Premaatur (2021) [ Hindi Movie ]

Movie Name Premaatur (2021)
Movie Genre Horror Movie   Romantic Movie  
Directed by Sumit Sagar
Produced by Prashant Walde
Music Director Nitin Raikwar
Star Cast Prashant Walde, Kalyani Kumari, Heta Shah, Sriraj Singh, Amit Sinha, Veer Singh, Bidya Kumari, Shantanu Ghosh,
Release Date 03 Sep, 2021 (India)
Movie Budget 0.25 Cr. (Estimated)
Box Office Collection Not Available Cr. Approximately (Worldwide)
Rating IMDB: N.A.    Bollywood Product: 2   

Premaatur (2021) Movie Synopsis

Premaatur (2021) is a Bollywood Romantic Horror film. The release date of Premaatur is 3 September 2021 in India.

Cast & Crew

Sumit Sagar has directed the film and has made his Bollywood debut as a director with this film. He earlier helmed a TV Series Ghar Parivar in 2006.

Prashant Walde has written the screenplay and produced the film too. He has also played one of the lead roles in the film. Nitin Raikwar has composed music for Premaatur.

Movie Plot

Rahul (Sriraj Singh) and Soniya (Kalyani Kumari) love each other. They visit an old heritage Hotel/Haweli to spend some quality time. The Haweli is which is 300 years old and possessed with supernatural powers.

Rahul and Sonia meet Arjun (Prashant Walde) and Pooja (Heta Shah). The couple tries to befriend Arjun and Pooja, but Arjun behaves like a psycho. He shouts over Rahul and Sonia with a threat not to see him again.

A Baloon Seller informs Rahul and Sonia that there is a Ghost in the Haweli who kills women. Rahul does not believe in ghosts. However, Sonia starts hearing an anklet. The sound approaches Sonia, and she hears the door banging.

Sonia tries to call Rahul in fainted voice. But some supernatural power takes over her, and she started behaving abnormally. She even tries to kill herself and leaves the hotel room. Rahul reaches him and makes her conscious back.  Another day she was found in the basement near a mirror.

At first, Rahul didn't believe her, but he seeks the help of a Baba to save Sonia's life. Baba asks him to break the mirror situated in the basement. Rahul does so and follows the instructions of the Baba and soon comes to know that it is Arjun (Prashant Walde) who is playing the foul game and wants to sacrifice Sonia.

Rahul and Baba both want to know the reason behind the loathsome actor of Arjun. Here starts a new love story of Arjun and Pooja (Heta Shah). The rest of the story tells us the story of  Pooja and the ghost.

Songs Of Movie Premaatur (2021)

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