Romanticc Tukde (2023) [Hindi ](2023)

Romanticc Tukde (2023) [Hindi] (2023)

(UA) 102 mins. 31 secs.

Film Name Romanticc Tukde (2023)
Genre Drama
Director Varadraj Swami
Producer(s) Priya Bansal , Vijay Bansal
Music Director BikramJeet Ranjha , Bapi Tutul
Lead Cast See Full Cast
Release Date 03 November 2023 (India)
Movie Budget 1.5 Cr. (Estimated)
Box Office Collection N.A. Cr. Approximately (Worldwide)
Rating IMDB: N.A.    Bollywood Product: N.A.   

Romanticc Tukde (2023) [Film] Synopsis

The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) issued a (UA) rating to the Hindi-language film Romanticc Tukde (2023), vide certificate No. Not Available on Not Available . The runtime of the film is 102 Minutes and 31 Seconds.

Romanticc Tukde is an Indian Hindi-language Drama film released November 3, 2023. The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) issued a UA rating to the Hindi-language film Romanticc Tukde, vide certificate No. DIL/2/441/2023-MUM dated September 21, 2023. The runtime of the film is 102 Minutes and 31 Seconds.

Cast and Crew


Nikunj Malik play the lead role in Romanticc Tukde. The film also features Pankaj Berry, Brijeshkumar Jha, Vijay Bansal, Bhakti Punjani, Vivekanand Jha, Amit Kashyap, Varadraj Swami, and many others.


  1. Varadraj Swami - Director
  2. Priya Bansal - Producer
  3. Vijay Bansal - Producer
  4. Asif Khan - Co-Producer
  5. BikramJeet Ranjha - Music Director
  6. Bapi-Tutul - Music Director
  7. Sidhu Kumar Duvedi - Cinematography
  8. Balaji Tiwari - Film Editing
  9. Sanjay Subodh - Art Director

Movie Plot

The story sets in 1995 in a remote area of Bihar, India. Gulmohar (Nikunj Malik), an innocent young girl, lives there. She loves Yaqut (Brijeshkumar Jha), a Muslim boy who teaches in a Madarasa (school).

A Harsh Reality Unveiled: Gulmohar's Pregnancy and Betrayal

Soon Gulmohar becomes pregnant and informs her boyfriend about it. However, an orthodox religious thought arises, and the boy refuses any relationship with Gulmohar in front of the villagers. He even tries to kill Gulmohar, who survives and escapes from her village.

Life Lessons Through the Silver Screen: Gulmohar's Transformation

Gulmohar starts living in another city and soon delivers a baby boy. She starts working as a sweeper in a cinema hall. Since she works in a cinema hall, she watches numerous movies. She learns many life lessons from the film. Gulmohar completes graduation with the help of Sheetal (Bhakti Punjani), the daughter of a cinema owner.

In the meantime, Sheetal's husband dies in a car accident, and his relatives throw Sheetal out of the house, blaming her for the reason for her husband's death.

The Voice of Courage: Gulmohar's Stand Against Injustice

Gulmohar is now an educated woman who raises her voice against the in-laws of Sheetal. However, Sheetal's father-in-law is a minister in the Bihar government. He misuses his power and asks the police department to teach a lesson to Gulmohar, and the police beat her badly.

Critically injured, Gulmohar is taken to a hospital, where the doctor feels pity for her. He takes help from some of his bureaucrat friends and supports Gulmohar.

Rising from the Ashes: Gulmohar's Agitation Ignites Public Support

Gulmohar starts an agitation that turns into a big public support platform. Sheetal's father-in-law has to resign, and the court verdict favours Sheetal. The big event establishes Gulmohar as a respectable woman in society.

Later Gulmohar returns to her village and takes revenge on her boyfriend Yaqut and the Orthodox community.

Full Cast and Crew of Romanticc Tukde (2023)

Full Cast:

To be Updated Soon.

Other Cast(s):

Nikunj Malik
Pankaj Berry
Brijesh Kumar Jha
Vijay Bansal
Bhakti Punjani
Vivekanand Jha
Amit Kashyap
Varadraj Swami
Madhavendra Jha
Shivam Mishra
Rahul Kuriyal
Shahzad Ahmad
Nayeem Hafizka
Prabhakar Kumar Rai
Anil Pandey
Sneha Pallavi

Full Crew:


Varadraj Swami


Priya Bansal
Vijay Bansal


Music Director(s)
BikramJeet Ranjha
Bapi Tutul

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