Gin Ke Dus [Hindi Film](2024)

Gin Ke Dus [Hindi] (2024)

Film Name Gin Ke Dus
Genre Suspense , Murder Mystery
Director Sareesh Sudhakaran
Producer(s) Sareesh Sudhakaran
Music Director Sareesh Sudhakaran
Lead Cast Avinash Gupta, Sanjana Deshmukh, Trishana Goswami, Himanshu Shekhar See Full Cast
Release Date 15 March 2024 (India)
Movie Budget N. A Cr. (Estimated)
Box Office Collection N. A Cr. Approximately (Worldwide)
Rating IMDB: N. A    Bollywood Product: N. A   

Gin Ke Dus [Film] Synopsis

Gin Ke Dus[meaning - By counting ten] is an Indian Hindi-language ( Suspense and Murder Mystery ) film released in cinemas on 15 March 2024.

Movie Plot

The film Gin Ke Dus narrates the story during India's 1991 election. Amidst the political fervor, a silent killer targets ten individuals at an isolated farmhouse in central India. The killer soon begins a killing spree, leaving a trail of death and mystery.

As friends of the victims converge on the scene, they find layers of betrayal and secret motives behind the brutal killings. It also reveals that the victims were unknowingly hiding a piece of crucial information that could expose a tangled web of deceit.

Does anyone out of ten survive, or do they all succumb to death? What is the motive behind the murders? The film Gin Ke Dus narrates the rest of the story.

Full Cast and Crew of Gin Ke Dus

Full Cast:

Lead Cast(s):

Avinash Gupta
Sanjana Deshmukh
Trishana Goswami
Himanshu Shekhar

Other Cast(s):

Anika Arya
Akshay Ravi
Zahid Khan
Aniket Jadhav
Muskan Khurana
Kailash Pal

Full Crew:


Sareesh Sudhakaran


Sareesh Sudhakaran


Music Director(s)
Sareesh Sudhakaran

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