U Shape Ki Gully (2023) [Hindi Film](2024)

U Shape Ki Gully (2023) [Hindi] (2024)

Film Name U Shape Ki Gully (2023)
Genre Romance , Drama
Director Avinash Das
Producer(s) Vinod Yadav
Music Director Amaal Mallik
Lead Cast Vivaan Shah, Avantika Dasani See Full Cast
Release Date 2024 (India)
Movie Budget 7 Cr. (Estimated)
Box Office Collection N.A. Cr. Approximately (Worldwide)
Rating IMDB: N.A.    Bollywood Product: N.A.   

U Shape Ki Gully (2023) [Film] Synopsis

U Shape Ki Gully (2023) is an upcoming Indian Hindi-language ( Romance and Drama ) film expected to be released in cinemas in 2024.

Avinash Das is the Director, whereas Vinod Yadav is the producer of U Shape Ki Gully (2023).

Movie Plot

U Shape Ki Gully depicts the story of a street in Lucknow, India. The alleyway forms a U-Shape, where one enters from one side and exits from the other end. A variety of people live in this U-shaped Gully. 

Mirza (Javed Jaffrey), the man who holds the entire street together, is a gentleman and a poet by nature. He runs a Tea and Kebab Stall at the corner where the U-shaped lane meets.

Shabnam alias Shabbo (Avantika Sassani) is a native of the street. Shabnam lives alone after the death of her parents. She is an outspoken and courageous girl. Shabbo is very strict, and no one dares to talk to her unnecessarily. The street guys respect her a lot.

Hariya (Vivaan Shah) also resides on the same street. Hariya is a friendly young man of today's time. He creates reels for his social sites. Hariya attires odd, but he does not care what people say about him or his attire.

Hariya is naughty and mischievous to the entire street people, but he becomes submissive before Mirza (Javed Jaffrey).

In short, Shabbo and Hariya bear entirely different personalities. Yet Hariya likes Shabbo one-sidedly.

Will Shabbo comprehend the feelings of Hariya ever? Film U Shape Ki Galli narrates the rest of the story.

Full Cast and Crew of U Shape Ki Gully (2023)

Full Cast:

Lead Cast(s):

Actor Character
Vivaan Shah Hariya
Avantika Dasani Shabbo

Other Cast(s):

Actor Character
Javed Jaffrey Mirza
Sushant Singh Ajay Tiwari
Namita Lal
Ishtiyak Khan
Ankur Yadav Helper of Mirza
Veenay Bhasskar Raju

Full Crew:


Avinash Das


Vinod Yadav


Music Director(s)
Amaal Mallik


Blockbuster film (2024)

U Shape Ki Gully (2023)
U Shape Ki Gully (2023)
U Shape Ki Gully (2023)
U Shape Ki Gully (2023)
U Shape Ki Gully (2023)
U Shape Ki Gully (2023)

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