Singhasan (1986) [Hindi ](1986)

Singhasan (1986) [Hindi] (1986)

Film Name Singhasan (1986)
Genre Masala
Director Krishna Ghattamaneni
Producer(s) Krishna Ghattamaneni
Music Director Bappi Lahiri
Lead Cast See Full Cast
Release Date 04 March 1986 (India)
Movie Budget 1.50 Cr. (Estimated)
Box Office Collection 4 Cr. Approximately (Worldwide)
Rating IMDB: 5.4    Bollywood Product: 5.5   

Singhasan (1986) [Film] Synopsis

Singhasan [meaning: Throne] is a Hindi (Bollywood) Action film released on 4 March 1986. The film was also shot in Telugu simultaneously. 

Cast and Crew

Ghattamaneni Siva Rama Krishna Murthy, popularly known as Krishna, is the Writer, Producer, Director, and Film Editor, whereas Kader Khan is the Dialogue Writer of Singhasan.

Bappi Lahiri is the Music Director, and V. S. R. Swamy is the Cinematographer of Singhasan.


Singhasan has an ensemble cast of Jeetendra (Double Role), Jaya Prada, Mandakini, Kader Khan, Amjad khan, Pran, Shakti Kapoor, Gulshan Grover, Waheeda Rehman, Bharat Bhushan, Radha, Shreeram Lagoo, Sujit Kumar, Praveen Kumar, and Gurbachan Singh.

Singhasan Story

Singhasan depicts the story of two kingdoms, Gandhar and Avanti.

Gandhar Kingdom

Sharminder Bhupati (Bharat Bhushan) is the king of the Gandhar. Alakananda (Jaya Prada) is the only child of the Gandhar King. Since the king has no son, he has nurtured his daughter like a son and sees her as the next emperor of Gandhar.

Vikram Singh (Jeetendra) is the loyal Chief Commander (Senapati) of Gandhar. He is brave and a great warrior too. Whereas the Chief Minister (Maha Mantri), Bhanu Pratap (Kader Khan), is an unreliable and unfaithful man who pretends to be trustworthy of the Gandhar King.

Bhanu Pratap sends people to kill princess Alakananda, the legal heir of the Gandhar empire. Vikram Singh senses the danger and safeguards the sleeping princes. However, Bhanu Pratap frames Vikram Singh for the attempt to kill the princes, and consequently, Sharminder Bhupati, the Gandhar King, expels Vikram from the kingdom.

Vikram Singh starts living in the forest between the Kingdoms of Gandhar and Avanti. He builds an army of loyal soldiers and safeguards both Kingdoms from the felonious deeds of the traitors.

Avanti Kingdom

After the death of the king, his wife Rajmata Katyayini Devi (Waheeda Rehman) gives the rein of Avanti Kingdom to Acharya Abhang Dev (Pran) because her son, prince Aditya Vardhan (Jeetendra in a double role) is not interested become the ruler.

Acharya wants his son Ugrarahu (Shakti Kapoor), Chief Commander (Senapati) of Avanti, to take over as the next King of Avanti. Acharya nurtures an orphan Chandana (Mandakini) by giving a small number of different kinds of venom. Acharya wants to slay Aditya Vardhan with the help of Chandana. However, Chandana is unaware of her vicious power.

Aditya Vardhan meets Chandana, as per the plan of Acharya, the both Aditya, and Chandana fall in love with each other.

Twist in the story

Gandhar King announces the crowning ceremony of Alakananda (Jaya Prada). Acharya meets Bhanu Pratap, asks him to finish the Gandhar King and the Princes, and assures him of his full support. Since Bhanu Pratap wants his son Kala Ketu (Gulshan Grover), the next King of Gandhar, he accepts the proposal of Achara. In fact, Acharya and Bhanu Pratap are siblings. They prepare a joint action plan to attack the Gandhar Kingdom from three sides.

Vikram Singh (Jeetendra) overpowers them and exposes them in front of the Gandhar King (Bharat Bhushan). Alakananda takes over as a Ruler of Gandhar and expels Bhanu Pratap (Kader Khan) and his son Kala Ketu (Gulshan Grover) from the boundaries of the Gandhar Kingdom. The princess also falls in love with Vikram Singh.

Bhanu Pratap and Acharya want to kill Vikram Singh and Aditya Vardhan so that their sons may take over the Kingdom of Gandhar and Avanti, respectively.

What happens is the rest of the story of Singhasan.

Full Cast and Crew of Singhasan (1986)

Full Cast:

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Other Cast(s):

Jaya Prada
Waheeda Rehman
Kader Khan
Shakti Kapoor
Bharat Bhushan
Shriram Lagoo
Sujit Kumar
Mannava Balayya
Kanta Rao
Allu Ramalingaiah
Praveen Kumar Sobti
Gurbachan Singh

Full Crew:


Krishna Ghattamaneni


Krishna Ghattamaneni


Music Director(s)
Bappi Lahiri

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Singhasan (1986)
Singhasan (1986)
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Singhasan (1986)
Singhasan (1986)
Singhasan (1986)

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