Tank Cleaner (2021) Movie Synopsis

Tank Cleaner is a 2021 Hindi language Thriller film released on 19 February 2021. Redi Productions YouTube Channel uploaded the movie on YouTube on 15 January 2022.

Cast &  Crew

Parvinder Singh Wraich is the Writer & Director, and Swaranjit Kaur Wraich is the Producer of Tank Cleaner.

Vicky Bhoi, Gurbir Singh, and Kuldeep Toor are the Music directors of Tank Cleaner.


Money Sabharwal has played the lead role in Tank Cleaner. Vinamarjot Singh Wraich, Dharminder Singh Rehal, Kabir Singh Rajput, Mridula Mahajan, Ravinder Dhall, OnKar Bhullar, and Aman Bhogal have played pivotal roles in the movie.

Movie Plot

Monty (Money Sabharwal) lives with his younger brother Ajay) and Grandmother (Kulwant Kaur Bhatia). After the sudden demise of his father, Monty bears the responsibility of the family.

Monty is in love with Rashmi (Mridula Mahajan). However, Rashmi's father and Brother Kabir (Kabir Singh Rajput) do not like Monty because of his financial and working status. Moreover, Monty's late father had taken some loan from Kabir, for which he often threats Monty and his family with dire consequences.

Due to financial crunches, Monty works at two places. He works as a Waiter at a Restaurant. The restaurant owner (Ravinder Dhall) is a good-hearted person.

Monty also works as a Tank Cleaner with a Tank Cleaning Services Company that provides him with the cleaning works. However, the business owner constantly tortures and harasses Monty.

As per the company rule, Monty cannot do Tank Clearing services individually. However, Monty takes an individual tank cleaning job because he is in dire need of money. The business owner gets the information, beats Monty badly, and fires him.

Monty takes the job of Tank Cleaner with Baba Tank Cleaner agency. The new business owner seems a good-hearted person and helps Monty financially.

One day, a woman in the Building Society asks Monty to clean the Water Tank in her house. Monty asks her to call the company. The woman keeps on insisting on the job being done immediately. Monty asks for Rs. 1000, and the woman agrees.

Monty enters the Water Tank and cleans the tank with the help of UV light. While coming out of the Water Tank, Monty hears some noise. Monty assumes that the Business Owner has come to know about her direct tank cleaning assignment.

Monty hides in the tank. However, someone close the Tank cover tightly. Monty remains inside the Water Tank and tries hard to come out but fails.

When Monty does not reach home, his brother Ajay starts finding him, but in vain. Ajay finally makes a police complaint. Police stats investigation, but don't find any clue about Monty for the next four days.

Will Police be able to find Monty? Will Monty survive? Who closed the Tank door and left Monty to die? What happens to Rashmi? Tank cleaner gives the replies to all these queries.

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