Ek Hi Raasta (1977) [Hindi ](1977)

Ek Hi Raasta (1977) [Hindi] (1977)

Film Name Ek Hi Raasta (1977)
Genre Family Drama
Director Mohan Segal
Producer(s) Mohan Segal
Music Director Rajesh Roshan
Lead Cast See Full Cast
Release Date 24 June 1977 (India)
Movie Budget 070 Cr. (Estimated)
Box Office Collection 1 Cr. Approximately (Worldwide)
Rating IMDB: 6.2    Bollywood Product: 5.5   

Ek Hi Raasta (1977) [Film] Synopsis

Ek Hi Raasta [meaning: only one way] is a Hindi (Bollywood) Romance Drama film released on 24 June 1977 in cinemas. The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) issued "U" (Unrestricted) Certificates bearing No. 85062 on 8 June 1977. The running time of the film is  140 Minutes.

Jeetendra, Shabana Azmi, Vinod Mehra, Asha Sachdev, and Uttpal Dutt play pivotal roles in the movies.

Cast and Crew


  1. Jeetendra - Atin Singh
  2. Shabana Azmi - Ketki
  3. Utpal Dutt
  4. Indrani Mukherjee
  5. Vinod Mehra- Nirmal
  6. Asha Sachdev - Veena
  7. Ruhi - Vasna
  8. Master Inderjeet - Munna
  9. Jagdeep - Ajay
  10. Umrani - Vikram
  11. C.S. Duby - Baijnath
  12. Krishan Dhawan - Ram Kanhai
  13. Om Shivpuri - Chowdhry
  14. Jankidas - Jankidas
  15. Chandrima Bhaduri - Manu Mausi
  16. Meena Rai - Doctor
  17. Maruti - Panchu
  18. Mahapatra -Suresh Kathuria
  19. Mirza - Lala's man
  20. O.P. Kohli - Mr. Gupta
  21. Perdeshi - Servant
  22. Polson - Mr. Jhunjhunwala
  23. Ulka - Usha Rani
  24. Viraj Kumar - Ratan
  25. Satyarani - Nirmal's Mausi
  26. Bhola - Dubey
  27. Master Baboo - A kid
  28. Master Asif - A kid
  29. Rajesh - Crooner
  30. Sujata - Crooner
  31. Bulbul - Crooner


  1. Mohan Segal - Director
  2. Mohan Segal - Producer
  3. Subodh Ghosh - Story
  4. Nabendu Ghosh - Screenplay
  5. Ali Raza - Dialogue
  6. Rajesh Roshan - Music Director
  7. Varma Malik - Lyricist
  8. Kamalakar Rao - Director of Photography
  9. R. Dabholkar - Film Editing
  10. Choreographer - Kamal
  11. Sudhendu Roy - Art Director

Movie Plot

Kamal Nain Singh (Utpal Dutt) lives with his family consisting of his wife Sudha (Indrani Mukherjee), his marriageable son and daughter, Atin Singh (Jeetendra) and Vasna (Ruhi), respectively.

Kamal Nain Singh has always been a cunning person who finds opportunities to make village people fool and extort money from them. For this reason, no one in the village is ready to make any relationship with Kamal Nain's family.

Atin works as a sales manager for an automobile company in Bombay. He meets Veena (Asha Sachdev), the daughter of a rich man Chowdhry (Om Shivpuri). Both Veena and Atin fall in love and wants to marry. On the other hand, Vikram (Umrani), one of the close friends of Veena, has an evil eye on her.

Twist in the story

One day Kamal Nain Singh learns that his daughter Vasna is planning to elope with Ratan (Viraj Kumar), her cousin. Kamal Nain somehow manages to stop Vasna, beats Ratan, and threats him not to show his face again.

It is high time for Kamal Nain to think about the marriage of his daughter, but he needs 50,000 rupees as a dowry. Kamal Nain plans to marry Atin and asks 50,000 in dowry so that he can arrange money for his daughter's marriage.

Ram Kanhai (Krishan Dhawan) has a niece Ketki (Shabana Azmi). He is ready to give Rs. 50,000 as dowry for Ketki's marriage. Kamal Nain fixes his daughter's marriage and asks Atin to marry Ketki.

Atin (Jeetendra) reluctantly agrees to marry Ketki (Shabana Azmi) to save his father's reputation in society and for the sake of the marriage of his sister Vasna. However, on his first wedding night, he tells Ketki that he loves Veena (Asha Sachdev).

Ketki is shocked to learn the reality but remains silent. On the other hand, after the marriage, Atin goes to Bombay and convinces Veena that he will get a divorce from his wife so they can get married.

Atin prepares divorce papers on the pretext that their marriage has not been consummated. On the contrary, their marriage gets consummated unintentionally. Ketki silently signs the divorce papers.

Atin leaves his house and marries Veena (Asha Sachdev). Ketki stays with her in-laws in the village and looks after them. She gives birth to Atin's son Munna (Master Inderjeet).

After a few years

Munna (5-6 years old) once meets Nirmal (Vinod Mehra), the Station Master. Nirmal treats Munna like his own son and develops a deep bonding with him. Kamal Nain (Utpal Dutt) requests Niral to marry Ketki (Shabana Azmi), to which both Ketki and Nimral agree.

On the other hand, Atin does not like the lifestyle of Veena and asks her to mend her ways. However, Veena leaves Atin and starts living with her friend Vikram (Umrani).

Veena wants a divorce and prepares documents mentioning their marriage has not been consummated. Atin now realizes his mistake and understands Ketki's feelings.

What happens next is the rest of the story of the film Ek Hi Raasta.

Full Cast and Crew of Ek Hi Raasta (1977)

Full Cast:

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Other Cast(s):

Shabana Azmi
Asha Sachdev
Utpal Dutt
Indrani Mukherjee
Vinod Mehra
Master Indrajeet
Om Shivpuri
Krishan Dhawan
C S Dubey
Chandrima Bhaduri
Meena Rai
O P Kohli
Viraj Kumar

Full Crew:


Mohan Segal


Mohan Segal


Music Director(s)
Rajesh Roshan

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