Pizza II: Villa (2013) [Tamil ](2013)

Pizza II: Villa (2013) [Tamil] (2013)

Film Name Pizza II: Villa (2013)
Genre Horror , Thriller
Director Deepan Chakravarthy
Producer(s) K E Gnanavel Raja , C V Kumar , S R Prabhu , S R Prakash Babu
Music Director Santhosh Narayanan
Lead Cast See Full Cast
Release Date 14 November 2013 (India)
Movie Budget 5 Cr. (Estimated)
Box Office Collection 20 Cr. Approximately (Worldwide)
Rating IMDB: 6.4    Bollywood Product: 6   

Pizza II: Villa (2013) [Film] Synopsis

Pizza II: Villa is a 2013 Indian Tamil-language Horror-Thriller film released in cinemas on 14 November 2013. The debutante Deepan Chakravarthy is the Writer-Dirctor of  Pizza II: Villa. Hindi dubbed version of Pizza II: Villa was uploaded by Mishri Movies on their YouTube Channel on 21 September 2023 

The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) issued an "A" rating (the public exhibition is restricted to Adults) to the Tamil-language film Pizza II: Villa, vide certificate No. DIL-2-51-2013-CHEN dated 18 September 2013.

The 2012 Tamil-language Pizza is the first film of the Pizza franchise. The 2013 Tamil-language film Pizza II: Villa is a quasi-sequel to Pizza.

Pizza 3: The Mummy is the 3rd installment of the Pizza franchise released in 2023.

Cast and Crew

Ashok Selvan and Sanchita Shetty play the lead roles in Pizza II: Villa. The film also features  Nassar and Vegan Rajesh in other pivotal roles. S. J. Surya makes a special appearance in Pizza II: Villa.


  1. Deepan Chakravarthy - Director
  2. Deepan Chakravarthy - Writer
  3. K. Manikandan  - Dialogue
  4. K.E. Gnanavelraja - Producer
  5. C. V. Kumar - Producer
  6. S.R. Prabhu - Co-Producer
  7. Santhosh Narayanan - Music Director
  8. Deepak Kumar Padhy - Cinematography
  9. Leo John Paul - Film Editor

Movie Plot

Jebin M. Jose, a debutant English crime novel writer, learns about his father's bankrupt estate in Pondicherry after his passing. To settle the debts, Jebin visits the villa for evaluation and discovers intriguing framed paintings left behind by his father.

Jebin calls his girlfriend, Aarthi, an art student, to accompany him to the villa. Aarthi is drawn to one particular dual-faced painting and urges Jebin not to sell the property.

Accepting Aarthi's wish and with newfound success in his writing career, Jebin decides to stay at the villa while working on his next novel.

The Mysterious Discovery

While playing the Victorian piano one night, Jebin finds a secret key hidden underneath the strings. He also notices a painting with a peculiar geometry resembling the villa's floor plan.

Curiosity leads him to discover a secret door behind a wardrobe. Using the key, Jebin opens the door and finds a trunk filled with paintings that seem to depict events from his life, even those that haven't occurred yet. He concludes that his father had precognition skills.

The Awards and Ominous Signs

As Jebin's debut novel gains critical acclaim and literary awards, he becomes overwhelmed by the unexplained connection between the paintings and his life.

Jebin attempts to sell the villa, but a freak accident involving the estate agent frightens away potential buyers. Frustrated, Jebin tries to complete his second novel, but he soon witnesses the villa's negative energy that starts manifesting psychic phenomena, blocking his progress.

Consulting the Parapsychologist

Jebin seeks help from a renowned parapsychologist, Devanesan, who suggests that the villa holds negative energy from previous owners, causing psychic manifestations.

Jebin discovers grim events in the lives of past owners, pointing to the transference of negative energy. Devanesan conducts experiments using a tuning fork, leading to disturbing apparitions.

A twist in the story

Amidst the chaos, Jebin's best friend gets severely injured, and Jebin finds paintings depicting a man killing a woman, believing it refers to him and Aarthi.

What happens next? What does Jebin do to save his love interest, Aarthi? What is the reality of the villa? Is supernatural power exists in the villa, or someone plays a foul game with Jebin?

Full Cast and Crew of Pizza II: Villa (2013)

Full Cast:

To be Updated Soon.

Other Cast(s):

Ashok Selvan
Sanchita Shetty
Kaali Venkat
Anjali Rao
Vegan Rajesh
S J Suryah
Boys Rajan
Veera Santhanam

Full Crew:


Deepan Chakravarthy


K E Gnanavel Raja
C V Kumar
S R Prabhu
S R Prakash Babu


Music Director(s)
Santhosh Narayanan

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