Izzat Ki Roti (1993) [Hindi ](1993)

Izzat Ki Roti (1993) [Hindi] (1993)

Film Name Izzat Ki Roti (1993)
Genre Family Drama
Director K Pappu
Producer(s) K Pappu
Music Director Bappi Lahiri
Lead Cast See Full Cast
Release Date 13 August 1993 (India)
Movie Budget 10 Cr. (Estimated)
Box Office Collection 13 Cr. Approximately (Worldwide)
Rating IMDB: 4.9/10    Bollywood Product: 5.5/10   

Izzat Ki Roti (1993) [Film] Synopsis

Izzat Ki Roti is a Hindi-language (Bollywood) film released in cinemas on 13 August 1993. The Censor Board of Film Certification issued a "U" rating to Izzat Ki Roti vide certificate number 18268 on 13 July 1993.

Cast and Crew


Sunny Deol, Juhi Chawla, Rishi Kapoor, Farah, Anupam Kher, and Prem Chopra play pivotal roles in Izzat Ki Roti. The film also features Alok Nath, Anjana Mumtaz, Arun Bali, Dan Dhanoa, Kamaldeep, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Ram Mohan Sharma, Tanuja, and Urmila Bhatt.


  1. K. Pappu - Director
  2. K. Pappu - Writer
  3. K. Pappu - Producer
  4. Anwar Khan - Dialogue
  5. Bappi Lahiri - Music Director
  6. Sushil Chopra - Cinematographer
  7. Kuldip Mehan - Film Editor
  8. Vasant Katkar - Art Director

Movie Plot

Vijay (Kulbhushan Kharbanda) is happily married to Laxmi (Tanuja). The couple has a young son Jeet. Vijay runs a tucking service and is friendly with one of the truck drivers Veeru (Prem Chopra).

Veeru is a cunning man. He makes false promises to Parvati (Anjana Mumtaz) and makes a physical relationship that leads to the pregnancy of Parvati.

Vijay learns about the illegal activities of Veeru in his company truck. Vijay informs the police, and Veeru gets arrested and wows to avenge. He receives a rigorous punishment of twenty years jail term.

Pregnant Parvati tries to commit suicide. However, Vijay saves her and brings Parvati to his home. Parvati gives birth to a baby boy Krishna and dies after giving the custody of Krishna to Laxmi.

Soon Vijay dies, and Laxmi nurtures Jeet and Krishna equally. A trusted company employee, Kaka (Alok Nath), always lends a helping hand to Laxmi.

After twenty years

Grown-up Jeet (Sunny Deol) is a happy-go-lucky angry young man who cannot tolerate atrocity and often loses his calm. On the other hand, grown-up Krishna (Rishi Kapoor) is a mature and calm person who handles the entire trucking business.

Veeru releases from jail and plans to avenge his insult to Vijay and his family. He wants to overpower the entire family by destroying their truck service business.

Krishna loves Pinky (Farah), who lives with his Maternal Uncle Girdharilal Chakradhari (Anupam Kher). He is a cunning man who often goes to jail for petty crimes. On the other hand, Jeet loves Jyoti (Juhi Chawla), the daughter of their loyal employee Ram Prasad (Ram Mohan Sharma).

Twist in the story

Krishna marries Pinky, whose Maternal Uncle Girdharilal also starts staying with them. Veeru (now Virender) gives money to Girdhari and asks him to destroy the family and their company.

Girdhari traps Ram Prasad by keeping illegal items in the truck. He later Ram Prasad's wife (Urmila Bhatt) and daughter Jyoti (Juhi Chawla) to confess the illegal activities. Ram Prasad confesses the crime under pressure.

Krishna (Rishi Kapoor) believes Ram Prasad is the culprit and scolds him. Ram Prasad commits suicide, and Jyoti blames Krishna for the suicide of her father.

Jeet wants to marry Jyoti, but Krishna opposes the marriage because Girdhari Lal always makes a conspiracy. The conspiracy works, and Jeet starts living separately and launches his own truck business. Soon the two brothers become rivals in their professional life.

What happens next is the rest of the story of Izzat Ki Roti.

Full Cast and Crew of Izzat Ki Roti (1993)

Full Cast:

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Other Cast(s):

Sunny Deol
Rishi Kapoor
Juhi Chawla
Anupam Kher
Prem Chopra
Alok Nath
Anjana Mumtaz
Kulbhushan Kharbanda
Ram Mohan
Urmila Bhatt
Arun Bali
Dan Dhanoa
Guddi Maruti
Gurbachan Singh
Naushaad Abbas
Harbans Darshan M Arora
Kedarnath Saigal
Mahabir Bhullar
Chhote Ustad
Farah Naaz
Rajiv Soni

Full Crew:


K Pappu


K Pappu


Music Director(s)
Bappi Lahiri

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