Hu Ane Tu (2023) [Gujarati Film](2023)

Hu Ane Tu (2023) [Gujarati] (2023)

(UA) 131 mins. 35 secs.

Film Name Hu Ane Tu (2023)
Genre Comedy , Drama
Director Manan Sagar
Producer(s) Kumar Mangat , Siddharth Randeria , Ishaan Randeria , Sanjeev Joshi , Murli Chhatwani
Music Director Kedar Upadhyay , Bhargav Purohit
Lead Cast See Full Cast
Release Date 15 September 2023 (India)
Movie Budget 4 Cr. (Estimated)
Box Office Collection 1.75 Cr. Approximately (Worldwide)
Rating IMDB: N.A.    Bollywood Product: N.A.   

Hu Ane Tu (2023) [Film] Synopsis

Hu Ane Tu (2023)[meaning - You and Me] is an Indian Gujarati-language ( Comedy and Drama ) film released in cinemas on 15 September 2023.

The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) issued a (UA) rating to the Gujarati-language film Hu Ane Tu (2023), vide certificate No. DIL/2/424/2023-MUM on 13 September 2023 . The runtime of the film is 131 Minutes and 35 Seconds.

Cast and Crew


Hu Ane Tu features Siddharth Randeria, Sonalee Lele Desai, Puja Joshi, and Parikshit Tamaliya in lead roles.


  1. Manan Sagar - Director
  2. Kumar Mangat - Producer
  3. Abhishek Pathak - Producer
  4. Siddharth Randeria - Producer
  5. Ishaan Randeria - Producer
  6. Sanjeev Joshi - Co-Producer
  7. Murlidhar Chhatwani - Co-Producer
  8. Anvit Randeria - Co-Producer
  9. Vinod Sarvaiya - Story
  10. Vinod Sarvaiya - Screenplay
  11. Vinod Sarvaiya - Dialogue
  12. Kedar & Bhargav - Music Director
  13. Kedar & Bhargav - Background Scorer
  14. Bhargav Purohit - Lyricist
  15. Milind Gadhavi - Lyricist
  16. Vikas Joshi - Cinematographer
  17. Manan Sagar - Film Editor
  18. Rahul Mandal - Production Designer

Movie Plot

The story is about Umesh (Siddharth Randeria), who runs a sanitary wear business and lives with his only grown-up son, Tejas (Parikshit Tamalia).

One day, Tejas and Umesh go to attend different events. Tejas meets Reva (Puja Joshi) and immediately falls for him. On the other hand, Umesh meets her college crush, Ketki (Sonali Lele Desai), who is now a divorcee. Ummesh falls in love again with Ketki.

Both couples spend some quality together and eventually decide to get married.

A twist in the story

Reva has hated Ketki since childhood because she believes that Ketki had misinformed that her mother deserted and left her alone. Consequently, Reva does not want to live with Ketki under the same roof even after her marriage.

However, Umesh sticks to his decision to marry Ketki and fixes his marriage on the same day as Tejas' marriage.

What ensues is a crazy journey full of misunderstandings, twists, surprises, and challenges as they deal with the clash between traditional values and modern ways.

Full Cast and Crew of Hu Ane Tu (2023)

Full Cast:

To be Updated Soon.

Other Cast(s):

Siddharth Randeria
Puja Joshi
Sonali Lele Desai
Parikshit Tamaliya
Pankaj Anand

Full Crew:


Manan Sagar


Kumar Mangat
Siddharth Randeria
Ishaan Randeria
Sanjeev Joshi
Murli Chhatwani


Music Director(s)
Kedar Upadhyay
Bhargav Purohit


Blockbuster film (2023)

Hu Ane Tu (2023)
Hu Ane Tu (2023)
Hu Ane Tu (2023)
Hu Ane Tu (2023)
Hu Ane Tu (2023)
Hu Ane Tu (2023)

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