Stree (2018) [Hindi ](2018)

Stree (2018) [Hindi] (2018)

Film Name Stree (2018)
Genre Horror , Comedy , Thriller
Director Amar Kaushik
Producer(s) Dinesh Vijan , Krishna D K , Raj Nidimoru
Music Director Sachin Jigar
Lead Cast See Full Cast
Release Date 31 August 2018 (India)
Movie Budget 25 Cr. (Estimated)
Box Office Collection 180.76 Cr. Approximately (Worldwide)
Rating IMDB: 7.7    Bollywood Product: 8.5   

Stree (2018) [Film] Synopsis

Stree (2018) is a Bollywood Horror Comedy Film released on 31 August 2018.

The film takes is based on a popular urban legend of "Nale Ba" or "Naale Baa" that features prominently in areas across Karnataka in the year the 1990s.


Cast & Crew


Amar Kaushik is the director of Stree and has made his Bollywood directorial debut with this film.

Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K. have written the screenplay of Stree. Dinesh Vijan and the writer's duo Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K. have jointly produced Stree.

Sumit Arora has written the dialogue, whereas Pawan Sony has written the additional dialogue. 


Ketan Sodha prepared the Background Score, whereas the director's duo Sachin-Jigar composed music for Stree.


Movie Plot

Chanderi is a small town in India named Chanderi. The menfolk who live in Chander are fearful of a Witch called Stree (woman). The Stree allegedly kidnaps men at night and leaves their clothing. However, she is smart enough to read and obey "O Stree Kal Aana" (O woman, please come tomorrow). Thus, every house in the village has the tagline "O Stree Kal Aana" on its house walls.


Full Story

Stree (Woman in English) depicts the story of an Indian society where a witch kidnaps men at night when they are all alone. The Witch kidnaps men but leaves their garments.

The inhabitants of a town live in fear of being kidnapped by the witch alluded to as Stree. She stalks men and whisks them away during a particular religious festival held in the village that runs for four days. Thus the Stree kidnaps men during these four special days.

However, the people of Chanderi find a unique way to get rid of the witch. They write "O Stree Kal Aana" which means "O Woman, please come tomorrow," on house walls. The village people further avoid coming out alone at night.

Vicky (Rajkummar Rao), a women's tailor in Chanderi. He is young and handsome and thus famous among the woman. Moreover, he is an expert tailor in the village. Hence, girls and women like him more.

Vicky meets an enchanting young lady (Shraddha Kapoor) during the festival season. The girl asks him to make a Lehnga (Traditional Indian woman wearing) at the earliest.

Vicky gets impressed by her look and falls in love with her straight away. The girl also shows interest in Vicky, and they become friends immediately.

The next day, when Vicky meets the girl, she asks him to bring some unconventional things like a reptile's tail and a white feline's hide, etc. 

Vicky gets surprised, but he promises to bring those things.

Vicky shares the story with Bittu (Aparshakti Khurana) and Janna (Abhishek Banerjee), his best friends.

Bittu gets dubious about the existence of the girl. Bittu and Janna made many failed attempts to see the girl. However, it is only Vicky who can see her.

Initially, Vicky does not give weightage to what Bittu says, but soon some circumstances make him dubious about the girl. Vicky also starts doubting that the girl is none other than the Stree.

In the meantime, Janna (Abhishek Banerjee) disappears, leaving his clothes. Vicky becomes sure that the girl (Shraddha Kapoor) is the Stree.

Now Vicky and Bittu start finding ways to set Janna free from the Stree. They seek the help of Rudra (Pankaj Tripathi), who is the only one in the town who knows the art of fighting with a witch.

Rudra suggests they find the real story behind the Stree so that they could know the reason for the kidnapping of men. They find a book "Chander Puran" that describes the story of Stree. However, the book is old and torn. Thus, they could not get the entire story about Stree.

They somehow understand that the Stree might have kept Janna in the old fort. Vicky, Bittu, and Rudra visit the fort. They encounter the Stree who, in turn, finds adoration and love in the eyes of Vicky.

At this point, the love interest of Vicky (Shraddha Kapoor) appears and saves him from the Stree. Janna is also found in the fort along with other kidnapped men. All were set free.

Sharddha Kapoor uncovers that she has been attempting to overcome 'Stree' throughout the previous three years because she has lost someone very close. And this is the reason she visits this village every year during the religious season.

Vicky understands that the girl is not the Stree. Vicky, Bittu, Rudra, and Shraddha Kapoor visit with Shankar Shastri (Vijay Raaz), the author of the torn book "Chander Puran."

Shankar Shastri informs that the Stree had once been an incredibly wonderful prostitute that each man around wanted. However, every man wanted to fulfill his sexual desires only, whereas Stree was in search of true love.

Finally, she found a man who adored her, and they get married. However, the town's desirous men murdered the couple on their wedding night. Those were the days of the town's famous religious function that runs for four days.

Since then, Stree has been looking for genuine affection from a man. It seems that she is rebellious too and thus takes away every man who comes out from his home during the special Pooja Days.

Shastri (Vijay Raaz) informs that a man with five qualities can stop Stree. Out of five required qualities, four absolutes fit Vicky. However, the last required quality is that the man should be a son of a prostitute only.

Janna and Bittu inform Vicky that his mother was also a prostitute. Vicky initially does not believe it. But his father affirms it true.

Now it becomes implicit that only Vicky can save the town from the wrath of Stree. However, to become a savior Vicky has to present himself before the Stree for fulfilling her desires.

Full Cast and Crew of Stree (2018)

Full Cast:

To be Updated Soon.

Other Cast(s):

Rajkummar Rao
Shraddha Kapoor
Pankaj Tripathi
Aparshakti Khurana
Vijay Raaz
Flora Saini
Abhishek Banerjee
Aakash Dabhade
Atul Srivastava
Mushtaq Khan
Badri Chavan
Viren Basoya
Atmaja Pandey
Kriti Sanon
Nora Fatehi
Abhishek Singh
Sunita Rajwar
Ram Kishan Dhakad
Joy Badlani
Badri Chavan
Arvind Bilgaiyan
Abhinay Raj Singh
Deependra Singh
Bajpai Sharad
Kapil Hanwat
R N Shukla
Shaukeen Khan
Bhupendra Rajput
Abhishek Singh Rajput

Full Crew:


Amar Kaushik


Dinesh Vijan
Krishna D K
Raj Nidimoru


Music Director(s)
Sachin Jigar

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