023 (India)
Movie Budget 5 Cr. (Estimated)
Box Office Collection N.A. Cr. Approximately (Worldwide)
Rating IMDB: N.A.    Bollywood Product: 4   

AaniBaani (2023) [Film] Synopsis

AaniBaani is an Indian Marathi-language Drama film released in cinemas on 28 July 2023.

Cast and Crew


Upendra Limaye, Veena Jamkar, Seema Kulkarni, Sanjay Khapre, Padmanabh Bind, and Sayaji Shinde play pivotal roles in AaniBaani.


  1. Dinesh Jagtap - Director
  2. Dinesh Jagtap - Producer
  3. Amol Mahadik - Co-Producer
  4. Krushna Jagtap - Co-Producer
  5. Sachin Jagtap - Co-Producer
  6. Yogesh Shinde - Co-Producer
  7. Arvind Jagtap - Writer
  8. Devdutta Manisha Baji - Music Director
  9. Aadi Ramchandra- Music Director
  10. Pankaj Padghan- Music Director
  11. Pankaj Padghan - Background Scorer
  12. Valay Mulgund - Lyricist
  13. Prasanna Deshmukh- Lyricist
  14. Dinesh Jagtap- Lyricist
  15. Mangesh Gadekar - Cinematographer
  16. Pramod Kahar - Film Editing
  17. Sudhir Sutar - Art Director

Movie Plot

Abhimanyu (Upendra Limaye) is a married man who yearns for a child but remains childless. His wife, Vimal (Veena Jamkar), suggests marrying again to have a child together. 

Second Marriage and the Birth of Vishwas

As per the suggestion of his wife, Abhimanyu remarries, and they soon have a son named Vishwas.

As Vishwas (Padmanabh Bind) grows up, he becomes distant from his father, who is now suffering from paralysis. Unaware of his father's sacrifices, Vishwas begins to rebel against him.

The backdrop of the 1976 Emergency

The film's backdrop is set during the 1976 Emergency when Prime Minister Indira Gandhi introduced her Family Planning program. The program aimed to control the population growth in the country. Police Inspector Pintu plays a significant role in the story.

Pintu's Motivation and Conflict with Abhimanyu

Inspector Pintu (Sanjay Khapre) tries to forcefully sterilize Abhimanyu, fearing that Abhimanyu might marry his sister, Jyoti  (Seema Kulkarni). Pintu desires Jyoti to marry a man named Nanasaheb (Sayaji Shinde), who has lost his wife.

What happens next is the rest of the story of AaniBaani.

Full Cast and Crew of AaniBaani (2023)

Full Cast:

To be Updated Soon.

Other Cast(s):

Upendra Limaye
Veena Jamkar
Seema Kulkarni
Sanjay Khapre
Padmanabh Bind
Sayaji Shinde
Pravin Tarde
Usha Naik
Prajakta Hanamghar
Dhananjay Sardeshpande
Kishor Mahabole
Rohit Kokate

Full Crew:


Dinesh Jagtap


Dinesh Jagtap
Amol Mahadik
Krushna Jagtap
Sachin Jagtap
Yogesh Shinde


Music Director(s)
Devdutta Manisha Baji
Aadi Ramchanndra
Pankaj Padghan

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