Valimai (2022) [Tamil ](2022)

Valimai (2022) [Tamil] (2022)

Film Name Valimai (2022)
Genre Action , Thriller
Director H Vinoth
Producer(s) Boney Kapoor
Music Director Yuvan Shankar Raja
Lead Cast See Full Cast
Release Date 24 February 2022 (India)
Movie Budget 150 Cr. (Estimated)
Box Office Collection 235 Cr. Approximately (Worldwide)
Rating IMDB: 7.8    Bollywood Product: 6   

Valimai (2022) [Film] Synopsis

Valimai is an Indian Tamil-language Action Thriller film released theatrically on 24 February 2022. The Hindi dubbed version was also released on the same day. Apart from the Hindi version, the Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada versions were also released theatrically on 24 February 2022.

Valimai-Running Time

The original Run Time of Valimai was 179  Minutes on the day of its initial release on 24 February 2022. After the release, the film received criticism for its length.

The makers trimmed all versions of Valimai, except the Hindi version, by 12 Minutes. Hence, the run time of Tamil, Telugu, Malayama, and Kannada versions is 167 Minutes (2 Hours 47 Minutes). The edits came into effect on 25 February 2022 (after one day of the original release of Valimai).

As far as the Hindi version is concerned, it was edited and trimmed by 18 Minutes. Thus, the Run Time of the Hindi version is 159 Minutes (2 Hours 39 Minutes).

Cast & Crew

H. Vinoth (Vinoth Harimoorthy) has directed Valimai. He earlier directed the Tamil language Thriller film Nerkonda Paarvai, a remake of the Hindi (Bollywood) film Pink (2016).

Bollywood Producer Boney Kapoor has produced Valimai.

Yuvan Shankar Raja is the Music Composer, and Nirav Shah is the Cinematographer of Valimai. 


Ajith Kumar has played the lead role in Valimai. Kartikeya Gummakonda,Huma Qureshi and Gurbani Judge (V. J. Bani) have played pivotal roles in Valimai.

Sumithra, Yogi Babu, Achyuth Kumar, Pearle Maaney, Dhruvan, Dinesh Prabhakar, Pugazh, Shivaji Guruvayoor, Nirmal Pandey, Malini Sathappan, Md Abidur Rahaman, and Sunayana have played supporting roles in Valimai.

Budget and Box Office Collection

Valimai has a budget of approximately Rs. 150 Crore. The film earned Rs. 165 Crore worldwide in became the Highest Grossing Tamil Film of 2022.

Movie Plot

Chennai city faces a gang of daredevil Bikers, who are doing numerous illegal activities in the City. These Bikers indulge in Chain Snatching, Drug Peddling, and even Killing people. Naren aka Wofranga (Kartikeya Gummakonda) is the leader of the Biker Gangs.

These Bikers operate under the code-named Satan’s Slaves. They are smart enough to use the internet to connect. The City Police Commission fails to seize the criminal activities of these vicious Bikers.

Thus, the commissioner assigns this case to ACP Arjun Kumar (Ajith Kumar) IPS from Madurai, known for his peculiar way of handling criminals. Arjun breaks one of the limbs of the accused so that they never repeat the crimes.

The family of Arjun consists of his Mother (Sumithra), his drunkard older Brother, his Wife Sophia (Huma Qureshi), a married younger Sister (Vaishnavi Chaitanya), and an unemployed Graduate Brother Ashok/Kutty (Raj Aiyyappa).

Collaborating with his partner and friend Sophia, Arjun soon finds the corpse of a man in a hostel whose friend had betrayed the gang and supplied the drugs to him.

After a thorough investigation, Arjun finds clues against the gang and the mafia leader Naren/Wolfranga. Arjun comes across his way and finally arrests him after a long chase and fight.

Arjun then takes Wolfranga in the Police van. However, en route to the prison, the Biker gang attacks and make Wofranga flee. Arjun tries to stop Wofrang from escaping, but to his shock, his brother Ashok hits him and escapes with the criminals.

Since Ashok, brother of Arjun, is involved in the case, DCP Rajangam (Dinesh Prabhakar) and IG Anabarasu (G.M. Sundar) take over the charge of this case. Both the officers are envious of Arjun and do not take up the Biker Gang case.

The other of Arjun refused to have food since his son Ashok chose the wrong direction. Arjun then decides to take over the case again unofficially. Arjun takes the help of Sophia and some trusted policemen.

Arjun fishes out the discarded stolen bikes from an abandoned quarry. In turn, he is given the charge of the Biker Gang case as an accolade.

However, it would not be an easy task for Arjun because some corrupt police officers are helping Wolfranga.

Will Arjun and his team expose the Naren / Wolfranga and the corrupt Police officer? What happens to Ashok and other family members of Arjun? The film satisfactorily replies to these queries.

Full Cast and Crew of Valimai (2022)

Full Cast:

To be Updated Soon.

Other Cast(s):

Ajith Kumar
Huma Qureshi
Kartikeya Gummakonda
Gurbani Judge
Dinesh Prabhakar
Malini Sathappan
Pearle Maaney
Yogi Babu
Vaishnavi Chaitanya
Achyuth Kumar
G M Sundar
Raj Aiyyappa
Chaitra Reddy
Pavel Navageethan
Shivaji Guruvayoor
Shah Emtiaj
Uma Shankari
Md Abidur Rahaman
Vishwa Kumar

Full Crew:


H Vinoth


Boney Kapoor


Music Director(s)
Yuvan Shankar Raja

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