IRaH [Hindi Film](2024)

IRaH [Hindi] (2024)

Film Name IRaH
Genre Thriller
Director Sam Bhattacharjee
Producer(s) Sam Bhattacharjee , Mitra Bhattacharya
Music Director
Lead Cast See Full Cast
Release Date 04 April 2024 (India)
Movie Budget N.A. Cr. (Estimated)
Box Office Collection N.A. Cr. Approximately (Worldwide)
Rating IMDB: N.A.    Bollywood Product: N.A.   

IRaH [Film] Synopsis

IRaH is an Indian Hindi-language ( Thriller ) film released in cinemas on 04 April 2024.

Cast and Crew


Rohit Roy, Fagun Thakrar, Karishma Kotak, and Ameet Chana play pivotal roles in IRaH. The film also features Rajesh Sharma, Yani Xander, Nayef Rashed, Lee Westwick, and many others.


  1. Sam Bhattacharjee - Director
  2. Sam Bhattacharjee - Writer
  3. Claudiu-Cristian Prisecaru - Writer
  4. Luke Hetherington - Writer
  5. Sara Bodinar - Writer
  6. Sudhanshu Dube - Writer

Movie Plot

In the bustling city, all eyes are on Hari Singh and his groundbreaking new app, the IRAH 5.10. It's a sensation that has captivated everyone's attention, but not all for the right reasons.

Dark Shadows of Fame

As the story unfolds, the spotlight on Hari Singh isn't only from curious users and tech enthusiasts. There's a darker side to this fame.

Kidnappers are drawn to the idea of capturing the creator behind this revolutionary app, hoping to gain something from his brilliance.

Chasing Brilliance

Meanwhile, the police force is also in pursuit, their interest piqued by the potential impact of the IRAH 5.10 on the digital landscape. Cyber Security Agencies are on high alert, recognizing the power this app could wield in both positive and negative ways.

Intrigues Across Borders

But the drama doesn't stop there. International hackers, lured by the allure of breaking into something cutting-edge, have set their sights on the IRAH 5.10. Their skills and motivations add another layer of complexity to this evolving tale.

In this fast-paced narrative, the desire for a piece of Hari Singh and his game-changing creation sparks a series of events that intertwine the worlds of technology, crime, law enforcement, and espionage.

Twists and Turns

As each group races to claim their stake, the story takes unexpected twists and turns, keeping us all hooked on the unfolding drama.

Full Cast and Crew of IRaH

Full Cast:

To be Updated Soon.

Other Cast(s):

Rohit Roy
Karishma Kotak
Fagun Thakrar
Ameet Chana
Rajesh Sharma
Yani Xander
Nayef Rashed
Lee Westwick
Tina Sharma
Taru Devani
Mirabel Stuart
Hiten Patel
Daniel Hayde
Rajdeep Choudhury
Jenna Kerns
Sokol Cahani
Michael Addo
David Galea
Tim Heath
David Hepple
Michael Aston
Ranveer Jaiswal
Amore Psiche
Stuart Whelan
Claudiu Cristian Prisecaru
Christian Peterson
Vickrem Gill
Muneesh Sappel
Isadora Baccon
Nadeshi Hopkins
David Muscat
Swaylee Loughnane
Alexandru Marian Banuta
Byron Swiegers
Sanjay Batra UK

Full Crew:


Sam Bhattacharjee


Sam Bhattacharjee
Mitra Bhattacharya


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