Beqasoor (1950) [ Hindi Movie ]

Movie Name Beqasoor (1950)
Movie Genre Drama Movie  
Directed by K Amarnath
Produced by M R Navalkar
Music Director Anil Biswas
Star Cast Ajit Khan, Madhubala, Lala Yaqoob, Pramila, Gope, Durga Khote, Mangla, Geeta Nizami, Ramesh,
Release Date 02 Jun, 1950 (India)
Movie Budget 0.2 Cr. (Estimated)
Box Office Collection 0.9 Cr. Approximately (Worldwide)
Rating IMDB: 6.9/10    Bollywood Product: 6/10   

Beqasoor (1950) Movie Synopsis

Beqasoor (1950) [meaning-innocent] is a Drama Hindi (Bollywood) film released on 2 June 1950.

Cast & Crew

K. Amarnath has written the Film Story and has directed Beqasoor. M. R. Navalkar is the producer of the film. Anil Biswas has composed music for Beqasoor (1950).


Ajit and Madhubala have played the lead roles in Beqasoor (1950).

Durga Khote, Yakub, Pramila, Mangla, Gope, Geeta Nizami, and Ramesh have played pivotal roles.

Beqasoor Budget and Box Office Collection

The approximate budget of Beqasoor (1950) was 0.2 Crore (20 Lakh). The film did well on the Box Office and earned an approximate Gross Collection of Rs. 0.9 Crore and 0.5 Crore Net Collection.

The film became the 7th Highest Grossing Bollywood film of 1950.

Beqasoor (1950)-Highlights.

Ajit has played the lead role in Beqasoor. However, Trilok Kapoor was the first choice for the lead role. But due to date issues, Ajit put his leg into the shoes of Trilok Kapoor.

The born name of Ajit was Hamid Ali Khan. The director K. Amarnath suggested shortening his name. And thus, the screen name "Ajit" emerged and was used for the first time as his screen name.

Movie Plot

Brij Kumar (Ajit), a jobless young man, lives with his Mother (Durga Khote), elder brother Ghanshyam (Yakub), and his wife (Pramila).

Ghanshyam is a cunning and nasty person who throws out Brij and his mother from his house. Brij keeps his mother (Durga Khote) with her sister's home and leaves for Bombay in search of a job.

While coming to Bombay by train, Brij meets with Usha (Madhubala). She has absconded from his home because her cruel brother was trying to push her towards prostitution.

Someone steals the purse of Usha, and she loses all her money. Brij helps her in paying the fare and hotel bills too. Soon they become close and fall in love with each other.

After some time, Brij becomes a Policeman and marries Usha(Madhubala). He returns to his native place meets his brother Ghanshyam (Yakub), who is now more jealous of him.

One day, all of a sudden, the Police frame Brij with the allegations of Black Marketing. It is his jealous brother Ghanshyam who plays a foul game with him. Ghanshyam also turns Brij against his wife Usha by wrongly vilifying her character.

Usha is pregnant and is all alone now. What will she do? What happens to Brij and Ghanshyam is the rest of the story.

Songs Of Movie Beqasoor (1950)

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