L (2023) [Malayalam Film](2024)

L (2023) [Malayalam] (2024)

Film Name L (2023)
Genre Suspense , Mystery Thriller
Director Shoji Sebastian
Music Director Blesson Thomas
Lead Cast See Full Cast
Release Date 2024 (India)
Movie Budget 3 Cr. (Estimated)
Box Office Collection N.A. Cr. Approximately (Worldwide)
Rating IMDB: N.A.    Bollywood Product: N.A.   

L (2023) [Film] Synopsis

L (2023) is an upcoming Indian Malayalam-language ( Suspense and Mystery Thriller ) film expected to be released in cinemas in 2024.

Shoji Sebastian is the Director, whereas are the producer of film L (2023).

Cast and Crew


The film "L" features Joshy Krishna, Rajkumar Radhakrishnan, Amrutha Menon, Aswathy U Pillai, Sandhya Manoj, Aswathy Arun, Prabha Krishna, Vishnu, Rajesh, K P Anil, Rakesh, Jyothi Sivaram, Dileep, and many others.


  1. Shoji Sebastian - Director
  2. Shoji Sebastian - Screenplay
  3. Shoji Sebastian - Story
  4. Shelly Joy - Screenplay
  5. Shelly Joy - Story
  6. Blesson Thomas - Music Director
  7.  Arun Kumar - Cinematographer
  8. Sooraj Ayyappan - Film Editor

Movie Plot

In the mysterious town of Kannur district, a chilling tale unfolds. The film "L" takes us on a spine-tingling journey, unveiling a series of enigmatic deaths that have rocked the region.

Three deaths, all occurring nearby, serve as the eerie backdrop for this gripping story.

A Disturbing Pattern

Reported within the confines of Kannur district, these deaths share a perplexing commonality. The victims are all women who have met their fate in the same manner, casting an eerie shadow over the town.

As we delve deeper, it becomes apparent that these tragedies are not isolated incidents; similar deaths occurred during the 1980s in Hungary and various other European countries, hinting at a dark and elusive connection.

The Mysterious Hospital

The narrative takes a sinister turn as we learn of a death that took place at Kottiyoor Hospital, coincidentally bearing the same name as another hospital in the vicinity.

These two institutions are both under the administration of a single congregation, deepening the sense of intrigue.

The unsettling realization dawns upon us that there are threads of connection woven throughout this web of mystery, threads that elude our understanding.

Uncovering the Unknown

As investigators attempt to piece together the puzzle, they find themselves entangled in a web of secrets and sinister forces that seem to transcend time and geography.

The trail leads them down a path that challenges their beliefs and confronts them with the unimaginable.

As the story unfolds, it peels back layers of mystery, exposing the unsettling connections that tie together these inexplicable deaths.

Brace yourself for a cinematic experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat, questioning the thin line that separates the ordinary from the supernatural.

Full Cast and Crew of L (2023)

Full Cast:

To be Updated Soon.

Other Cast(s):

Joshy Krishna
Rajkumar Radhakrishnan
Amrutha Menon
Aswathy Pillai
Sandhya Manoj
Aswathy Arun
Krishna Praba
K P Anil
Jyothi Sivaram

Full Crew:


Shoji Sebastian


Music Director(s)
Blesson Thomas


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L (2023)
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L (2023)
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L (2023)

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