Kab Kyoon Aur Kahan (1970) [Hindi ](1970)

Kab Kyoon Aur Kahan (1970) [Hindi] (1970)

Film Name Kab Kyoon Aur Kahan (1970)
Genre Mystery Thriller
Director Arjun Hingorani
Producer(s) Arjun Hingorani
Music Director Kalyanji Anandji
Lead Cast See Full Cast
Release Date 08 May 1970 (India)
Movie Budget 1 Cr. (Estimated)
Box Office Collection 2.5 Cr. Approximately (Worldwide)
Rating IMDB: 7.2    Bollywood Product: 7.5   

Kab Kyoon Aur Kahan (1970) [Film] Synopsis

Kab, Kyoon, Aur Kahan [meaning: When Why, and Where]  is a Hindi-language Mystery Thriller film released in cinemas in 1970. The run time of the film is 135 Minutes.

Central Board of Film Censors issued a U rating to Kab, Kyoon, Aur Kahan, vide certificate No. 60730 dated 8 May 1970.

Cast and Crew


Dharmendra and Babita Kapoor play the lead roles in Kab Kyoon Aur Kahaan. The film features Pran, Helen, and Ashoo in pivotal roles.

Film Kab, Kyoon, Aur Kahan also features Arjun Hingorani, Asit Sen, Dhoomal,  Hari Shivdasani, Hiralal, Jankidas, Keshav Rana, M.B. Shetty, Mohan Choti, Murad, Nazir Kashmiri, Pahelwan, Ranvir Raj, Shirley, Sujata, Susheela, and many others. 


  1. Arjun Hingorani - Director
  2. Arjun Hingorani - Producer
  3. Arjun Hingorani - Story
  4. S. M. Abbas - Writer
  5. Dhruva Chatterjee - Screenplay
  6. K. Vaikunth - Cinematography
  7. Anant Apte - Film Editor
  8. Kalyanji Anandji - Music Director
  9. Indeevar - Lyricist
  10. Anjaan - Lyricist
  11. K. Vaikunth - Cinematography
  12. Anant Apte - Film Editor
  13. T.K. Desai - Art Director

Movie Plot

Rai Bahadur Jagdish Prasad (Murad) is a royal man who owns many estates. He lives with his marriageable daughter, Asha Prasad (Babita), and a younger brother Daljit Prasad (Pran), who has lost money in gambling and needs immediate capital to return the loan.

Asha (Babita) goes for a Europ tour on a ship and meets Anand (Dharmendra) as her co-passenger. Initially, she does not like Anand due to some misunderstanding. However, Asha soon falls in love with Anand and learns he is a CBI Officer.

In the meantime, Daljit makes a foolproof plan to kill his brother, Rai Bahadur, with his friend Bihari (Arjun Hingorani), and consequently, Rai Bahadur dies in a road accident.

Asha returns from Europe after hearing the news of the sudden demise of her father. Lata (Ashoo), the best friend of Asha, visits her home. Daljit teases her, and Lata complains about it to Asha, who ignores it since she believes her uncle is a good man.

Planning of another murder by Daljit

Police Superintendant (Hari Shivdasani) asks Anand (Dharmendra) to investigate the accident case of Rai Bahadur because he smells a rat.

On the other hand, Daljit and Bihari plan to kill Asha in a manner that looks like a natural death. However, their plan fails when  Anand saves Asha.

Twist in the story

One day, Lata visits Asha, and they plan to stay together for a day or two. At night Daljit enters the house and tries to molest Lata. Asha objects to it and manages to escape from there with Lata.

Both Lata and Asha reach Khadala Farmhouse belonging to Asha and decide to stay there at night. However, Daljit also visits there and once again tries to molest Lata.

Asha vehemently opposes her uncle, and a fight ensues. Daljit takes out his revolver and tries to shoot Lata. However, the situation takes a U-turn, and Asha shoots her uncle to die.

Baffled, Lata and Asha put the body in a big box and drew the same in a deep pond in Khadala. The situation gets more complicated when Asha starts witnessing the ghost of her uncle Daljit.

On the other hand, Anand discovers that Daljit has killed his brother Rai Bahadur and asks the whereabouts of Daljit from Asha.

What happens next is the rest of the story of Kab Kyoon Aur Kahaan.

Full Cast and Crew of Kab Kyoon Aur Kahan (1970)

Full Cast:

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Other Cast(s):

Asit Kumar Sen
Hari Shivdasani
Mohan Choti
Arjun Hingorani
Keshav Rana
Shetty M B
Nazir Kashmiri
Ranvir Raj
Babita Kapoor

Full Crew:


Arjun Hingorani


Arjun Hingorani


Music Director(s)
Kalyanji Anandji

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