Kya Tum (2018) [ Hindi Movie ]

Movie Name Kya Tum (2018)
Movie Genre Mystery Thiller Movie  
Directed by Deepak Kumar Pappu Pradhan
Produced by Pappu Pradhan Ratnesh Roop Ali Abbas
Music Director Aavik Chatterjee
Star Cast Trupti Parmar, Ranjesh Singh, Mahi, Aarav Mavi, Dharam Goshwami, Harsh Prasad, Alok Singh, Sunil Tiwari , Chetna Kane, Shashi Sagar, Mahesh Bansode,
Release Date 26 Oct, 2018 (India)
Movie Budget 0.5 Cr. (Estimated)
Box Office Collection 0.02 Cr. Approximately (Worldwide)
Rating IMDB: N.A.    Bollywood Product: 3/10   

Kya Tum (2018) Movie Synopsis

Kya Tum is a Hindi Mystery Thriller film released on 26 October 2018. The movie has been available on YouTube since 19 January 2022.

Cast & Crew

Deepak Kumar and Pappu Pradhan are the directors of Kya Tum. The latter is also one of the Producers of Kya Tum. The other producers are Alli Abbas and Ratnesh S.

Co-Director Deepak Kumar is the writer of the film. Avik Chatarjee is the Music Director, Vikas Kumar Prasad is the Director of Photography, Shivtharu is the Film Editor, AB Mohan is the Lyricist, and the director Pappu Pradhan is the Dance Choreographer of Kya Tum.


Trupti Parmar, Ranjesh Singh, Aarav Mavi, Mahi, Dharam Goshwami, and Chetna Kane have played pivotal roles in the film.

Movie Plot

Aanchal (Trupti Parmar) accidentally meets Ansh (Ranjesh Singh). Ansh helps her to reach the office. Coincidently Ansh wants a job in the company, and Aanchal is the selector. Aanchal recommends his name, and Ansh finds employment. Soon Ansh and Aanchal become close friends and fall for each other.

Roshni (Mahi) also works in the same company even before Aanchal. Suraj (Aarav Mavi), a friend of Ansh, joins the office with the recommendations of Roshni. Suraj and Roshni fall for each other too.

Roshni starts living with Aanchal when her house owner suddenly asks her to leave the rented house. The situation takes a U-Tun when Ansh and his male boss exchange some hot arguments in front of Aanchal. The boss wants to thrash Ansh. However, Aanchal gives a slap to Ansh.

Ansh resigns from the job and breaks his relationship with Aanchal, who tries hard to convince Ansh by all means. Aanchal goes into a state of loneliness, and after some time, someone kills her.

A CID team is appointed when the local police fail to solve the Aanchal murder case and two more similar murders. CID Officer (Dharam Goswami) takes over the charge and starts the investigation afresh. Amar, a local police officer, is appointed to assist the CID officer.

The prime suspects in the Aanchal Murder case are:

Suraj (Aarav Mavi), Roshni (Mahi), the maid Kamla (Chetna Kane), the house broker (Mahesh Bansode), and Security Guard ( Shashi Sagar). Who is the killer, and why did he/she kill Aanchal?

Songs Of Movie Kya Tum (2018)

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