Not Another Church Movie [English Film](2024)

Not Another Church Movie [English] (2024)

Film Name Not Another Church Movie
Genre Comedy
Producer(s) James Michael Cummings , Jaron Marquis , Jim Cardwell , Johnny Mack , Paul Saleba , Vern Nobles Jr
Music Director Ainz Brainz Prasad , Ameya Saraf , Jaron Marquis
Lead Cast Kevin Daniels, Vivica A Fox, Lamorne Morris, Tisha Campbell, Jasmine Guy See Full Cast
Release Date 10 May 2024 (India)
Movie Budget N.A Cr. (Estimated)
Box Office Collection Cr. Approximately (Worldwide)
Rating IMDB: N. A    Bollywood Product: N. A   

Not Another Church Movie [Film] Synopsis

Not Another Church Movie is an American English-language ( Comedy ) film released in cinemas on 10 May 2024.

Movie Plot

In this hilarious spoof comedy, billionaire talk-show host Hoprah Windfall uses her direct connection to God (Jamie Foxx) to command him to deliver a hero to help her plummeting ratings--or else she will cancel him. Panicked, God decides to call on the hardest-working man in the world, Taylor Pherry (Kevin Daniels). Despite Taylor's lack of experience, God convinces him to do the impossible: write a hit movie using his dysfunctional, crazy family as the inspiration. But the Devil (Mickey Rourke) is in the details and he has his own fiendish plan to disrupt the whole deal.

Full Cast and Crew of Not Another Church Movie

Full Cast:

Lead Cast(s):

Actor Character
Kevin Daniels Taylor Pharry
Vivica A Fox
Lamorne Morris Monte Carlo
Tisha Campbell Flora Black
Jasmine Guy

Other Cast(s):

Actor Character
Mickey Rourke Devil
Jamie Foxx God
Kyla Pratt
Patricia Belcher Ms. Flora Richardson
Kearia Schroeder Julie
Zay Xaveria Baird Calvin
James Michael Cummings Officer White / Mr. White / Whitey / Manager White
Kaleina Cordova Angel
Jaden Lucas Miller Michael Jr
Jey Reynolds Frat Boy 2
Pierre Edwards Bus Driver Tyrone
Lydia Styslinger Mary
Rachel Trautmann Karen #2
Fay Peck Trish
Gary Scruggs Spencer
Luc Ashley Hoprah Windfall
Patrick Lamont Jr Defendant #1
Toshia Caitlyn Galligan Earth Angel
Deacon Randle Marcus
Yves B Claude Mr. Leroy Black
William Matthew Mang Talk show audience / Grounds keeper / church goer
Jermaine Carter Angel
Alayna Bernard Bulky Cow Kid
Josh Thrower Frat Boy 3
Michael Wayne Thomas Steadmann
AJ Bernard Spencer Jr
Blake Panton Rob
Rich Henrich Defendant #2
Emma Torres Gayle
Paris Gerald Nurse
Tom Trundle The Bailiff
Evan J Mackey Frat Boy 1
Maurice Godfrey Donald
Jeremiah Cummings Doctor 2
Russell Jones Scarry Clown
Cheryl Lugo Angel
Adam Madrid DJ Khal
Kenyatta Cheek Background (uncredited)

Full Crew:


James Michael Cummings
Jaron Marquis
Jim Cardwell
Johnny Mack
Paul Saleba
Vern Nobles Jr
Line Producer(s)
Mike Montgomery
Executive Producer(s)
Johnny Alves
Kimberly Hines
Mike Hatton
Tom Trundle
Valerie McCaffrey
Supervising Producer(s)
Russell Jones
Associate Producer(s)
Ryan Young
T Shaun Barrett
Tony Boldi


Music Director(s)
Ainz Brainz Prasad
Ameya Saraf
Jaron Marquis


Johnny Mack
Script Supervisor
Cindy Marsh


Vern Nobles Jr


Film Editor(s)
Taylor Nida
Associate Editor(s)
Marissa O Guinn Dahl

Production Designer:

Production Designer(s)
Peter Cordova
Art Director(s)
Matt Muller
Set Director(s)
Shelby Lutz
Set Dresser(s)
Daniel Rivera Aponte

Production & Distribution:

Production Company(s)
Monty the Dog Productions


Makeup Artist(s)
Andrea Lee Magill
Kat L Robertson
Sabriya Alvin
Tasha N Counts

Visual Effects:

Visual Effects Supervisor(s)
Adam Rote
Digital Compositor(s)
Brian Byrd
Conrad Rabinovitz
Sophia Hyke


Casting Director(s)
Leslie M Greene


Stunts By
Maxwell Heavenrich
Mike Evans
Stunts Coordinator(s)
Christopher Bradley
Jenin Gonzalez

Sound Management:

Sound Effect Editor
Wes Poland
Boom Operator
Jonathan Caro

Costumes Management:

Costumes Designer(s)
Ashley Borders
Donnie Hollywood McFinely
Kara Talley
Shena Verrett
Wardrobe Supervisor(s)
Bynoskia Sams

Production Management:


Blockbuster film (2024)

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