Geetaa Mera Naam (1974) [Hindi ](1974)

Geetaa Mera Naam (1974) [Hindi] (1974)

Film Name Geetaa Mera Naam (1974)
Genre Action , Thriller
Director Sadhana Shivdasani
Producer(s) Atam Prakash
Music Director Laxmikant Pyarelal
Lead Cast See Full Cast
Release Date December 1974 (India)
Movie Budget 1.25 Cr. (Estimated)
Box Office Collection 2.50 Cr. Approximately (Worldwide)
Rating IMDB: 7.2/10    Bollywood Product: 6.5/10   

Geetaa Mera Naam (1974) [Film] Synopsis

Geetaa Mera Naam is a 1974 Hindi (Bollywood) film released on 24 March 1974. Actress Sadhana directed the film featuring Sunil Dutt and Feroz Khan in the lead roles, with Ramesh Deo, and Helen, Rajendranath in supporting roles.

Cast and Crew


  1. Sunil Dutt
  2. Sadhana
  3. Feroz Khan
  4. Ramesh Deo
  5. Achla Sachdev
  6. Helen
  7. Rajendra Nath
  8. Jr. Mehmood
  9. Randhir
  10. Purnima
  11. Jankidas
  12. Manmohan
  13. Keshto Mukherjee
  14. Murad
  15. Keshav Rana
  16. Agha
  17. Birbal


  1. Sadhana Shivdasani - Director
  2. Atam Prakash - Produce
  3. K.A. Narayan - Story
  4. K.A. Narayan - Screenpay
  5. Madan Joshi - Dialogue
  6. Pratap Sinha - Director of Photography
  7. Waman Bhosle - Film Editor
  8. Gurudutt - Film Editor
  9. T.K. Desai - Art Director
  10. H. Shantaram - Art Director

Budget and Box Office of Geetaa Mera Naam

The tentative budget of Geetaa Mera Naam was INR 1.25 Crore. The film did commercially well at the Worldwide Box Office and earned approximately 2.50 Crore INR. Geetaa Mera Naam became one of the Highest Grossing Hindi Movies of 1974.

Movie Plot

After her husband passes away, Saraswati (Achala Sachdev), who leads of life of near-destitution, takes over the responsibility of looking after their four children, two sons, Suraj and Chandu, and twin daughters, Kavita and Geeta.

One day, Bandits attack when Saraswati and her four young children are at a village fair. Bandits abduct Suraj, whereas Chandu and Kavita get separated from their mother in the stampede, and Geeta remains with her mother.

After a few years

All four children grown-up at different places. Suraj has now become Johnny (Sunil Dutt), an underworld don. Chandu (Ramesh Deo) is a police inspector. Earlier, a  man (Randhir) rescued him from the village fair and started living with his foster mother (Purnima).

Grown-up Geeta (Sadhana) is a rough rough-and-tough woman who makes petty crimes for livelihood. On the other hand, Kavita is now Neeta (Sadhana in a Double Role), teaches school children and lives with a devious couple, who hands over Neeta to Mohan (Siddhu) for some money.

Twist in the story

Mohan tries to molest Neeta, who does everything possible to escape from Mohan. However, in the meantime, someone stabs Mohan to dead.

Chandu (Ramesh Deo) arrests Neeta (Sadhana) in the alleged killing of Mohan. When Geeta learns about her sister Neeta, she decides to find the killer of Mohan. However, she does not know that it throws her into a life-threatening situation.

Raja (Feroz Khan) is a smuggler who works with Jonny (Sunil Dutt). He sees Geeta while some goons attack Geeta. Raja helps Geeta and befriends her.

Neeta's student sees Geeta and takes her to the police station, where Geeta meets Neeta. Since Geeta lives with her mother, she knows that she has a twin sister, while Neeta remembers only about her parents, who sold her to Mohan.

Geeta visits Neeta's foster parents pretending herself Geeta and comprehends that Neeta is her twin sister. She asks Neeta's foster father about Mohan and learns that Mohan used to work for Johnny (Sunil Dutt) and Raja (Feroz Khan).

Geeta saves the life of Johnny and Raja and enters their gang to find the killer of Mohan to make Neeta, her sister, acquitted from jail. What happens next is the rest of the story of Geetaa Mera Naam.

Film Review

Geetaa Mera Naam is a 1974 Hindi film directed by Sadhana. It is the debut and the last directorial film for Sadhana. 


Sunil Dutt plays a negative character in the film and is the center point of the film. Geetaa Mera Naam is one of the best movies of Sunil Dutt, and he has done well as Johnny.

Sadhana plays a double role as twin sisters Geeta and Neeta. She justifies her characters. Feroz Khan as Raja impresses the audience.

Direction and Screenplay

Sadhana has done a great job in her directorial debut. Unfortunately, she never helmed any other Hindi film. She keeps the audience engaged throughout the film.

K.A. Narayan is the Story and Screenplay Writer, whereas Madan Joshi is the Dialogue Writer. The screenplay is well-written, and the dialogues are realistic and impactful. The movie highlights the importance of family and the value of relationships.


The duo Laxmikant-Pyarelal is the composer and background scorer, and Rajendra Krishan is the Lyricist of Geetaa Mera Naam. Song Suniye Zara Dekhiye Na is one of the Runners Up songs in the Annual List of Binaca Geetmala 1974.

Full Cast and Crew of Geetaa Mera Naam (1974)

Full Cast:

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Other Cast(s):

Sunil Dutt
Sadhana Shivdasani
Feroz Khan
Ramesh Deo
Achala Sachdev
Rajendra Nath
Jr Mehmood
Purnima Das Verma
Kesto Mukherjee
Keshav Rana
Ram Avtar
Ram Tipnis
Deepak Raj

Full Crew:


Sadhana Shivdasani


Atam Prakash


Music Director(s)
Laxmikant Pyarelal

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