Ghunghat (1960) [Hindi ](1960)

Ghunghat (1960) [Hindi] (1960)

Film Name Ghunghat (1960)
Genre Drama
Director Ramanand Sagar
Producer(s) Ramanand Sagar
Music Director Ravi
Lead Cast See Full Cast
Release Date 01 July 1960 (India)
Movie Budget 0.45 Cr. (Estimated)
Box Office Collection 1.60 Cr. Approximately (Worldwide)
Rating IMDB: 6.7    Bollywood Product: 7   

Ghunghat (1960) [Film] Synopsis

Ghunghat is a Romantic Black & White Bollywood film released on 1 July 1960. Ghunghat is a remake of the Bollywood Film Milan (1947), directed by Nitin Bose. Both Milan and Ghunghat are based on a Novel  "Noukadubi" by Rabindranath Tagore.

Cast & Crew

Ramanand Sagar has Produced, Written, and Directed Ghunghat. Ravi composed the songs for the film.

Pradeep Kumar, Bina Rai, Asha Parekh, and Bharat Bhushan played the lead roles in the film. Rehman, Rajendra Nath, Kanhaiyalal, Agha, Minoo Mumtaz, Gopi Dirshna, and Helen played supporting roles in the film.

Budget & Box Office

Ghunghat was made on a budget of approximately 0.45 crore (45 Lakh). The film collected Rs. 1.60 Crore (Worldwide) approximately. Ghunghat became the 8th Highest Grossing Bollywood Film in the year 1960.

Movie Plot

At the time of marriage of Parvat (Bina Rai) her would be Father-In-Law asks for the dowry amount immediately. Parvati's brother Manohar (Rehman) requests six months' time for the arrangement of dowry. Dr. Gopal (Bharat Bhushan), a friend of Manohar promises to pay the dowry. However, the would-be Father-in-Law wants the same immediately. In the absence of immediate dowry, the marriage gets canceled.

Dr. Gopal agrees to marry Parvati and they get married immediately without seeing the bride's face. The newly wedded couple then board on a train to go Missouri along with Manohar.

In another parallel story, Ravi (Pradeep Kumar) and Laxmi (Asha Parekh) love each other. However, Ravi's parents compel him to marry some other girl. Ravi marries Sheela because to keep his father's promise alive without informing Laxmi.

After marriage, Ravi and his newly wedded wife along with Ravi's Father board on a train for their honeymoon destination to Mussoorie. They share the coupe with Dr. Gopal and Parvati. The train meets with an accident.

In the accident, Sheela and Ravi's Father die, and Manohar goes missing. However, Ravi has not seen Sheela and she takes Parvati (Bina Rai) to his house assuming her Sheela. Soon Ravi comes to know that his newly wedded wife is Paravati. He then decides to find  Parvati's Brother (Manohar) and Husband (Dr. Gopal). Ravi Shares this secret with his uncle (Kanhaiylal) and asks him to Parvati and his daughter Saroj (Minoo Mumtaz) Delhi.

Ravi visits Manohar's house and finds his photograph. He then publishes an advertisement in the newspaper with the photography of Manohar to find him.

Ravi returns home and starts living with Parvati like a strange man. He does not disclose the secret to Parvati and his cousin Saroj (Minoo Mumtaz).

Ravi meets Laxmi (Asha Parekh) and seeks some time for his marriage with her. He thinks that he would find Manohar soon and everything will be all right. However, Laxmi's Mother (Leela Chitnis comes to know about Parvati.

Ravi writes a letter to Laxmi explaining everything. Paravati read the letter and comes to know that she is not the wife of Ravi. She jumps into Jamuna river to take her life. However, Dr. Gopal saves her life and takes her with him.

Parvati starts living with Dr. Gopal and his mother (Pratima Devi) without knowing that Gopal is her real husband. One day she sees the picture of Manohar (his brother). Gopal's mother then tells her the story.

Parvati (Bina Rai) now knows the truth. But she does not tell the truth to Dr. Gopal and his mother. What happens further forms the rest of the story.


Bina Rai won the award for Best Actress in the 8th Filmfare Awards (1961).

Agha received a Nomination for Best Supporting Actor in the 8th Filmfare Awards (1961).

Full Cast and Crew of Ghunghat (1960)

Full Cast:

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Other Cast(s):

Pradeep Kumar
Bina Rai
Aasha Parekh
Bharat Bhushan
Minoo Mumtaz
Kanhaiyalal Chaturvedi
Rajendra Nath
Pratima Devi
Leela Chitnis
Gopi Krishna
Niranjan Sharma
S N Banerjee

Full Crew:


Ramanand Sagar


Ramanand Sagar


Music Director(s)

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