Pizza (2014) [Hindi ](2014)

Pizza (2014) [Hindi] (2014)

Film Name Pizza (2014)
Genre Supernatural Thriller , Thriller , Remake
Director Akshay Akkineni
Producer(s) Siddharth Roy Kapur , Bejoy Nambiar
Music Director Gaurav Godkhindi , Saurabh Kalsi , Shamir Tandon , Mikey Mccleary
Lead Cast See Full Cast
Release Date 18 July 2014 (India)
Movie Budget 1.5 Cr. (Estimated)
Box Office Collection 4.5 Cr. Approximately (Worldwide)
Rating IMDB: 6.2    Bollywood Product: 7   

Pizza (2014) [Film] Synopsis

Pizza is a Hindi (Bollywood) Supernatural Horror Thriller film released on 18 July 2014. The film's running time is 107 Minutes (1 Hour 47 Minutes).

The film is a remake of the 2012 Tamil language film Pizza, released on 19 October 2012. Vijay Sethupathi and Remya Nambeesan played the lead couple in the movie.

Cast and Crew


  1. Akshay Oberoi - Kunal
  2. Parvathy Omanakuttan - Nikita
  3. Dipannita Sharma - Mrs. Ghost
  4. Arunoday Singh - Mr. Ghost
  5. Rajesh Sharma - Mr. Kapoor (Boss)
  6. Sonali Sachdev - Priya (Mrs. Kapoor)
  7. Omkar Das Manikpuri - Sadhu
  8. Diya Chalwad - Anjali
  9. D. Santosh - Lobo (Kunal's colleague)
  10. Hussain Dalal - Sameer (Kunal's colleague)
  11. Gulshan Pandey - Police Inspector
  12. Umesh Jagtap - Police Inspector
  13. Jai Shankar Tripathi - Police Constable
  14. Majid Khan - Old Man in Lift
  15. Gautam Sanghat - Presser
  16. Neha D Bhriguvanshi - Servant of Mrs. Ghost (Uncredited)
  17. Rituparna Chowdhury - Anita


  1. Akshay Akkineni - Director
  2. Siddharth Roy Kapur - Producer
  3. Bejoy Nambiar - Producer
  4. Karthik Subbaraj - Story
  5. Akshay Akkineni - Screenplay
  6. Gaurav Godkhindi - Music
  7. Saurabh Kalsi - Music
  8. Shamir Tandon - Music
  9. Mikey McCleary - Music
  10. Mikey McCleary - Background Score
  11. Jayakrishna Gummadi - Cinematographer
  12. A. Sreekar Prasad - Film Editor

Budget and Box Office Collection

The tentative budget for Pizza was 1.5 Crore INR. The film did commercially well and earned approximately 4.5 Crore INR at the Worldwide Box Office.

Movie Plot

Kunal (Akshay Oberoi) is a poor young man, married to Nikita (Parvathy Omanakuttan), and works as a Pizza delivery for Mr. Kapoor (Rajesh Sharma). Sameer (Hussain Dalal) and Lobo (D. Santosh) are collegue-cum-friends of Kunal and work for Mr. Kapoor.

Nikita is a struggling writer who likes to write ghost stories. She creates a ghostly ambiance at home, which often horrifies Kunal. Nikita gets pregnant, but Kunal does not want the child because of their poor financial condition. However, Nikita wants the baby, and thus Kunal supports her decision.

Mr. Kapoor is married to Priya (Sonali Sachdev), but they do not have any children. The couple seeks the help of a Sadhu (Onkar Das Manikpuri), and Priya finally gets pregnant. Mr. Kapoor strongly believes in the blessings of the Sadhu.

Mr. Kapoor loves his wife deeply and is very happy for his unborn child. However, a ghost named Anjali possesses Priya, and the Sadhu often treats her with his black magic.

One day Mr. Kapoor gives a box to Kunal with the directions to give it to his wife, Priya. Kunal visits the boss's house and witnesses that a ghost/witch named Anajali has possessed Priya.

After a few days, Mr. Kapoor again asks Kunal to give a box of chocolates to his wife. Kunal makes various excuses because he is afraid to face Priya, possessed by a ghost. However, Mr. Kapoor orders him to give the box to his wife, Priya.

Twist in the story

Kunal has to deliver a pizza at night before giving the chocolate box to Mrs. Kapoor. He reaches the destination and rings the doorbell. A pretty woman (Dipannita Sharma) appears and asks Kunal to come in.

The woman asks Kunal to stay in the room, and she goes upstairs to bring money. After a while, the current goes off, and Kunal hears a scream from upstairs. Curiously, Kunal goes upstairs with the help of mobile light and is shocked to see that someone has killed the woman with an axe.

Kunal gets scared, and his phone falls from his hand. Leaving the phone in the room, Kunal tries to leave the house but finds all the doors locked. He tries to make a call from the landline but finds the phone dead.

Meanwhile, Kunal gets a call from his wife and asks her to send the police. Kunal gathers courage and goes upstairs but is surprised to see that the dead body of that woman is not there and appears as a ghost. Frightened, Kunal quickly comes down with the phone.

The caller (Arunoday Singh) is the husband of Mrs. Ghost (Dipannita Sharma). The man suspects an extramarital affair with his pregnant wife. When Kunal picks up the phone, the man's suspicion deepens, and he thinks Kunal is his wife's lover. The man asks Kunal to open the door, but Kunal is not able to open the door.

Kunal can see the man through the hole inside the house and explains that he is not his wife's lover but has come to deliver a pizza. Suddenly that man disappears, and the phone gets disconnected.

When Kunal calls the same number again, he hears the phone ringing from the upstairs room. When Kunal gathers his courage and goes upstairs again, but gets shocked to see the man (Arunoday Singh) dead in the bathtub.

Kunal is horrified and goes downstairs, where he sees a little girl, Anjali, who calls Kunal her father. Kunal remembers that Anjali is also the name of the ghost who has possessed Priya, the wife of Mr. Kapoor.

Kunal runs towards the doors to avoid the girl. Suddenly, the door opens, and Kunal sees a police inspector (Umesh Jagtap) and a constable (Jai Shankar Tripathi) at the door. Kunal asks the police to get out of the house first, but those policemen start questioning Kunal.

Another twist

Kunal pushes the policeman out of the house and comes out of the house. However, he is surprised to see that some invisible force drags both the policeman home. Kunal runs away from there and reaches home, but surprisingly his wife is missing.

Kunal goes to the police station to file a complaint about his missing wife, but Sameer and Lobo forcefully take him to the boss (Rajesh Sharma). Surprisingly, the boss asks about the bike and the box instead of concerning about the missing wife of Kunal.

The Backstory of the Boss

The pizza house boss (Rajesh Sharma) does an illegal business too. The box of chocolate contains some illicit items, and thus the boss is concerned about the box.

The boss visits the haunted house with Sameer and Lobo to find out the box. They see Nikita, the wife of Kunal. However, she is now under the possession of the witch. They get scared and run away from the house.

After hearing the entire story, the Sadhu (Onkar Das Manikpuri) concludes that the ghost of Anjali possesses only a pregnant woman like the dead woman (Dipannita Sharma), Priya (Sonali Sachdev), and Nikita (Parvathy Omanakuttan).

The Sadhu suggests that Nikita should not come out of the haunted house because the ghost of Anjali has possessed her. And if Nikita remains in the haunted house, the spirit of Anjali will not create any problems for Priya.

Since the boss loves his wife very much, he requests Lobo and Sameer not to tell Kunal anything about Nikita.

Will Kunal be able to find Nikita? What happens to Nikita? What happens to Priya? The film Pizza gives replies to all such queries in a logical way.

Full Cast and Crew of Pizza (2014)

Full Cast:

To be Updated Soon.

Other Cast(s):

Akshay Oberoi
Parvathy Omanakuttan
Dipannita Sharma
Rajesh Sharma
Arunoday Singh
Sonali Sachdev
Omkar Das Manikpuri
Hussain Dalal
D Santosh
Gulshan Pandey
Neha D Bhriguvanshi
Diya Chalwad
Umesh Jagtap
Jai Shankar Tripathi
Majid Khan
Gautam Sanghat
Rituparna Chowdhury
Rajiv Kumar Mishra

Full Crew:


Akshay Akkineni


Siddharth Roy Kapur
Bejoy Nambiar


Music Director(s)
Gaurav Godkhindi
Saurabh Kalsi
Shamir Tandon
Mikey Mccleary

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