The Super Khiladi 3 (Nenu Sailaja) [2016] [Hindi Dubbed Telugu ](2016)

The Super Khiladi 3 (Nenu Sailaja) [2016] [Hindi Dubbed Telugu] (2016)

Film Name The Super Khiladi 3 (Nenu Sailaja) [2016]
Genre Romance , Comedy
Director Thirumala Kishore
Producer(s) Ravi Kishore , Manish Shah
Music Director Devi Sri Prasad
Lead Cast See Full Cast
Release Date 01 January 2016 (India)
Movie Budget 12 Cr. (Estimated)
Box Office Collection 40 Cr. Approximately (Worldwide)
Rating IMDB: 6.9    Bollywood Product: 7   

The Super Khiladi 3 (Nenu Sailaja) [2016] [Film] Synopsis

The Super Khiladi 3 is the Hindi dubbed version of the Telugu Romance Comedy film Nenu Sailaja, initially released on 1 January 2016.

The Central Board of Film Certification issued a "U" rating Certificate bearing No. DIL/1/34/2016 on 1 June 2016, for the Hindi dubbed version, The Super Khiladi 3.

Nenu Sailaja became a commercial success in theaters. Later, Goldmines uploaded The Super Khiladi 3, the dubbed Hindi version of the Telugu film Nenu Sailaja, on their YouTube Channel on 28 November 2018. The Hindi dubbed version became immensely popular, and the film became one of the Most Viewed Hindi Dubbed Movies on YouTube.

Cast and Crew


  1. Ram Pothineni - Hari
  2. Keerthy Suresh - Sailaja, a.k.a. Shailu
  3. Sathyaraj - Srinivasa Rao
  4. Prince Cecil - Ashok
  5. Sreemukhi - Swecha (Hari's twin sister)
  6. Pradeep Rawat - Maharshi
  7. Rohini - Shailu's mother
  8. Dhanya Balakrishna - Keerthi
  9. Himaja - Suchithra (Maid)
  10. Vijayakumar - Shailu's grandfather
  11. V.K. Naresh - Hari's father
  12. Sudigali Sudheer - Hari's friend
  13. Vamsi Krishna - Babji
  14. Chaitanya Krishna - Vijaya Krishna
  15. Rajashree Nair - Sailaja's aunt
  16. Krishna Bhagavaan - Srinivasa's friend
  17. Pragathi - Hari's mother
  18. Baby Yodha - Pooja
  19. Joy Badlani - Radhiya
  20. Melkote - Shailu's Boss
  21. Shani Salmon
  22. Tanya Hope - Special appearance in the song Night is Still Young
  23. Chitra Shukla - Guest appearance in the song Crazy Feeling


  1. Thirumala Kishore - Director
  2. Ravi Kishore - Producer
  3. Manish Shah - Hindi Producer
  4. Thirumala Kishore - Writer
  5. K.N. Vijay Kumar - Dialogue (Tamil)
  6. Devi Sri Prasad - Music Director
  7. Cinematographer - Sameer Reddy
  8. A. Sreekar Prasad - Film Editor
  9. A.S. Prakash - Art Director

Movie Plot

Hari (Ram Pothineni) is a happy-go-lucky DJ who lives with his father (V.K. Naresh), mother (Pragathi), and twin sister Swech (Sreemukhi).

In his childhood, Hari used to love Sailaja, a.k.a. Shailu. However, he could never express his love to Shailu. Later, the family of Hari shifts to some other state, and they never meet again.

Hari starts wooing every girl and receives a rejection from every girl. Intoxicated, Hari meets grown-up Shailu (Keerthy Suresh). Hari falls in love with Shailu at first sight.

The next day in a hospital, Hari encounters a young mute girl Pooja (Baby Yodha), who has lost her ways. Hari politely asks about her name and school to which she responds with expressions. Shailu witnesses the event and gets impressed. Shailu again gets impressed when she sees Hari helping to pass an ambulance while some goons block the road.

Shailu goes for a five days tour for an ad shooting. She takes Hari with her. During the ad shoot, Hari discovers that Shailu is his childhood love.

A funny twist

A local goon Maharishi (Pradeep Rawat), threatens Keerti (Dhanya Balakrishna), a close friend of Shailu, and tells her to forget her boyfriend as he is marrying someone else.

Shailu seeks the help of Hari, who prepares a plan to fool Maharishi when Hari learns about Suchitra, the lost love of Maharishi. Maharishi becomes an emotional fool and allows Keerti to marry her lover.

An unexpected twist

Hari introduces Shailu to his family. Shailu also discovers that Hari is his childhood friend. In the meantime, she receives a call from her mother (Rohini), who asks her to return to the village immediately.

Shailu gives no replies to phone calls and messages of Hari for the next few days. When she contacts him, Hari asks her to meet and plans to propose to Shailu.

However, to his surprise, Shailu says she is not in love with him, which confuses Hari. Maharishi (Pradeep Rawat) witnesses the entire episode and becomes a friend of Hari.

Turning point of the story

Hari sees his sister Swecha (Sreemukhi) with her boyfriend Ashok (Prince Cecil). When inquiries, Hari learns that Ashok is the brother of Shailu. Swecha also informs that Shailu's marriage has been fixed with his aunt's son Amar.

Hari meets Ashok and convinces him to introduce him to Ashok's family as a friend. Hari visits Shailu's house in the village. He has only ten days to change the entire scenario.

What does Hari do to stop the marriage of Shailu? Whether he succeeds or not? Whether Shailu loves him or not? What happens to the relationship between Swecha and Ashok? The film The Super Khiladi 3 (Hindi dubbed version of the Telugu film Nenu Sailaja) gives replies to all such queries.

Full Cast and Crew of The Super Khiladi 3 (Nenu Sailaja) [2016]

Full Cast:

To be Updated Soon.

Other Cast(s):

Ram Pothineni
Keerthy Suresh
Prince Cecil
Pradeep Singh Rawat
Dhanya Balakrishna
V K Naresh
Sudigali Sudheer
Vamsi Krishna
Chaitanya Krishna
Krishna Bhagavan
Joy Badlani
Shani Salmon
Tanya Hope
Chitra Shukla
Rajshri Nair

Full Crew:


Thirumala Kishore


Ravi Kishore
Manish Shah


Music Director(s)
Devi Sri Prasad

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