Crime Case 99 (Yuddham Sei) [2011] [Hindi Dubbed Tamil ](2011)

Crime Case 99 (Yuddham Sei) [2011] [Hindi Dubbed Tamil] (2011)

Film Name Crime Case 99 (Yuddham Sei) [2011]
Genre Crime , Mystery Thriller
Director Mysskin
Producer(s) Kalpathi S Aghoram , Kalpathi S Ganesh , Kalpathi S Suresh
Music Director K Krishna Kumar
Lead Cast See Full Cast
Release Date 04 February 2011 (India)
Movie Budget 4 Cr. (Estimated)
Box Office Collection 8 Cr. Approximately (Worldwide)
Rating IMDB: 8/10    Bollywood Product: 7.5/10   

Crime Case 99 (Yuddham Sei) [2011] [Film] Synopsis

Cast No. 99 is a Hindi dubbed version of the Tamil Crime Mystery Thriller film Yuddham Sei [meaning: Wage War], originally released on 04.02.2011. The running time of the film is 152 Minutes.

The Hindi dubbed version premiered on Tv in 2019 and on YouTube on 05.05.2023. Gharshane is the Kannada remake of Yuddham Sei, released in 2014.

Cast No. 99 (dubbed Hindi version of the Tamil film Yuddham Sei) features Cheran and debutant Dipa Shah. Y. G. Mahendra, Lakshmi Ramakrishnan, Jayaprakash, and Selva play supporting roles. 

Cast and Crew


  1. Cheran - Inspector J. Krishnan (J. K.)
  2. Ineya - Charu
  3. Dipa Shah - Sub Inspector Tamilselvi
  4. Shankar - Sub Inspector Tamilselvi
  5. Jayaprakash - Dr. Judas Iscariot
  6. Aadukalam Naren - Chandramouli (Sr. Officer)
  7. G. Marimuthu - Inspector Esakki Muthu
  8. Selva - ACP Trisangu
  9. Y.G. Mahendra - Dr. Purushothaman
  10. Lakshmi Ramakrishnan - Annapoorni Purushothaman
  11. Srushti Dange - Suja
  12. Sunil Choudhary - Nishant
  13. Yugendran - Inba
  14. Manikka Vinayagam - Duraipandi
  15. E. Ramdoss - Constable Kitappa
  16. Balaji K. Mohan - Ajay
  17. Ameer Sultan- Special Appearance
  18. Charulatha Mani - Special Appearance
  19. Charu Nivedita - Special Appearance
  20. Neetu Chandra - Special Appearance



  1. Mysskin - Director
  2. Mysskin - Writer
  3. Kalpathi S. Aghoram - Producer
  4. Kalpathi S. Ganesh - Producer
  5. Kalpathi S. Suresh - Producer
  6. K (Krishna Kumar) - Music Director
  7. Sathyan Sooryan - Cinematographer
  8. Gaugin - Fim Editor
  9. Amaran - Art Director

Movie Plot

The film opens on a rainy night. A woman (face covered under an umbrella) tries to hire an autorickshaw that seems out of order, and a man is trying to mend it.

The woman witnesses an unconscious girl in the backseat. She finds something wrong and tries to call the police. However, another man, sitting in the driver seat of the autorickshaw, runs towards her intending to hurt her.

The second shows police finding amputated arms in a cardboard box atop a parked car. The police find another container with amputated arms at a public place.

Story of J. Krishnan (J. K.)

Senior Inspector J. Krishnan, known as J. K. (Cheran), is an honest and upright police officer. When he finds it hard to match the work system, he takes a transfer in CB-CID (Crime Branch, Crime Investigation Department).

The amputated arms case shifts to CB-CID due to high political pressure. Senior CB-CID officer Chandramouli (Aadukalam Naren) wants J. K. to take over the amputated arms case. On the other hand, J. K. requests Chandramouli needs a break, or he will resign.


Charu (Ineya) is the sister of J. K. She has been missing for the last six months. J. K. wishes to investigate the case, but the same is not under the jurisdiction of CB-CID.

Chandramouli (Aadukalam Naren) tries to convince J. K. to take up the present matter by assuring that he would seek special permission to investigate Charu's missing case.

J. K. takes over the case of amputated arms case. Chandramouli directs Prakash (Shankar) and Tamilselvi (Dipa Shah), both junior officers in CB-CID, to assist J. K.

J. K. and the team meet the postmortem expert Judas Iscariot (Jayaprakash), and from the information received, J. K. identifies that the arms belong to Moorthy and the auto driver.

The first lead takes J. K. to Surendra, a local goon, and a middleman Rajamanickam, whereas J. K. finds the amputated arms of Rajamanickam in a public place.

J. K. learns that Rajamanickam is connected with Raghu. However, someone kills Raghu before the police team reaches there. However, J. K. strongly believes that the killer of Raghu is different from the killer who kills people after torturing them by amputating their arms.

Investigation reveals that Raghu stays with John Britto, who is missing too. J. K. meets Britto's brother and informs him that Britto is responsible for the suicide of the family of Dr. Purushothaman. J. K. takes permission and reopens the suicide case of Dr. Purushothaman and his family.

Story of Dr. Purushothaman

Dr. Purushothaman, a dedicated doctor, lived happily with his wife Annapoorni (Lakshmy Ramakrishnan), a professor at a Women's College, her daughter Suza (Srushti Dange), and his son.

J. K. learns that Purushothaman allegedly took a bribe, and his wife instigated a 19-years old attendant Manikandan to have sex with her. However, on the investigation, everyone says only good words towards Purushothaman and Annapoorni. On the contrary, Manikandan seems to be a scoundrel and is missing around the same time as John Britto.

Dr. Judas informs that Dr. Purushothaman, his wife Annapoorn, and his son committed suicide while Suja, the daughter, is missing. J. K. learns that someone kidnapped Suza in an autorickshaw on 6 September. Charu (sister of J. K.) has also gone missing on the same day.

J. K. meets Inspector  Isakki Muthu (G. Marimuthu), who handled the case of Dr. Purushothaman case. J. K. learns that Dr. Purushothaman filed a complaint against Duraipandi (Manikka Vinayagam), a textile shop owner, for peeping at girls (including Suza) changing room in his shop. Coincidently it was Inspector  Isakki Muthu who handled this case too.

During the interview, Duraipandi (Manikka Vinayagam) blames his manager Nadhamani for the unethical act and claims to be a scapegoat. He also blames Dr. Purushothaman for ruining his social image and financial condition.

Soon J. K. discovers that two persons kidnapped Suja from her dance class in an autorickshaw. Charu (J. K.'s sister) was abducted in the same manner.

Soon police receive another cardboard box with amputated body parts. J. K. realizes that all the crime events are part of the jurisdiction of Inspector Isakki Muthu and his senior ACP Thirisangu (Selva).

ACP Thirisangu has his own plans colliding with Inspect orIsakki Muthu, Duraipandi, Inba (Yugendran), and Sharif.

Are Charu and Suja still alive? If yes, where are they? Who is the killer, and what is the motive of the killer? Is the suicide of Dr. Purushothaman connected to the murder spree? Whether Inspector Esakki Muthu and ACP Trisangu have done something wrong? The film Cast No. 99 (dubbed Hindi version of the Tamil film Yuddham Sei) gives replies to all such questions in a logical way.

Full Cast and Crew of Crime Case 99 (Yuddham Sei) [2011]

Full Cast:

To be Updated Soon.

Other Cast(s):

Dipa Shah
Srushti Dange
Aadukalam Naren
G Marimuthu
Y G Mahendran
Lakshmy Ramakrishnan
Shankar (South Actor)
Sunil Choudhary
Manikka Vinayagam
E Ramdoss
Balaji K Mohan
Ameer Sultan
Charulatha Mani
Charu Nivedita
Neetu Chandra

Full Crew:




Kalpathi S Aghoram
Kalpathi S Ganesh
Kalpathi S Suresh


Music Director(s)
K Krishna Kumar

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Crime Case 99 (Yuddham Sei) [2011]
Crime Case 99 (Yuddham Sei) [2011]
Crime Case 99 (Yuddham Sei) [2011]
Crime Case 99 (Yuddham Sei) [2011]
Crime Case 99 (Yuddham Sei) [2011]
Crime Case 99 (Yuddham Sei) [2011]

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