Janwar Aur Insaan (1972) [Hindi ](1972)

Janwar Aur Insaan (1972) [Hindi] (1972)

Film Name Janwar Aur Insaan (1972)
Genre Action , Thriller , Adventure
Director Tapi Chanakya
Producer(s) Sandow M M A Chinnappa Devar
Music Director Kalyanji Anandji
Lead Cast See Full Cast
Release Date 22 September 1972 (India)
Movie Budget N.A. Cr. (Estimated)
Box Office Collection N.A. Cr. Approximately (Worldwide)
Rating IMDB: 6.2    Bollywood Product: 6.5   

Janwar Aur Insaan (1972) [Film] Synopsis

Janwar Aur Insaan is a Hindi (Bollywood) Action Adventure Thriller film released on 22 September 1972 in India. Janwar Aur Insaan depicts the story of a man-eating tiger with some sheds of human behavior.

Cast and Crew


  1. Shashi Kapoor
  2. Rakhee Gulzar
  3. Madan Puri
  4. Sujit Kumar
  5. Nirupa Roy
  6. Jagdeep
  7. Shabnum
  8. Alankar Joshi
  9. Behari
  10. J.N. Aanand
  11. Gemini Balu
  12. Raghaviah
  13. Rajoo
  14. Prakash
  15. Vidya Bharati
  16. Devar


  1. Tapi Chanakya - Director
  2. Sandow M. M. A. Chinappa Devar - Producer
  3. Sandow M. M. A. Chinappa Devar - Story
  4. Sandow M. M. A. Chinappa Devar - Screenplay
  5. Inder Raj Anand - Dialogue
  6. Kalyanji-Anandji - Music Director
  7. Indeevar - Lyricist
  8. Gulshan Bawra - Lyricist
  9. T.M. Sundara Babu - Director of Photography
  10. M.G. Balu Rao - Film Editor
  11. P. Babu - Film Editor
  12. R. Thiyagarajan - Film Editor
  13. S. Krishna Rao - Art Director

Movie Plot

Shekhar (Shashi Kapoor) lives with his mother, Gauri (Nirupa Roy). After the expiry of his father, he takes care of the entire Jamuna Nagar estate left by his father. Once  villagers-cum-employees of the estate make a complaint about a tiger near the village. Shekhar attempts to entrap and kill the tiger with a bullet. The tiger gets wounded and becomes even more fearless.

While returning home, Shekhar witnesses a bearded man Mohan (Sujit Kumar), attempting to molest Meena (Rakhee Gulzar), the daughter of Gokuldas (Madan Puri), the owner of Gunga Nagar Estate. Shekhar compels Mohan to escape. Shekhar and Meena soon fall in love with each other.

Twist in the story

Mohan is a criminal and is returning from jail. After the failed attempt to molest Meena, Mohan visits Gokuldas (Madan Puri), who has a criminal connection with Mohan. Earlier, Gokuldas and Mohan made a dacoity for which Mohan received a jail punishment.

Since Gokuldas has an unlawful connection with Mohan, he allows Mohan to work for him with his terms and conditions. However, when Mohan sees Meena, he forces Gokuldas to marry his daughter with him. However, Gokuldas is not ready to marry his daughter to a criminal, but he has to bow to Mohan because of his past connection.

In the meantime, Meena informs her father about her choice. She also tells her father that the Jamuna Nagar Estate belongs to Shekhar (Shashi Kapoor). Gokuldas feels happy for her daughter and invites Shekhar. However, before finalizing the marriage, Gokuldas wants to meet with Shekhar's mother (Nirupa Roy).

Turning point

Shekhar brings Gokuldas to his home but gets a surprise when he needs not to introduce Gokuldas. Gauri (Nirupa Roy) behaves rudely with Gokuldas and asks him to leave.

Gokuldas shared the same college with Gauri and wanted to marry her. However, when Gauri married someone else, Gokuldas killed him. Sarcastically, Police arrested him on the charge of drunken driving.

Since Gokuldas is the killer of Shekhar's father, Gauri (Nirupa Roy) asks her son to forget Meena (Rakhee Gulzar). Shekhar is now in a dilemma and can neither leave Meena nor disobey his mother.

Another twist

Gokuldas wants to sell his entire estate and wishes to depart for any other city with his daughter. Mohan learns about the plan and tries to take Meena with her forcefully. Mohan shoots Gokuldas dead, and Gauri now accepts Meena as her daughter-in-law.

Shekhar and Meena get married and have a son (Master Alankar Joshi). In the meantime, Shekhar makes many failed attempts to kill the fierce man-eater tiger.

Shekhar sets up a bait, but the tiger refuses to fall for it. Shekhar waits for the tiger to take the bait, whereas the tiger attacks and kills estate workers, compelling Shekhar to seek a human as bait. When no one volunteers, Shekhar takes the matter into his own hands and decides to use his son as a live bait for the man-eater tiger.

What happens is the rest of the story of Janwar Aur Insaan.

Full Cast and Crew of Janwar Aur Insaan (1972)

Full Cast:

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Other Cast(s):

Shashi Kapoor
Rakhee Gulzar
Sujit Kumar
Madan Puri
Nirupa Roy
Alankar Joshi
Vijaya Bharati
J N Anand
Gemini Balu

Full Crew:


Tapi Chanakya


Sandow M M A Chinnappa Devar


Music Director(s)
Kalyanji Anandji

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