Sangram (1950) [ Hindi Movie ]

Movie Name Sangram (1950)
Movie Genre Drama Movie  
Directed by Gyan Mukherjee
Produced by Himansu Rai
Music Director C Ramchandra
Star Cast Ashok Kumar, Nalini Jaywant, Shashi Kapoor, Tabassum, Sajjan, Tiwari , Nawab, Hemavathi, Chaman Puri, S N Banerjee, Samson, Kumud Tripathi, Haroon, Indumati, R Kochar, Samar, Meena, Bose, Ram Singh, Bina Paul, Munny Aga, Burhanudeen, S Pratap, Nakul Malik,
Release Date 01 Jan, 1950 (India)
Movie Budget 0.45 Cr. (Estimated)
Box Office Collection 1 Cr. Approximately (Worldwide)
Rating IMDB: 6.7    Bollywood Product: 7   

Sangram (1950) Movie Synopsis

Sangram [ meaning- battle or war] is a Hindi language drama film released in 1950.

Cast & Crew

Gyan Mukherjee directed Sangaram (1950). He also wrote Story & Screenplay as Gyan. Himanshu Rai Produced the film under the Banner of Bombay Talkies.

C. Ramchandra composed the music for Sangram (1950). P. Santoshi, Vrajendra Gaur, and Raja Mehdi Ali Khan penned the lyrics.

Josef Wirsching was the Cinematographer of Sangram (1950), who earlier did film like Kangan (1935) and Mahal (1949). 


Ashok Kumar and Nalini Jaywant played the lead roles.

Shashi Kapoor (as Shashi Raj) played the childhood role of Ashok Kumar. Tabassum (as Baby Tabassum) played the childhood role of Nalini Jaywant.

Sajjan, Hemavathi, and Nawab played pivotal roles in Sangram (1950).

Tiwari, Samson, Chaman Puri, Kumud Tripathi, Indumati, Meera, and Haroon played supporting roles.

Movie Plot

A policeman (Nawab) has to take care of his only son Kunwar (Shashi Kapoor) when his wife leaves for heaven after giving birth to a male child.

The cop brings up his motherless son, spoiling him by caving to the unnecessary demands. Consequently, Kunwar turns up as a brat.

The boy Raje (Shashi Kapoor) once carries his father's pistol and fires it at a chum in a fit of rage. However, the father (Nawab) saves him from the lock-up.

Lal (Sajjan) lives in the same village, and they serve good terms with the policeman. Lala has a young daughter Munni (Baby Tabassum). Both Lala and the policeman decide to marry their child once they grow old.

The young Raje and the young Munni spend quality time in their childhood and grow together. However, Kunwar starts illegal activities like gambling at quite a young age. And on growing up, Raje becomes Kunwar (Ashok Kumar) and starts running a casino. However, since the running casino is illegal, he runs the same in the guise of a hotel.

Pyarelal (Tiwari), One of Kunwar's confidantes, backstab him and inform the police about the illegal casino. Kunwar, however, somehow manages to escape. He then meets his childhood companion Munni who is now Kanta (Nalini Jaywant). But both Kunwar and Kanta don't recognize each other. However, later their identities reveal to each other.

Kunwar now wants to leave the criminal world after getting married to Kanta. However, his dark past catches up, and Pyarelal (Tiwari) demands Rs. 10,000. Moreover, Mohini (Hemavathi), one of his earlier confidants, visits him. Mohini loves Kunwar, who also reciprocated her the same way before meeting Kanta (Nalini Jaywant).

Kunwar steels jewelry from home to give the same to Pyarelal. Mohini gets witnessed Kunwar's stealing. However, Kunwar's father thinks her is the real culprit, and police arrest Mohini.

Kunwar meets Mohini in jail after handing over the stolen jewelry to Pyare Mohan. Mohini informs Kunwar that it was Pyare Mohan who backstabbed him.

Knowing the truth, Kunwar revisited Pyare Mohan to get the jewelry back. A fight ensues between them, and Pyare Mohan loses his life during the battle.

Kunwar returns with the stolen jewelry to get release Mohini from jail. However, police recognized his connection with the Casino raid. Thus, Kunwar finds himself behind the bar.

In the jail, Kunwar came to know that the Police officer, who arrested him, is going to marry Kanta (Nalini Jaywant). Kunwar escapes from the prison and abducts Kanta on her marriage day. He lands at Mohini's to take shelter. However, Mohini feels cheated and informs the police about Kunwar. In turn, Kunwar shoots Mohini in rage in front of Mohini.

Sangram (1950)-Highlights.

Sangram is a precursor to the Cop-Father and Criminal-Son theme. The theme later became one of the favorite topics in Bollywood.

Ashok Kumar dared to essay an antagonistic while he was in great demand as a hero. 

Budget & Box Office Collection

The approximate budget of Har Har Mahadev (1950) was 0.45 Crore (45 Lakh). The film did well on the Box Office and earned an approximate Groos Collection of 1 Crore and a Net Collection of Rs. 0.55 Crore (55 Lakh).

The film became the 6th Highest Grossing Bollywood film of 1950.

Songs Of Movie Sangram (1950)

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