Fire of Love Red [Hindi Film](2024)

Fire of Love Red [Hindi] (2024)

(UA) 107 mins. 9 secs.

Film Name Fire of Love Red
Genre Erotic Thriller
Director Ashok Tyagi
Producer(s) Rajeev Chaudhari , Jagannath Waghmare , Rekha Surendra Jagtap
Music Director Hriju Roy
Lead Cast Krushna Abhishek, Payal Ghosh See Full Cast
Release Date 05 January 2024 (India)
Movie Budget 10 Cr. (Estimated)
Box Office Collection N.A. Cr. Approximately (Worldwide)
Rating IMDB: N.A.    Bollywood Product: 4   

Fire of Love Red [Film] Synopsis

Fire of Love Red is an Indian Hindi-language ( Erotic Thriller ) film released in cinemas on 05 January 2024.

The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) issued a (UA) rating to the Hindi-language film Fire of Love Red, vide certificate No. DIL/2/418/2023-MUM on 08 September 2023 . The runtime of the film is 107 Minutes and 9 Seconds.

Movie Plot

Rajveer (Krushna Abhishek), Poonam Sinha (Payal Ghosh), and Sanjay Jagtap (Amol Bawdekar) studies in the same college.

Poonam and Sanjay belong to wealthy families, whereas Rajveer is from the economically weaker section. Sanjay loves Poonam and wants to marry her. On the contrary, Poonam loves Rajveer.

After completing his Law Graduation, Rajveer started his career as a novel writer. In the meantime, Poonam marries Rajveer against the wish of her family.

Rajveer writes mostly on bold subjects, and his stories contain an abundance of sex and violence. The media often criticizes Rajveer for thrusting unnecessary violence into his story. However, Rajveer always justifies what he writes.

Rajveer does not get the desired success as a writer. While facing the failure, he starts consuming alcohol and misbehaves with Poonam.

A twist in the story

Poonam Sinha commits suicide, and the police arrest the prime suspect, Sanjay Jagtap, who allegedly compels Poonam to commit suicide.

A police officer, Chauhan (Kamlesh Sawant), takes over the charge and finds something fishy in the case. In the meantime, Rajveer's latest novel receives much appreciation.

A parallel story

A local goon kills Lala when he attempts to molest Rani. After killing Lala, Jaggu (Abhijit Shwetchandra) escapes with Rani (Kanchan Bhor). The couple meets with an accident, and Rajveer comes to rescue the couple and brings them to his farmhouse.

Police inspector Chauah is after Jaggu for killing Lala and eventually visits Rajveer's farmhouse. During the inquiry about Jaggu, Chauhan finds the personality of Rajveer suspicious.

Ranveer informs Chauhan that after the suicide of his wife, Poonam, he lives alone in the farmhouse. Chauhan doubts the integrity of Rajveer and meets Sanjay Jagtap, in police custody, who allegedly provoked Poonam to commit suicide.

Jagtap informs Chauhan that it was Rajveer who killed Poonam and proved it a suicide. Chauhan also learns that Rajveer was a brilliant student while doing his law.

What happens next? Did Rajveer kill Poonam, or was it a suicide, as claimed by him? Whether Sanjay was the culprit and trying to frame Rajveer? What is the secret of the mysterious death of Poonam? The film Fire of Love Red gives replies to all such queries.

Full Cast and Crew of Fire of Love Red

Full Cast:

Lead Cast(s):

Actor Character
Krushna Abhishek Rajveer
Payal Ghosh Poonam Sinha

Other Cast(s):

Actor Character
Kamlesh Sawant Inspector Chauhan
Arun Bakshi Book Publisher
Bharat Dabholkar Dr. Chaturvedi
Shashi Sharma Owner of the house
Abhijeet Shwetachandra Jaggu
Kanchan Bhor Rani
Shantanu Bhamare Jailer
Amol Bawdekar Sanjay Jagtap
Mukesh Tyagi Police Commissioner

Full Crew:


Ashok Tyagi


Rajeev Chaudhari
Jagannath Waghmare
Rekha Surendra Jagtap


Music Director(s)
Hriju Roy

Songs Of Movie Fire of Love Red


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Fire of Love Red
Fire of Love Red
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Fire of Love Red

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