Agnichakra (1997) [Hindi ](1997)

Agnichakra (1997) [Hindi] (1997)

Film Name Agnichakra (1997)
Genre Action , Revenge
Director Amit Suryavanshi
Producer(s) Piyush Shah
Music Director Bappi Lahiri
Lead Cast See Full Cast
Release Date 26 February 1997 (India)
Movie Budget 1.5 Cr. (Estimated)
Box Office Collection 1 Cr. Approximately (Worldwide)
Rating IMDB: 3.5/10    Bollywood Product: 4/10   

Agnichakra (1997) [Film] Synopsis

Agnichakra is a Hindi Revenge Drama film released on 26 February 1997.

Cast & Crew

Piyush Shah is the Producer, and Amit Suryavanshi is the Director and Screenplay Writer of Agnichakra.

Parvez M. Irani is the Cinematographer, and Harish Chowdhary is the Film Editor of Agnichakra.

Amit Khanna and Aish Kanwal are the Lyrics writers, and Bappi Lahiri is the Music Director of Agnichakra.


GovindaNaseeruddin ShahDimple Kapadia, Pramod Moutho, and Anupam Kher play pivotal roles in Agnicharka.

The film also features Beena, Bindiya Gill, Birbal, Bob Christo, Brando Bakshi, Hussain Khan, Kamal Chopra, Manmauji, Govinda, Raju Srivastav, Rakhi Sawant, Ruhi Sawant, Satish Shah, Shamsuddin, Somy Ali (in Special Appearance), and Vishal Khanna supporting roles.

Rakhi Sawant and Vishal Khanna made their debut with the film Agnichakra.

Budget and Box Office

The tentative budget of Agnichakra was 1.5 Crore INR. The film earned slightly less than 1 Crore INR at Box Office.

Movie Plot

Police Officers Suryaveer (Raj Kiran) and Satpal (Naseeruddin Shah) are friends and work as sincere and honest police officers. Suryaveer is married to Beena (Beena). He has a daughter and a younger brother Amar (Govinda).

Amar is a Singer and Dancer who performs for Dhanraj (Anupam Khe). Satish Sadarangani (Satish Shah) manages his dance programms and reports to Dhanraj.

Sheena, the daughter of Dhanraj, loves Amar (Govinda), but Dhanraj does not like this idea. He tells his daughter not to meet Amar again due to the difference in financial status.

Satpal (Naseeruddin Shah) is married to Neeta. However, after a few years of marriage, Satpal becomes aware of that Neeta is spying on him. He confronts Neeta, and she takes out a revolver to shoot her husband. A fight ensues between Satpal and his wife Neeta, and the latter dies in the firing.

Satpal leaves the police job after the death of his wife. He starts consuming alcohol throughout the day. Rani (Dimple Kapadia) loves Satpat, but he does not pay heed to Rani.

Satpal (Naseeruddin Shah) and Suryaveer (Raj Kiran) always work together. However, after Satpal leaves the Police department, Saryavanshi alone takes charge to catch Jumbo  (Pramod Moutho), a dreaded terrorist.

Sooryavanshi reaches Jumbo's den with his team. Jumbo traps Suryaveer and orders his goons to kill him. Suryaveer (Raj Kiran) dies, and Amar (Govinda) reaches Satpal (Naseeruddin Shah), the best friend of his elder brother.

Amar (Govinda) leaves his job of Singing and Dancing and vows to avenge the death of his elder brother. Amar also starts physical training from a trained Martial Arts expert (Hussain Khan).

On the other hand, Satpal (Naseeruddin Shah) also wants to take revenge for the death of his friend Suryaveer (Govinda). He teams up with a petty thief for the very purpose. Soon Rani (Dimple Kapadia) joins the alliance against the dreaded terrorist Jumbo (Pramod Moutho).


The film has taken many years in the making, and it shows not only in continuity jerks but also in the appearances of the stars who come in varying shapes and sizes in different scenes.

Full Cast and Crew of Agnichakra (1997)

Full Cast:

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Other Cast(s):

Naseeruddin Shah
Raj Kiran
Anupam Kher
Pramod Moutho
Somy Ali
Satish Shah
Raju Srivastav
Rakhi Sawant
Hussain Khan
Vishal Khanna
Bob Christo
Brando Bakshi
Bindiya Gill
Geeta Khanna
Ruhi Sawant
Dimple Kapadia
Kamal Chopra

Full Crew:


Amit Suryavanshi


Piyush Shah


Music Director(s)
Bappi Lahiri

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