Khatarnaak (1990) [Hindi ](1990)

Khatarnaak (1990) [Hindi] (1990)

Film Name Khatarnaak (1990)
Genre Action , Crime
Director Bharat Rangachary
Producer(s) Sunanda R Shetty , Harish Shetty
Music Director Anu Malik , Abhijit Vaghani
Lead Cast See Full Cast
Release Date 19 January 1990 (India)
Movie Budget 1 Cr. (Estimated)
Box Office Collection 2 Cr. Approximately (Worldwide)
Rating IMDB: 5.3    Bollywood Product: 4.5   

Khatarnaak (1990) [Film] Synopsis

Khatarnaak [meaning: Dangerous] is an Indian Hindi-language (Bollywood) Action Drama film released in cinemas on January 19, 1990.

Cast and Crew


Sanjay Dutt plays the lead role, whereas Farah and Anita Raj play the female lead roles in Khatarnaak.

The film also features Anupam Kher, Kiran Kumar, Mahesh Anand, Shiva Rindani, Anil Dhawan, Ajit Pal Mangat, Javed Rizvi, and many others.

Govinda, Sripradha, and Bhagwan Dada make a special appearance in the song Jeena Hai Humka Tohri Gali Me.


  1. Bharat Rangachary - Director
  2. Harish Shetty - Producer
  3. Sunanda R. Shetty - Producer
  4. Anu Malik - Music Director
  5. Rajan Kinagi - Cinematographer
  6. Sunder Shetty - Film Editor
  7. R. Verman Shetty - Art Director

Movie Plot

Suraj (Master Imran), a young kid, becomes a beggar to earn bread and butter when his parents die unexpectedly.

When Suraj is ten years old, he kills a man who hurts young beggars to get more money. He goes to a juvenile home after the killing.

Dabariaya's Discovery: Suraj's Path into the Criminal Underworld

A criminal, Dabariaya (Anupam Kher), discovers Suraj's potential and takes him out of the juvenile home. The grown-up Suraj (Sanjay Dutt) becomes a dangerous criminal and works for Dabariya with his childhood friend, Shiva (Shiva Rindani). 

Suraj often visits jail for his criminal activities but comes out due to lack of evidence. On one such occasion, he meets Dr. Sangeeta Joshi (Farah), who makes many failed attempts to reform Suraj.

Dr. Joshi seeks the help of his uncle, Advocate Kothari (Anil Dhawan), to fight for an innocent prisoner. He agrees, fights for justice, and wins the battle.

Advocate Kothari has a grown-up son, Yogesh Kothari (Ajit Pal Mangat). Yogesh sees Helena (Anita Raj), who works for Dabariya and loves Suraj. Yogesh falls for Helena and starts playing card gambling with Suraj to earn money for Helena.

When advocate Kothari learns about the bad habit of his son, he requests Sangeeta (Farah) to marry him. Sangeeta reluctantly agrees because Kothari has always been her support.

Sangeeta's Sorrow: A Widow on Her Wedding Night

On the wedding night, Yogesh takes out all the jewelry of Sangeeta, visits the club, and starts gambling even after Suraj warns him. Yogesh loses all the money and commits suicide.

Sangeeta becomes a widow on the first night of her marriage and keeps a grudge against the man who is responsible for the suicide of Yogesh.

Suraj's Redemption Journey: Leaving Crime Behind

In the meantime, Suraj discovers the true identity of Yogesh. He feels guilty and wants to mend his ways. Suraj leaves the criminal world and starts a new life as a labour with Abdul (Javed Rizvi), a young boy.

Things take a U-turn when Mahesh (Mahesh Anand), the right-hand man of Jaunpuriya (Kiran Kumar), a rival of Dabariya (Anupam Kher, shoots Abdul to death while trying to kill Suraj.

The situation gets complicated when Dabariya wants to destroy Suraj, and the latter shakes hands with Jaunpuriya.

What happens next is the rest of the story of the film Khatarnaak.

Full Cast and Crew of Khatarnaak (1990)

Full Cast:

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Other Cast(s):

Sanjay Dutt
Anita Raj
Anupam Kher
Kiran Kumar
Mahesh Anand
Anil Dhawan
Anjana Mumtaz
Ajit Pal
Javed Rizvi
Shiva Rindani
Vikas Anand
Viju Khote
Deep Dhillon
Bhagwan Dada
Rajiv Soni
Dinesh Anand
Shridhar Shetty
Harbans Darshan M Arora
Bhushan Jeevan
Farah Naaz

Full Crew:


Bharat Rangachary


Sunanda R Shetty
Harish Shetty


Music Director(s)
Anu Malik
Abhijit Vaghani

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