Pyara Kulhad (2023) [ Hindi Movie ]

Movie Name Pyara Kulhad (2023)
Movie Genre Romantic Movie  
Directed by Abhishek Chadha
Produced by Prem Chandra Singh
Music Director Vishnu Narayan
Star Cast Apsara Rani, Manas Nagulapalli, Gulshan Grover, Mukesh Khanna, Anita Sahgal, Prem Singh, Jabbar Akram, Gaurav Kumar, Kanhu, Shanty,
Release Date 30 Apr, 2023 (India)
Movie Budget 4 Cr. (Estimated)
Box Office Collection N.A. Cr. Approximately (Worldwide)
Rating IMDB: N.A.    Bollywood Product: N.A.   

Pyara Kulhad (2023) Movie Synopsis

Pyara Kulhad is an upcoming Hindi Romance film scheduled to be released on 30 January 2023. The release date has been postponed and the tentative release date is 30 April 2023.

Cast and Crew

Abhishek Chadha is the Writer-Director, and Prem Chandra Singh is the Producer of Pyara Kulhad.

RM Swami and R.M. Swamy are the Cinematographers, Amit Aanand and Amit Aanand are the Film Editors, whereas Vishnu Narayan is the Music Director of Pyara Kulhad.


Manas Nagulapalli and Apsara Rani play the lead roles in Pyara Kulhad. Mukesh Khanna and Gulshan Grover play pivotal roles in the film, whereas Anita Sahgal, Jabbar Akram, Gaurav Kumar, Shanty, and Prem Singh play supporting roles in Pyara Kulhad.

Movie Plot

Vidhan (Manas Nagulapalli) lives with his mother (Anita Sahgal), who makes handicraft items. Vidhan is a bright student and helps his mother with handicraft work.

Vidhi (Apsara Rani) is a pretty young girl who studies in the same college where Vidhan studies. Vidhi's father, Prem Kumar (Gulshan Grover), is a business tycoon in the city.

Vidhi gets impressed by Vidhi gets impressed by Vidhan's good nature and falls for him. As time passes, Vidhan starts loving Vidhi and informs his mother about his relationship. Vidhan's mother understands the difference in living standards of both families and is reluctant to collaborate with Vidhi and Vidhan.

On the other hand, Prem Kumar (Gulshan Grover) wants his daughter to be married to a rich person only. Vidhi rejects every marriage proposal and finally tells her father about Vidhan. Prem Kumar does not like having a poor man as his son-in-law and disapproves of the association between Vidhi and Vidhan.

Will Prem Kumar give his only daughter's hand to a poor boy Vidhan? Will Vidhi be able to convince Prem Kumar to marry Vidhan? Pyara Kulhad gives replies to all such queries.

Songs Of Movie Pyara Kulhad (2023)

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