Tamacha (1988) Movie Synopsis

Tamacha [meaning: Smack] is a Hindi (Bollywood) Action film released on 26 February 1988.

The film was dubbed in Tamil as Ezhai Thozhan and Telugu as Praja Nayakudu.

Cast and Crew

Prasan Kapoor is the Producer, and Ramesh Ahuja is the Director of Tamacha.

Ramesh Ahuja is the Story Writer, K. B. Pathak is the Screenplay Writer, and Madan Joshi is the Dialogue Writer of Tamacha.

Bappi Lahiri is the Music Director, Anil Mitra is the Cinematographer, and Nand Kumar is the Film Editor of Tamacha.


Jeetendra, Rajinikanth, Amrita Singh, and Bhanupriya play lead roles in Tamacha.

Kimi Katkar, Sumeet Saigal, Anupam Kher, Iftekhar, Satyen Kappu, Shreeram Lagoo, Rohini Hattangadi, Nilu Phule, Sulabha Deshpande, Sudhir Dalvi, Vikas Anand, Beena Banerjee, and  Aruna Irani plays supporting roles in Tamacha.

Budget and Box Office

The tentative budget of Tamacha was  1.50 Crore INR. The film earned 5.20 Crore INR approximately at the Worldwide Box Office.

Movie Plot

Chandra Pratap Singh (Shreeram Lagoo) and Jwala Pratap Singh (Nilu Phule) are two brothers. Their father (Murad) entrusts his entire property in favour of Chandra Pratap due to the blemish and spiteful character.

Jwala kills his father and tries to steal the jewelry and cash from the locker. Chandra tries to stop Jwala but loses his vision during the entire chaos.

After a few years, blind Jwala Pratap lives with his wife, Laxmi (Rohini Hattangadi), and son Raju (Rahul Singh). The drunkard Jwala lives with his wife Shanti (Sulabha Deshpande) and young son Vicky (Javed Rizvi).

Jwala and Chandra do not know that their respective sons are best friends in the school. Ravi and Vicky return to their parents during two months of school vacation. In the meantime, the police shot Jwala dead while pregnant Shanti (Sulabha Deshpande) dies after giving birth to a baby boy in the hospital.

Young Vicky becomes an orphan with a newborn baby in his hands. He does not have money for the last rituals of his mother. Some beggars help him to do the same. Due to the catastrophe and hunger, Vicky turns into a Criminal.

Grown-up Vikcy has now become Vikram Pratap Singh (Rajinikanth), a big tycoon, an influential person, and a kind-hearted person. He donates more than 50% of his earnings. Vikram's younger brother, Gautam (Sumeet Saigal), is a college student and is in love with his college buddy Dolly Saxena (Kimi Katkar). On the other hand, Raju becomes Rajiv (Jeetendra), a CBI Officer.

Senior Police officer (Iftikhar) believes that Vikram Pratap Singh is involved in some illegal activities. He assigns Rajiv (Jeetendra) the job of finding out the truth about Vikram (Rajinikanth).

Vikram learns about Rajiv's visit and sends his goons to kill him. However, Rajiv shoots a goon named Ram Singh and calls Vikram to identify the person, but Vikram refuses to realize his goon. The two friends, not recognizing each other, now stand as rivals.

Mohan (Sudhir Dalvi), a friend of Vikram, visits his house with his wife (Beena Banerjee) and sister Seema (Bhanupriya). Mohan lefts Seema with Vikram to attend a marriage function in another city.

Vikram falls for Seema without knowing his maid Maria (Amrita Singh) loves him. However, Seema loves Rajiv and introduces him to Vikram. When Vikram realizes the truth, he gets married to Maria (Amrita Singh). On the other hand, Rajiv (Jeetendra) gets married to Seema (Bhanupirya).

Rajiv makes many attempts to catch Vikram red-handed. However, every time Vikram plays shrewdly and escapes.

What happens next is the rest of the story of Tamacha with twists and turns.

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