Takkar (1995) [Hindi ](1995)

Takkar (1995) [Hindi] (1995)

Film Name Takkar (1995)
Genre Action
Director Bharat Rangachary
Producer(s) Mahendra Bohra
Music Director Anu Malik
Lead Cast See Full Cast
Release Date 14 July 1995 (India)
Movie Budget 3.25 Cr. (Estimated)
Box Office Collection 6.97 Cr. Approximately (Worldwide)
Rating IMDB: 4.7/10    Bollywood Product: 5.5/10   

Takkar (1995) [Film] Synopsis

Takkar (meaning: Collision) is a Hindi-language Action Thriller film released in cinemas on 14 July 1995. The Censor Board of Film Certification issued a UA Rating to Takkar vide certificate No. 1556 on 7 July 1995. The film has a runtime of 143 Minutes.


Cast and Crew


Sunil Shetty, Sonali Bendre, and Naseeruddin Shah play pivotal roles in Takkar. The film also features Ajit Vachani, Archana Puran Singh, Himani Shivpuri, Ishrat Ali, Kunika, Mohan Joshi, Mukhtar Khan, Pramod Moutho, Rakesh Bedi, Sameer Khakhar, Shafi Inamdar, Sudhir Dalvi, and Tiku Talsania.


  1. Bharat Rangachary - Director
  2. Bhushan Banmali - Story/Screenplay/Dialogue
  3. Mahendra R. Bohra - Producer
  4. Sunil Bohra - Producer
  5. Anu Malik - Music Director
  6. H. Laxminarayan - Cinematography
  7. A.R. Rajendran - Film Editor

Movie Plot


Ravi (Sunil Shetty) is a photographer and is in love with Mohini (Sonali Bendre). He works hard as a freelance photographer to marry Mohini and to spend a quality life.


Police Inspector D'Costa (Naseeruddin Shah) sees Mohini and falls for him. Despite having a mistress Lily (Archana Puran Singh), D'Costa wants Mohini to be in his life at any cost.


D'Costa is an efficient but corrupt police officer. He often helps criminals for money and later double-crosses them. However, he leaves no evidence against him and thus remains safe.


Twist in the story


D'Cost learns about Ravi. He waits for the right time and frames Ravi in a fabricated drug deal case on his marriage day. Ravi gets punished with imprisonment for four years.


Ravi decides to study the law in jail. On the other hand, D'Costa makes some failed attempts to kill Ravi in jail. Many prisoners help Ravi to safeguard him from the attack planned by D'Costa. Kaku (Rakesh Bedi) is one of them who gets closer to Ravi.


In the absence of Ravi, D'Costa befriends Mohini, who begins to like and respect him thinking him a good man.


DCP Mishra (Shafi Inamdar), who believes the innocence of Ravi, makes efforts for the early release of Ravi on the plea of Mohini. Ravi releases from jail after two years due to his good behaviour and efforts made by DCP Mishra.


Mohini and Ravi get married. D'Costa gets shocked to learn about the marriage. He starts harassing the couple to get close to Mohini. However, Mohini never gives in. In the meantime, Ravi discovers that D'Costs had framed him in the false drugs case. Ravi now wows to take revenge.


What happens next is the rest of the story of Takkar.

Full Cast and Crew of Takkar (1995)

Full Cast:

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Other Cast(s):

Sunil Shetty
Sonali Bendre
Naseeruddin Shah
Mohan Joshi
Ajit Vachani
Archana Puran Singh
Himani Shivpuri
Ishrat Ali
Mukhtar Khan
Pramod Moutho
Rakesh Bedi
Sameer Khakkar
Shafi Inamdar
Sudhir Dalvi
Tiku Talsania

Full Crew:


Bharat Rangachary


Mahendra Bohra


Music Director(s)
Anu Malik

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