Thalaivaa (2013) [Tamil ](2013)

Thalaivaa (2013) [Tamil] (2013)

Film Name Thalaivaa (2013)
Genre Action , Thriller
Director A L Vijay
Producer(s) Chandra Prakash Jain
Music Director G V Prakash Kumar
Lead Cast See Full Cast
Release Date 09 August 2013 (India)
Movie Budget 60 Cr. (Estimated)
Box Office Collection 83 Cr. Approximately (Worldwide)
Rating IMDB: 6.2/10    Bollywood Product: 6/10   

Thalaivaa (2013) [Film] Synopsis

Thalaivaa [meaning: Leader] is a Tamil-language Action Thriller Indian film released in cinemas on 9 August 2013. The 2017 Punjabi-language film Sardar Saab is the remake of Thalaivaa.

The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) issued a U rating to Thalaivaa, vide certificate No. DIL-1-78-2013-CHEN dated 5 August 2013. The running time of the film is 182 Minutes and 30 Seconds.

Cast and Crew


Vijay, Amala Paul, and Abhimanyu Singh play the lead roles in Thalaivaa. The film also features Ragini Nandwani, Ponvannan, Suersh, Sathyaraj, and Santhanam in pivotal roles.

K. Bujji Babu, M. R. Kishore Kumar, Mathivanan Sakthivel, N. L. Srinivasan, Nassar, Nishikant Dixit, Pooran Kiri, Preity Üpala, Raj Arjun, Rajeev Pillai, Ranjeev Verma, Ravi Prakash, Rekha (Sumathi Josephine), Sathish Krishnan, Subbu Panchu, Tanu Vidyarthi, Udhaya, Varun, Y. G. Mahendran, and others play supporting roles in Thalaivaa.

Special appearances

Sam Anderson and Stunt Silva appear as themselves. G. V. Prakash Kumar and Dinesh appear in the song Vaanganna Vanakkanganna. Sridhar appears in the song Tamil Tamil Pasanga.


  1. A. L. Vijay - Director
  2. A. L. Vijay - Writer
  3. S. Chandraprakash Jain - Producer
  4. G. V. Prakash Kumar - Music Director
  5. Nirav Shah - Cinematographer
  6. Anthony - Film Editor
  7. R.K. Naguraj - Art Director

Budget and Box Office

The tentative budget of Thalaivaa was Rs. 60 Crore. The film earned approximately Rs. 42 Crore at the Indian Box Office and Rs. 83 Crore at the Worldwide Box Office.

Movie Plot

Ratnam (Nassar) helps people with their needs. Ramadurai (Sathyaraj) saves him during a riot. After the riot, Ratnam decides to leave Bombay (now Mumbai).

People find Sathyaraj as the substitute for Ratnam. Sathyaraj accepts the request and becomes the savior. Ratnam leaves with his son Logu.

On the other hand, the goons of a politician Bhadra, try to shoot Ramadurai. However, his wife comes in between and dies immediately.

Ramadurai immediately visits the railway station, where Ratnam is ready to leave with his son. Ramadurai requests him to nurture his son Vishwa because his life can be in danger here in Bombay.

Ramadurai now goes to Bhadra's house and kills him. Bhadra's young son Bheema vows to avenge the death of his father.

25 years later

Time passes, and Ramadurai (Sathyaraj) becomes a don in Bombay. People regard him because he always supports them in their needs. However, grown-up Bheema (Abhimanyu Singh) is waiting for the right opportunity to kill Ramadurai, who killed his father.

Bheema joins hands with the sitting Home Minister who opposes Ramadurai. Home Minister asks the police officer (Rajeev Verma) to arrest or kill Ramadurai (Sathyaraj), who manages to escape and stays in a secret place that changes often.

Grown-up Vishwa (Vijay) and Logu (Santhanam) now live in Australia. They are best friends and together work as water suppliers. However, Vishwa is a dancer, and his dream is to win an upcoming competition.

Vishwa regards his father (Sathyaraj) and keeps in touch by phone. Since Ramadurai (Sathyaraj) does illegal business and has many enemies, he does not want his son Vishwa to come to Bombay.

A romantic tale

Vishwa meets Meera (Amala Paul) and falls for her. Meera lives with his father (Suresh), who owns a restaurant in Australia. Soon Meera becomes a group member of Vishwa's dance team and starts spending quality time with him.

Meera and Vishwa decide to marry and talk to Meera's father (Suresh), who asks to call Vishwa's family members to fix the marriage.

Vishwa calls Ranga (Ponvannan), his Chacha (younger brother of Ramadurai), to send his father to Australia. Since Ramadurai (Sathyaraj) remains hidden from Police, Ranga informs that neither he nor Ramadurai can come to Australia due to some complications.

Meera's father asks Visha to go to Bombay to meet his father. Vishwa reaches Bombay with Meera and her father without letting his father or uncle (Chacha) know about it.

A surprising twist in the story

The trio reaches Bombay and learns about Ramadurai's profession. Meera's father understands that Ramadurai is a criminal, and he does not want to marry his daughter to Vishwa. 

Ramadurai comes to Meera's father and requests with folded hands to accept the marriage proposal because Vishwa is unaware of his illegal activities. Vishwa asks his father to not fold his hands before Meera's father.

However, before Ramadurai leaves, the police arrive and take Ramadurai at gunpoint. Vishwa gets shocked to see that Meera and her father are CBI officers who trapped Vishwa only to arrest his father.

Police arrest Ramadurai and take him into a police van. Vishwa is helplessly watching his father going away in the police van. Suddenly the vehicle explodes, and Ramadurai dies in the blast. It is the planning of Bheema (Abhimanyu Singh), who planned a bomb in the police van.

Vishwa is distraught over his father's death and decides to stay back in Mumbai and take over his father's crime syndicate. He dons the title of Thalaivaa and provides his brand of justice for the helpless and downtrodden.

It makes Bheema furious, and he vows to kill Vishwa too, and he soon makes a big conspiracy, and Vishwa gets entrapped in the same.

What is the conspiracy? Who helps Bheema to make the wicked successful? Will Vishwa survive or succumb to death?

Film Thalaivaa gives replies to all such queries with a surprising revelation.

Full Cast and Crew of Thalaivaa (2013)

Full Cast:

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Other Cast(s):

Amala Paul
Abhimanyu Singh
Ragini Nandwani
K Bujji Babu
M R Kishore Kumar
N L Srinivasan
Nishikant Dixit
Pooran Kiri
Preity Upala
Raj Arjun
Rajeev Pillai
Ravi Prakash
Ranjeev Verma
Rekha Harris
Sathish Krishnan
Subbu Panchu
Tanu Vidyarthi
Varun Kamal
Y G Mahendran
Hemant Soni
Vishal Saroye
Mathivanan Sakthivel
A R Manikandan
Talia Grace
Prashanna K
Bobby Babin
Meg MacIntosh
Shailla Quadra
Khanh Trieu
Japan Kumar
Stunt Silva
Tamil Actor Sam Anderson
G V Prakash Kumar
Choreographer Sridhar

Full Crew:


A L Vijay


Chandra Prakash Jain


Music Director(s)
G V Prakash Kumar

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