Kusum Ka Biyaah (2023) [Hindi Film](2024)

Kusum Ka Biyaah (2023) [Hindi] (2024)

(U) 99 mins. 7 secs.

Film Name Kusum Ka Biyaah (2023)
Genre Social Drama
Director Suvendu Ghosh
Producer(s) Pradip Chopra , Balwant Purohit
Music Director Bhanu Pratap Singh
Lead Cast See Full Cast
Release Date 01 March 2024 (India)
Movie Budget 2 Cr. (Estimated)
Box Office Collection N.A. Cr. Approximately (Worldwide)
Rating IMDB: N.A.    Bollywood Product: N.A.   

Kusum Ka Biyaah (2023) [Film] Synopsis

The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) issued an (U) rating to the Hindi-language film Kusum Ka Biyaah (2023), vide certificate No. Not Available on Not Available . The runtime of the film is 99 Minutes and 7 Seconds.

Kusum Ka Biyaah is an upcoming Hindi language film expected to be released in cinemas in October 2023. The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) issued a U rating to the Hindi-language film Kusum Ka Biyaah, vide certificate No. DIL/1/88/2023-MUM dated September 5, 2023. The runtime of the film is 99 Minutes and 7 Seconds.

The film Kusum Ka Biyah takes inspiration from a true story held during the Covid 19 pandemic (Corona). It's a story about a wedding during the Corona epidemic and how they had to go through difficulties because of the pandemic.

Kusum Ka Biyah sheds light on the conflicts between Bihar and Jharkhand, showcasing the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cast and Crew


Lovekansh Garg as Sunil Munda, Sujana Darjee as Kusum Soren, Pradip Chopra as Dashrat Soren, Raja Sarkar as Parshant Munda, and Suhani Biswas as Rewati Munda play pivotal roles in Kusum Ka Biyaah.

The film also features Panya Darshan Gupta, Rosy, Rupali, Aaqib Ansari, Abid Hussain, Atanu Mahata, Charu Ranjan Ghosh, Khurshid Alam, Maharana Pratap, Mahendra Pratap Singh, Manoj Ojha, Md Irfan Khan, Md Mushtaque, Pabitra, Raj Singh Sidhu, Rumki Mondal, Sajid Ansari, Sambodeep, Samir Kumar Dutta, Sayantan Roy, Shiv Roy Chowdhury, Sreeechandra Mukherjee, Sumit Mukherjee, Tapan Kumar Das, Syed Tanwir Imam, Uday Ghosh, and Vikash Dubey. 


  1. Suvendu Raj Ghosh - Directdor
  2. Vikash Dubey - Story/Screenplay
  3. Sandip Dubey - Story/Screenplay
  4. Pradip Chopra - Producer
  5. Balwant Purohit - Producer
  6. Bhanu Pratap Singh - Music Director
  7. Bhanu Pratap Singh - Lyricist
  8. Bob Sn - Background Scorer
  9. Saurav Banerjee - Director of Photography (Cinematographer)
  10. Raj Singh Sidhu - Film Director
  11. Ummat Dolai - Art Director
  12. Prosenjeet - Art Director

Movie Plot

Sunil Munda (Lovekansh Garg), a marriageable young man, works in Khotadi Mines. After many difficulties, his parents fix Sunil's marriage with Kusum Darjee (Sujana Darjee) for 22 March 2020. Sunil lives in Jharkhand, whereas Kusum hails from the adjoining state of Bihar. The bride wants to continue her studies after marriage which Sunil agrees to.

Things take a dramatic turn when Covid 19 starts spreading in India, and the government declares 22 March 2020 as a public curfew from 7 am to 9 pm. However, there is a provision for functions like marriage, etc., with 20 persons only, after taking due permissions.

Sunil's family manages to get permission for the marriage. However, the family faces several difficulties with the wedding.

Twist in the story

In the meantime, the Indian government declares a complete nationwide lockdown for twenty-one days. The situation becomes worse when Jharkhand police do not allow them to return to their state after marriage because the family does not have permission to return to the City.

What happens next is the rest of the story of Kusum Ka Biyaah.

Full Cast and Crew of Kusum Ka Biyaah (2023)

Full Cast:

To be Updated Soon.

Other Cast(s):

Lovekansh Garg
Sujana Darjee
Pradip Chopra
Raja Sarkar
Suhani Biswas
Panya Darshan
Aaqib Ansari
Abid Hussain
Atanu Mahata
Charu Ranjan Ghosh
Khurshid Alam
Maharana Pratap
Mahendra Pratap Singh
Manoj Ojha
Md Irfan Khan
Md Mushtaque
Raj Singh Sidhu
Rumki Mondal
Sajid Hussain
Samir Kumar Dutta
Sayantan Roy
Shiv Roy Chowdhury
Sreeechandra Mukherjee
Sumit Mukherjee
Tapan Kumar Das
Syed Tanwir Imam
Uday Ghosh
Vikash Dubey

Full Crew:


Suvendu Ghosh


Pradip Chopra
Balwant Purohit


Music Director(s)
Bhanu Pratap Singh

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