Kacchey Limbu (2022) [ Hindi Movie ]

Movie Name Kacchey Limbu (2022)
Movie Genre Coming-of-Age Drama Movie  
Directed by Shubham Yogi
Produced by Neha Anand Jyoti Deshpande Pranjal Khandhdiya
Music Director Anshul Takkar
Star Cast Radhika Madan, Rajat Barmecha, Ayush Mehra, Mahesh Thakur,
Release Date 11 Sep, 2022 (India)
Movie Budget 5 Cr. (Estimated)
Box Office Collection N.A. Cr. Approximately (Worldwide)
Rating IMDB: 8.5/10    Bollywood Product: 7/10   

Kacchey Limbu (2022) Movie Synopsis

Kacchey Limbu [meaning: Raw Lemons] is a Hindi Drama film that premiered at the Toronto Internation Film Festival (TIFF) on 11 September 2022 (Scotiabank Theatre Toronto). The film then premiered at the World Film Festival of Bangkok in December 2022.

Cast and Crew

After making some Short Films, Shubham Yogi makes his debut feature film Kacchey Limbu. He is also the Screenplay Writer of the film. Neha Anand, Jyoti Deshpande, and Pranjal Khandhdiya are the Producers of Kacchey Limbu.

Anshul Takkar is the Music Director, Piyush Puty is the Director of Photography, and Mithesh Soni is the Film Editor of Kacchey Limbu.


Rajat Barmecha, Radhika Madan, and Ayush Mehra play the lead roles in Kacchey Limbu. The film also features Mahesh Thakur.

Movie Plot

Aditi (Radhika Madan) dreams about being a fashion designer, though her father insists she studies medicine.

Akash (Rajat Barmecha) is the elder brother of Aditi. He loves cricket and dreams of becoming a cricketer. When Akash drags himself to corporate job interviews, Aditi tries hard to make Aksha understand that cricket is his destiny; Akash asks her if she knows her destiny.

When Akash is accepted into a new league, Aditi decides to throw her hat in the ring and start her own team, assembling a motley crew of players who might not look like cricket stars but may have what it takes.

Set in the courtyards and improvised pitches of Mumbai, Kacchey Limbu depicts the story of siblings, part of competing cricket teams. The film depicts the struggles of the siblings to balance their family and team loyalties.

Songs Of Movie Kacchey Limbu (2022)

Hindi Movie

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