Teraa Surroor (2016) [Hindi ](2016)

Teraa Surroor (2016) [Hindi] (2016)

Film Name Teraa Surroor (2016)
Genre Thriller
Director Shawn Arranha
Producer(s) Sonia Kapoor , Vipin Reshammiya , Bhushan Kumar , Krishan Kumar
Music Director Himesh Reshammiya
Lead Cast See Full Cast
Release Date 11 March 2016 (India)
Movie Budget 6 Cr. (Estimated)
Box Office Collection 20 Cr. Approximately (Worldwide)
Rating IMDB: 2.3/10    Bollywood Product: 5/10   

Teraa Surroor (2016) [Film] Synopsis

Teraa Surroor (meaning Your Joy) is a Hindi (Bollywood) Thriller film released on 11 March 2016. The film is a sequel to the 2007 Hindi film Aap Kaa Surroor.

Teraa Surroor takes inspiration from the 2010 Hollywood film The Next Three Days, a remake of the 2008 French film Anything for Her.

Cast and Crew

Shawn Arranha is the Director, whereas Vipin Reshammiya,  Sonia Kapoor, Bhushan Kumar, and Krishan Kumar are the producers of Teraa Surroor.

Namrata Ramsay is the Story and Screenplay Writer, whereas Himesh Reshammiya is the Story Writer of Teraa Surroor.

Himesh Reshammiya is the Music Director-cum-Background Scorer, Maneesh Chandra Bhatt is the Cinematographer, and Ashish Arjun Gaikar is the Film Editor of Teraa Surroor.



Himesh Reshammiya and Farah Karimae play the lead roles in Teraa Surroor. The film also features Naseeruddin Shah, Shekhar Kapur, Kabir Bedi, Abhishek Duhan, and Monica Dogra.

Naresh Suri, Tereza, Habib Al Aidroos, Maneesh Chandra Bhatt, Ganesh Ganpat, Gunjan Bhatia, Ahmed Jawed Khan Pathaan, Donny Kapoor, Karan Mehat, Suneel Dutt Safa, Kris Peterson, Gary Tantony, Helene Kurtz, Puneet Malik, Ravi Singh, Waqar Khan, Irina Khezh, Sachin Shetty, Myles Molloy, Ann Marie O'Connor, Richard O'Leary, Warren Renwick, Niraj Singh, Naresh Suri, Degnan Geraghty

Budget and Box Office Collection

The tentative budget of Teraa Surroor was 6 Crore INR. The film earned approximately 14 Crore INR at the Indian Box Office and 20 Crore at the Worldwide Box Office.

Teraa Surroor Movie Plot

Raghu (Himesh Reshammiya) is a gangster and is in love with Tara Wadiya (Farah Karimaee), a singer. Their marriage fixes, but Raghu reveals that he spent a night with a prostitute unintentionally on an early occasion.

Tara gets disappointed and wishes to break up. One of his Facebook friends, Anirudh Brahmin (identity hidden), calls him to Irland for a singing stage show. Tara leaves for Irland without letting anyone know her address in Irland. Raghu enquires about Tara's address from her mother (Shernaz Patel ) and her assistant Haider (Abhishek Duhan). However, no one knows the address of Tara in Irland.

Twist in the story

Anirudh Brahmin does not come to the airport to receive Tara. However, Anirudh calls Tara and informs her that he is in Hospital since his elder brother meets with an accident. Anirudh requests Tara to hire a taxi and reach the destination. However, after a while, the Irish police arrest Tara with illegal drugs.

Tara calls Raghu for her help. Raghu reaches Irland and hires a lawyer, Elle Jorder (Monica Dogra), to bail off Tara. However, the judiciary rejects the bail plea, and Tara receives seven years imprisonment.

 Raghu tries hard to find Anirudh Brahmin, but all his efforts are in vain. He now decides to make Tara flee from jail. Raghu meets an infamous convict Robin Dharamraj Santino (Naseeruddin Shah), popularly known as Bird, because He has escaped from different jails fourteen times.

What happens next? Will Raghu and Tara escape from Irland? Who is Anirudh Brahin, and why is he after Raghu and Tara? The film Teraa Surroor replies to all such queries.

Full Cast and Crew of Teraa Surroor (2016)

Full Cast:

To be Updated Soon.

Other Cast(s):

Himesh Reshammiya
Farah Karimae
Naseeruddin Shah
Kabir Bedi
Shernaz Patel
Monica Dogra
Shekhar Kapur
Abhishek Duhan
Naresh Suri
Habib Al Aidroos
Ravi Singh
Suneel Dutt Safa
Maneesh Chandra Bhatt
Ganesh Ganpat
Gunjan Bhatia
Ahmed Jawed Khan Pathaan
Donny Kapoor
Karan Mehat
Degnan Geraghty
Niraj Singh
Warren Renwick
Richard OLeary
Ann Marie OConnor
Myles Molloy
Sachin Shetty
Irina Khezh
Waqar Khan
Puneet Malik
Helene Kurtz
Gary Tantony
Kris Peterson

Full Crew:


Shawn Arranha


Sonia Kapoor
Vipin Reshammiya
Bhushan Kumar
Krishan Kumar


Music Director(s)
Himesh Reshammiya

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