Faactory (2021) [ Hindi Movie ]

Movie Name Faactory (2021)
Movie Genre Romantic Movie   Thriller Movie  
Directed by Faisal Khan
Produced by Pravin Arora Renuka Arora Salim Babu Ibrahim Maryam Sharad Singh Safaraz Sheriff
Music Director Aslam keyi Salim Sen
Star Cast Faisal Khan, Roaleey Ryan, Rajkumar Kanojia, Asha Singh, Sharad Singh, Ribbhu Mehra,
Release Date 03 Sep, 2021 (India)
Movie Budget 4 Cr. (Estimated)
Box Office Collection Not Available Cr. Approximately (Worldwide)
Rating IMDB: 9    Bollywood Product: 2   

Faactory (2021) Movie Synopsis

Faactory is a Bollywood Romantic Thriller Film released in cinemas on 3 September 2021.

Cast & Crew

Aamir Khan's Brother Faisal Khan has turned into Director with this Film. He has also played the male lead role and jointly written the Screenplay along with Amit Gupta and Maryam.

Faisal Khan and Roaleey Ryan have played the lead roles in the film. Raj Kumar Kanojia, Ribbhu Mehra, Sharad Singh, and Asha Singh have played supporting roles.

Pravin Arora, Renuka Arora, Salim Babu Ibrahim, Maryam, Safaraz Sheriff, and Sharad Singh have jointly produced the film under the Banners M&S Films Production, Flamingo Films, Entertainment Films LLP, and Gauri Films.

Aalam Keyi, Salim Sen, and Bubbles Music have composed Music for the film Faactory. Mohsin Khan Pathan is the Cinematographer, and Sunil Yadav is the Editor of the Film.

Movie Plot

Yash Kadam (Faisal Khan) is a college professor. He loves one of his students loves Natasha (Roaleey Ryan). However, Natasha has no idea about his love because he never expresses his love before her.

Natasha marries Rahul (Ribhu Mehra). But Rahul dies soon after his marriage. Yash now starts stalking Natasha. He finally kidnaps her. He expresses his love for Natasha and wants to marry her. What would happen? Will Natasha fall in love with Yash, or does the story takes a beyond imagination U-Turn.

Songs Of Movie Faactory (2021)

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