Unwoman (2023) [Hindi ](2023)

Unwoman (2023) [Hindi] (2023)

Film Name Unwoman (2023)
Genre Drama , Social Drama
Director Pallavi Roy
Producer(s) Gunjan Goel , Susheel Sharman , Shalmali Prakash
Music Director Abhay Rustom Sopori
Lead Cast See Full Cast
Release Date 05 May 2023 (India)
Movie Budget 5 Cr. (Estimated)
Box Office Collection N.A. Cr. Approximately (Worldwide)
Rating IMDB: N.A.    Bollywood Product: 5   

Unwoman (2023) [Film] Synopsis

Unwoman is a Hindi Drama film scheduled released on 5th May 2023. The Central Board of Film Certification issued an "A" (Adults only) Certificate bearing No. DIL/3/22/2023-MUM on 21 April 2023. The film duration is 112.04 Minutes

Cast and Crew


  1. Sarthak Narula - Bhanwar
  2. Bhagwan Tiwari - Bhairo
  3. Kanak Garg - Sanwri
  4. Girish Pal - Kaircharan
  5. Karan Maan - Harinder
  6. Pramod Deswal - Gopi


  1. Pallavi Roy - Director
  2. Gunjan Goel - Producer
  3. Shalmali Prakash - Co-Producer
  4. Susheel Sharman - Co-Producer
  5. Susheel Sharman - Story
  6. Pallavi Roy - Story
  7. Pallavi Roy - Screenplay
  8. Pallavi Roy - Dialogue
  9. Abhay Rustum Sopori - Music Director
  10. Shakil Rehan Khan - Cinematographer
  11. Gunjan Goel - Film Editor
  12. Firoj Alam - Film Editor
  13. Sunil Gautam - Art Director

Movie Plot

Bhanwar (Sarthak Narula), a simple man from a village in Rajasthan, leads a lonely life. Bhanwar lives with his dominant uncle Bhairo (Bhagwan Tiwari), who interferes unnecessarily in his life and makes decisions on behalf of Bhanwar.

As per prevailing practice, the duo plans to buy a bride to improve their living condition. Bhanwar sells his piece of land, and Bhairo contacts a human trafficker.

owever, as destiny holds it, the human trafficker dupes Bhanwar, and instead of a woman, sells him  Sanwri (Kanak Garg), a Transgender / Intersex person (She is a person with a female gender identity born with no vagina and reproductive organs).

Stuck in a strange situation, both Bhanwar and Bhairo decide to keep her in their home for household work and withhold Sanwri’s actual identity since people generally look down on Transgender / Intersex in Indian society.

Sanwri’s gentle demeanor and sweet nature soften Bhanwar’s heart. Soon, the bond based on necessity gradually turns into love. However, Bhairo treats Sanwri as an object only to serve his needs.

Bhairo wants Sanwri also to satisfy his lustful needs. Bhanwar objects, and tension brews between them.

Sanwri’s reality comes out in the open in the entire mess. Bhanwar and Sanwri realize that their love is not enough to survive in the hypocritic society.

The film is set in the world of relatable characters. It also focuses on bride trafficking, the skewed female ratio in some parts of India, and the status of Transgender / Intersex people.

Full Cast and Crew of Unwoman (2023)

Full Cast:

To be Updated Soon.

Other Cast(s):

Bhagwan Tiwari
Kanak Garg
Sarthak Narula
Girish Pal
Karan Maan
Pramod Deswal

Full Crew:


Pallavi Roy


Gunjan Goel
Susheel Sharman
Shalmali Prakash


Music Director(s)
Abhay Rustom Sopori

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