Vanshree (2022) [Hindi ](2022)

Vanshree (2022) [Hindi] (2022)

Film Name Vanshree (2022)
Genre Action , Romance
Director Suresh Saroj
Producer(s) Tukaram Mone
Music Director Laxmi Narayan
Lead Cast See Full Cast
Release Date 23 September 2022 (India)
Movie Budget 2 Cr. (Estimated)
Box Office Collection N.A. Cr. Approximately (Worldwide)
Rating IMDB: N.A.    Bollywood Product: 3/10   

Vanshree (2022) [Film] Synopsis

Vanshree is a Hindi (Action Romance) film released on 23 September in Gurugram and Mumbai through August Entertainment.

Cast & Crew

Debutante Suresh Saroj is the Director, and Dialogue-Screenplay Writer, whereas Manoj Singh is the Story Writer of Vanshree.

Tukaram Mone makes his debut as an Actor-Producer of the film under Tukaramji Mone's film production.

Raj Kumar Baghel and Hemant Maheshwari are the Directors of Photography, Arjun Prajapati and Krishna Murai Yadav are the Film Editors, Laxmi Narayan is the Music Director, and Raja Yadav is the Background Scorer of Vanshree.


Ammey plays the title lead role in Vanshree. Film Vanshree also features Samir Khan, Sunali Ladwa,  Zarina Wahab, Ali Khan, Priya Singh, Lalita Vinnchi, Kumar Rajput, Rajesh Bhati, Ajeet Verma, Sujit Mone, Shiv Goswami, Quresh Songarwala, Sunali Parmar, Pradip Ronghe, Gyanesh Moga, and Tukaram Mone.

Movie Plot

Film Vanshree depicts the story of a brave, sincere, and honest forest officer Vanshree (Ammey), who tries her best to stop forest wood smuggling. She also spreads social awareness among people regarding saving trees.

However, the wood smuggling mafia is not only threatening but also powerful, and Vanshree has to pay for her honesty and sincerity.

Full Cast and Crew of Vanshree (2022)

Full Cast:

To be Updated Soon.

Other Cast(s):

Zarina Wahab
Samir Khan
Sunali Ladwa
Sunali Parmar
Ali Khan II
Priya Singh II
Lalita Vinnchi
Kumar Rajput
Rajesh Bhati
Ajeet Verma
Sujit Mone
Tukaram Mone
Shiv Goswami
Quresh Songarwala
Pradip Ronghe
Gyanesh Moga

Full Crew:


Suresh Saroj


Tukaram Mone


Music Director(s)
Laxmi Narayan

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