Sikka (1976) [Hindi ](1976)

Sikka (1976) [Hindi] (1976)

Film Name Sikka (1976)
Genre Drama
Director Dilip Bose
Producer(s) Rajindra Pal Trehan
Music Director Chitragupta
Lead Cast See Full Cast
Release Date 31 December 1976 (India)
Movie Budget 0.50 Cr. (Estimated)
Box Office Collection N.A. Cr. Approximately (Worldwide)
Rating IMDB: N.A.    Bollywood Product: 5/10   

Sikka (1976) [Film] Synopsis

Sikka is a Drama Drama film released on 31 December 1976. Another movie with the same name Sikka was released on 22 September 1989.

Cast & Crew

Dilip Bose is the Director, and Rajindra Pal Trehan is the Producer of Sikka (1976).

Yeshwant Ranjankar is the Story Writer, and Kafeel Aazar is the Dialogue Writer-cum-Lyricist. Chitragupta is the Music Director, V. Ratra is the Cinematographer, and R. Dabholkar is the Film Editor of Sikka (1976).


Anil Dhawan, Ambika Johar, Kishore Dhawan, and Satyen Kappu play pivotal roles in Sikka (1976). The film also features Helen, Ashoo, Mohan Choti, Bhushan Tiwari, Rajan Haskar, Kalpana Shah, Agha, Kitto Soni, Dharmindra, and Lovely Khanna. Babu, Dalda, Jugnu, Bholanath, Bano, Yesmin, Ravindra Pal, Pradeep Suri, Krishan Prashar, Vasant, Satish Khanna, Krishan Khanna, and Harinder in supporting roles.

Keshto Mukherjee, Anjana Mumtaz, and Nana Palishkar are there in friendly appearances.

Movie Plot

Sheroo (Satyendra Kapoor) and Shankar (Krishan Dhawan) are friends. They rob a  bank and flee in a Jeep while the police chase them.

Sheroo proposes that one of them should surrender and the other must escape with the booty. Sheroo tosses a Coin (Sikka) to decide who surrenders before the police.

Sheroo wins the toss and promises Shankar that he will not betray him. Sheroo makes a promise to take care of the wife and son of Shankar before escaping from there.

Sheroo escapes, and the Jeep gets fire. The police arrest the injured Shankar and send him to jail. Shankar releases after being an old and unrecognized man.

Shankar does not find any whereabout his wife but comes to know about his son Ramesh (Anil Dhawan), who has become a thief.

Shankar finds that Sheroo has now become Seth Gopaldas. Shankar reaches Gopaldas' house and finds Ramesh (Anil Dhawan), his son, who works for Gopaldas alias Sheroo. Shankar also realizes that Ramesh hates his father.

Young Pappu, son of Gopaldas, is handicapped and has to remain in a wheelchair. Madhu (Ambika Johar) is the caretaker of Pappu. Madhu loves Ramesh (Anil Dhawan), but Ramesh ignores her.

During an accident, Shankar saves the life of Pappu, and Gopaldas offers Shankar the job of taking care of his son Pappu without recognizing Shankar.

Soon Ramesh knows the truth, and the father-son duo starts a game to destroy Gopaldas alias Sheroo (Satyen Kappu).

Full Cast and Crew of Sikka (1976)

Full Cast:

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Other Cast(s):

Anil Dhawan
Ambika Johar
Satyendra Kapoor
Krishan Dhawan
Anjana Mumtaz
Kesto Mukherjee
Nana Palshikar
Bhushan Tiwari
Mohan Choti
Rajan Haksar
Ratan Gaurang
Pradeep Suri

Full Crew:


Dilip Bose


Rajindra Pal Trehan


Music Director(s)

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Sikka (1976)
Sikka (1976)
Sikka (1976)
Sikka (1976)
Sikka (1976)

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