Badnaam (2020) [Hindi Movie]

Badnaam (2020) [ Hindi ]

Movie Name Badnaam (2020)
Movie Genre Romantic Movie   Thriller Movie  
Directed by Krishna Bhatt
Produced by Vikram Bhatt Vashu Bhagnani
Music Director Sonal Pradhan
Star Cast Priyal Gor, Mohit Sehgal, Barkha Bisht, Nisha Aaliya, Danny Darren, Sammy Jonas Heaney, Ruchika Jain, Vaunisha Kapoor , Atul Sharma, Anirudh Dave, See Full Cast
Release Date 01 October 2020 (India)
Movie Budget 6 Cr. (Estimated)
Box Office Collection N.A. Cr. Approximately (Worldwide)
Rating IMDB: 6.1    Bollywood Product: 6   

Badnaam (2020) Movie Synopsis

Badnaam is a Bollywood Romantic Thriller film released on 1 October 2020 in the United Kingdom.

Cast & Crew

Vashu Bhyagnani and Vikram Bhatt have jointly produced Badnaam. Vikram Bhatt has also written Story, Screenplay, and Dialogues. Srivinay Salian has co-written the Dialogues.

Mohit Sehgal and Priyal Gor have played the lead roles in the film. Barkha Bisht, Nisha Aaliya, Danny Darren, and Sammy Jonas Heaney have played pivotal roles in the movie. Aniruddh Dave, Ruchika Jain, Vaunisha Kapoor, Simona Martini, Daniel Eghan, Toni Beard, and Chiraz Aich have played supporting roles in the film Badnaam.

Movie Plot

Kabir (Mohit Sehgal) wants to create a big name in the field of Music. His girlfriend Soniya (Priyal Gor) also wants him to make a big name. However, Kabir doesn't have money to buy a broken musical instrument.

Soniya seeks the help of a friend who, in turn, asks him to deliver a packet (drugs). Soniya accepts the deal.  However, the police arrest her while doing the illegal act.

Kaaya (Barkha Bisht) meets her in the jail and promises to take her out if she agrees to work for their organization. Soniya does not have any choice, and she gets agree to work for the organization. Mr. Black is the head of this organization. However, no one has seen Mr. Black.

The organization works secretly. They steal secrets for money.  Soniya needs to behave like a prostitute too.

Soniya becomes dead for the rest of the world, and now she has a new name, Pari. One day Kabir (Mohit Gaur) witnesses her.

Soon Soniya comes to know that the Kaaya will kill Kabir. She flees with Kabir, but Kaaya finds them and Kills Kabir.

Soniya wows to take revenge on Kaaya and Mr. Black. Who is Mr. Black, and will Soniya be able to take revenge is the rest of the story with some thrilling twists.

Full Cast of Badnaam (2020)

Priyal Gor
Mohit Sehgal
Barkha Bisht
Nisha Aaliya
Danny Darren
Sammy Jonas Heaney
Ruchika Jain
Vaunisha Kapoor
Atul Sharma
Anirudh Dave
Chiraz Aich
Daniel Eghan
Matt Goodwin
Toni Beard
Lauren Bracken
Lee Nicholas Harris
Paulette Harris German
Louise Higgins
Simona Martini
Charlie Pawlett
Anna Ruben
Gabrielle Singh
Glenn Webster
Chris Wilson

Songs Of Movie Badnaam (2020)


Badnaam (2020)
Badnaam (2020)
Badnaam (2020)
Badnaam (2020)
Badnaam (2020)
Badnaam (2020)

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