Sawan Bhadon (1970) [Hindi ](1970)

Sawan Bhadon (1970) [Hindi] (1970)

Film Name Sawan Bhadon (1970)
Genre Suspense , Thriller , Romance
Director Mohan Segal
Producer(s) Mohan Segal
Music Director Sonik Omi
Lead Cast See Full Cast
Release Date 12 June 1970 (India)
Movie Budget 0.40 Cr. (Estimated)
Box Office Collection 2 Cr. Approximately (Worldwide)
Rating IMDB: 6.8    Bollywood Product: 7.5   

Sawan Bhadon (1970) [Film] Synopsis

Sawan Bhadon is a Hindi (Bollywood) Suspense Thriller film released on 12 June 1970. Rekha and Navin Nischol made their Bollywood acting debut with Sawan Bhadon.

The film was a musical hit and became one of the Highest Grossing Hindi Films of 1970. The 1971 Tamil film Veetukku Oru Pillai, meaning One Child at Home, featuring Jaishankar, is the remake of Sawan Bhadon.

The 1986 Hindi film Mera Haque, featuring Sanjay Dutt, takes inspiration from Sawan Bhadon with a different climax.

Cast and Crew

Mohan Segal is the Producer and Director of Sawan Bhadon. S. Ali Raza is the Screenplay and Dialogue Writer, whereas K.P. Kottarakara is the Story Writer of Sawan Bhadon.

The duo Sonik-Omi is the Music Director, Baldev Singh is the Cinematographer, and Pratap Dave is the Film Editor of Sawan Bhadon.


Navin Nishchol and Rekha played the lead roles in Sawan Bhadon. Both leading actors made their Bollywood acting debut with Sawan Bhadon. The film also features Shyama, Iftekhar, Krishan Dhawan, Narendra Nath, Chandrima Bhaduri, Jayshree T, Ranjeet, Agha, Madan Puri, Rajan Kapoor, Madhukar, and Pardesi.

Budget and Box Office

The tentative budget of Sawan Bhadon was 0.40 Crore INR. The film did well commercially and earned approximately 1.75 Core INR at Indian Box Office. The film earned 2 Crore INR (approximately) at the Worldwide Box Office. Sawan Bhadon was one of the Highest Grossing Hindi Movies in 1970.

Movie Plot

Vikram (Navin Nischol) is the heir to a princely estate in India. He lives in Europe for his studies.

Vikram's father has already died, and his stepmother, Sulochana (Shyama), takes care of his property and estate with the help of Gauri Shankar (Iftekhar), with whom she shares an illicit relationship after the death of her husband. Sulochana and Gauri Shankar are cruel towards their employees and do not give them their rights.

Sulochana has a grown-up daughter Dolly (Jayshree T), who wants to be an actress. Darbari Lal (Krishan Dhawan) is the drunkard brother of Sulochana and supports every unethical act of his sister.

Vikram returns to India, but as soon as he enters the village, Damu (Ranjeet) and his goons attack him for the money. Chanda (Rekha) helps Vikram to chase away the goons. Damu is the brother of Chanda, but Chanda is not like her brother. Later Vikram and Chanda fall in love with each other.

Twist in the story

Madan Gopal (Narendra Nath) plans to trap Dolly (Jayshree T) for her wealth. He presents himself as a Film Director. Since Dolly wants to be an actress, she falls into Madan's traps.

Dolly introduces Madan to her mother, who encourages their friendship.

Later, Dolly falls in love with Madan Gopal. However, Vikram does not like Madan Gopal because he doubts the integrity of Madan Gopal.

Sulochana does not want Vikram to interfere in the life of her daughter. On the other hand, Vikram treats his stepmother and stepsister like his family. In the meantime, Vikram learns about the foul play by Gauri Shankar in the accounts. Vikram then decides to take everything under his control.

Sulochana (Shyama), Gauri Shankar (iftekhar), Madan Gopal (Narendra Nath), and Darbari Lal (Krishan Diwan) plan to kill Vikram. They place a time bomb in the car of Vikram, and Vikram dies in the blast.

The biggest twist

While Sulochana, her brother, Gauri Shankar, and Madan Gopal celebrate Vikram's death, a look-alike of Vikram enters the house and claims to be Vikram.

Sulochana refuses to accept the man as Vikram and calls the police. However, the man has evidence to show that he is Vikram. The police are helpless to throw Vikram's look-alike out of the house. Frustrated, Sulocahana decides to kill the look-alike of Vikram too.

If the look-alike man is Vikram, how he survived the blast, and whose dead body was in the car? If the person is not Vikram, then who is he? Is there any hidden agenda for the look-alike of Vikram? Film Sawan Bhadon replies to all such queries satisfactorily.

Full Cast and Crew of Sawan Bhadon (1970)

Full Cast:

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Other Cast(s):

Navin Nischol
Jayshree T
Narendra Nath
Krishan Dhawan
Narendra Nath
Madan Puri
Chandrima Bhaduri
Rajan Kapoor
Bhushan Tiwari
Dhruv Kumar

Full Crew:


Mohan Segal


Mohan Segal


Music Director(s)
Sonik Omi

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