Agra (2023) [Hindi Movie]

Agra (2023) [ Hindi ]

Movie Name Agra (2023)
Movie Genre Drama Movies  
Directed by Kanu Behl
Produced by Siddharth Anand Kumar
Music Director
Star Cast Rahul Roy, Mohit Agarwal, Priyanka Bose, Vibha Chibber, Ruhani Sharma, Sonal Jha, Aanchal Goswami, Devas Dixit, Rajesh Aggarwal, Yashraj Rawal, See Full Cast
Release Date 17 November 2023 (India)
Movie Budget 10 Cr. (Estimated)
Box Office Collection N.A. Cr. Approximately (Worldwide)
Rating IMDB: N.A.    Bollywood Product: N.A.   

Agra (2023) Movie Synopsis

Agra is an upcoming Hindi film that will have its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival from 16 to 27 May 2023. Agra is an exploration of sexual dynamics within a family. The film will look at the deep dystopian fractures created in modern India, fast shrinking into pigeon-holed spaces.

The film will be shown in the Directors’ Fortnight section. Agra is the only Indian film selected for the Directors' Fortnight. The section highlights independent films from the world and is a free-spirited, non-competitive selection open to all festival-goers.

Agra is the second Indian film of 2023, named for the prestigious French festival after Anurag Kashyap's Kennedy starring Rahul Bhat and Sunny Leone.

Kennedy is Anurag Kashyap's second film to premiere at Cannes; his debut film Titli premiered in the Un Certain Regard section in 2014. 

Cast and Crew


  1. Rahul Roy - Father
  2. Priyanka Bose - Preeti
  3. Mohit Agarwal (Debutante) - Guru
  4. Ruhani Sharma - Mala
  5. Vibha Chibber - Mother
  6. Sonal Jha - Mistress
  7. Aanchal Goswami - Chhavi
  8. Devas Dixit - Sundar
  9. Rajesh Aggarwal - Doctor
  10. Yashraj Rawal - Joginder


  1. Kanu Behl - Director
  2. Kanu Behl - Writer
  3. Atika Chohan - Writer
  4. Siddharth Anand Kumar - Producer
  5. Saurabh Monga - Cinematographer
  6. Samarth Dixit - Film Editor
  7. Parul Sondh - Production Design
  8. Bhaskar Gupta - Art Director

Movie Plot

Guru (Mohit Agarwal) is a marriageable young man who lives with his father (Rahul Roy) and mother (Vibha Chibber). However, the family is strange where the Guru and the mother (Vibha Chibbar) live on the Ground Floor, whereas the father lives on the Upper Ground Floor with his mistress (Sonal Jha).

Guru is madly in love with Mala (Ruhani Sharma). He wants to marry Mala, dreams of building a new room, and lives with her on the terrace. However, everyone in the house dissuades Guru and jeopardizes his quest for the room for obvious reasons.

Since Guru cannot marry without an extra room, his sexual desires remain suppressed, and he goes on a sexual odyssey. Guru tries to satisfy his sexual desires and find true intimacy.

Caught between his family, the world around him, and his mind, Guru slowly begins to unravel. Soon Guru develops strong emotions and loves for a random woman-a polio-stricken, older internet cafe owner.

The resulting chaos gives us a window into our many sexual repressions and the new, small-town Indian we adore. The film Agra tries to understand sexuality and physical space. And how the lack of sex education in a country of over a billion affects the way we live our lives.

Full Cast of Agra (2023)

Rahul Roy
Mohit Agarwal
Priyanka Bose
Vibha Chibber
Ruhani Sharma
Sonal Jha
Aanchal Goswami
Devas Dixit
Rajesh Aggarwal
Yashraj Rawal


Agra (2023)
Agra (2023)
Agra (2023)
Agra (2023)
Agra (2023)
Agra (2023)

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