The Missing Stone (2020) [Hindi Web Series ](2020)

The Missing Stone (2020) [Hindi Web Series] (2020)

Film Name The Missing Stone (2020)
Genre Mystery Thriller , Suspense
Director Alok Naik
Producer(s) Sanjay Khambe , Shweta Shinde
Music Director Brince Bora , Ranjan Patnaik
Lead Cast See Full Cast
Release Date 25 December 2020 (India)
Movie Budget Not Available Cr. (Estimated)
Box Office Collection N.A. Cr. Approximately (Worldwide)
Rating IMDB: 7.3    Bollywood Product: 5   

The Missing Stone (2020) [Film] Synopsis

The Missing Stone is a Hindi Suspense, Mystery and Thriller Web Series streaming on MX Player from 25 December 2020. The series contain five episodes directed by Alok Naik. Sanjay Khambe and Shweta Shinde have co-produced the series.

The series has limited number of characters say mainly six characters namely Bidita Bag, Rashi Mal, Barun Sobti, Sqib Ayub, Vitthal Kale and Pallavi Patil.

Movie Plot

Payal (Rashi Mal) is expected to give a surprise on her sister Dhwani’s birthday. However, she goes missing and even her Boy Friend Ryan (Saquib Ayub) does not know about her location. Dhwani and her husband Sahir (Barun Sobti) are in a Farmhouse in Lonavala where Payal is expected to come to surprise her sister but she never visits.

The Missing Stone-Film Story

Sahil (Barun Sobti) and Dhwani (Bidita Bag) are happily married couple. Sahil has a Farmhouse at Lonavala and he wants to sell the same. It is the days of Lockdown and hence he meets with buyers online. A buyer gets ready to buy the Farmhouse and wants to see it. Sahil tells them to reach at the Farmhouse and he wants to leave immediately. However, Dhwani wants to accompany him and he agrees reluctantly just because it is Dhwani’s birthday next day. 

They both visit farmhouse. Buyers come there see the entire property and then leave. Sahil now wants to go back but Dhwani insist him to stay there for some days to spend some quality time with her husband.

Dhwani’s younger sister Payal arranges surprise every year on the birthday of her elder sister and Dhwani is expecting a big surprise the next day. However, Payal is not responding to the phone calls of Dhwani and merely replying through whatsapp messages. 

Dhwani asks Ryan (Saqib Ayub), boyfriend of Payal about her whereabouts but he also does not know about her. However, Payal and Ryan stayed in the same Farmhouse about a week ago. Ryan informs that he left the property after having a quarrel with Payal.

Dhwani inquires from the caretaker Somnath (Vitthal Kale) and she comes to know that Ryan and then Payal also left the Villa in the early morning. However, statement of Hema (Pallavi Patil), wife of Somnath, contradicts with his husband. According to her, Payal remained in the Villa. Dhwani also comes to know that Ryan returned after sometime to meet Payal. Nevertheless, Somnath did not allow him to enter in the premises. 

Dhwani finds Payal’s earrings in Bathtub and thereafter a series of events happened that leads her to a conclusion that Payal has never left the premises and she starts investigation and eventually finds location of Payal’s phone that shows Payal in the same premises. Some other incidents lead her to the conclusion that something worse has happened with Payal. 


Rest of the film gives answer to the questions like Where Payal Is? Is she fine or something bad has happened to her? Whether Payal is playing some foul game? Is Ryan has done something wrong? Or there is any other game is being played by someone else? To know the answer of these questions you have to watch the film / web series.

 The Missing Stone Review

 The story of the film is not new and it has been seen thousands of times but still the story of the film is fine and keeps the viewers hooked. Even if the audience understands the suspense, then the film has to be watched till the end to know its reason. It becomes imperative to watch.


There is plenty of suspense thrill elements in the film. The biggest thing is that this film can become an inspiration for those filmmakers who want to make a film in the least budget or say Zero Budget. A film made with only 6 actors is shot at almost the same location. Some scenes have been shot on the road i.e. money has been saved everywhere. Such films are rarely seen in a low budget.



 Bidita Bag is the life of the film and she has got the most footage in the film. Bidita's work is good and she has an understanding of acting but she will have to mature more with time.


Barun Sobti has done three or four films before but his experience is not seen anywhere in his acting and in the true sense, he is the weakest link among the 6 actors of the film.


Rashi Mal is good as Payal and she is seen doing justice to her role. Ryan (Saqib) as the boyfriend of Payal, has not been given much footage, but as long as he appears on the screen, it looks fine.


Vitthal Kale and Pallavi Patel, as the caretakers of the farmhouse, are very good and have played their small roles well.


There is no song in the film, there was no scope for songs, and for this reasons the film, moves right ahead. The background music of the film is fine. Camera work is also fine and I am saying all this because the budget of the film must have been kept very low, in this case, whatever work has been done, it seems fine.


However, despite all this, the film does not become a masterpiece. The reason for this is that the film is pushed forward very slowly. Editing of at least 10-15 minutes could be done in the first two episodes; similarly the last episode could be cut for about 10 minutes. In this way, the length of the film could be reduced and the film could be made a bit better.


Another weakness is the film's climax. Those who keep watching suspense movies will probably know the suspense of the film in advance, probably by the end of the third episode. Even if you do not know the reason exactly, an idea will be made.


Since there are only 6 main actors in the film, it becomes a little difficult to maintain suspense. At this, the writer, editor and director are failed and despite the good story, the film could not be as good as it could be.



However, based on the rating given by 54 people on IMDB, it has been given a rating of 7.4 out of 10, which according to me is very high. I can only give this film a 5 out of 10 rating on behalf of Bollywood product.

Film Review-The Missing Stone by Bollywood Product.

Full Cast and Crew of The Missing Stone (2020)

Full Cast:

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Other Cast(s):

Bidita Bag
Rashi Mal
Barun Sobti
Saqib Ayub
Vitthal Kale

Full Crew:


Alok Naik


Sanjay Khambe
Shweta Shinde


Music Director(s)
Brince Bora
Ranjan Patnaik

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