Vedalam (2015) [Tamil ](2015)

Vedalam (2015) [Tamil] (2015)

Film Name Vedalam (2015)
Genre Action
Director Siva
Producer(s) S Aishwarya
Music Director Anirudh Ravichander
Lead Cast See Full Cast
Release Date 10 November 2015 (India)
Movie Budget 60 Cr. (Estimated)
Box Office Collection 120 Cr. Approximately (Worldwide)
Rating IMDB: 6.3    Bollywood Product: 7   

Vedalam (2015) [Film] Synopsis

Vedalam is a Tamil-language Action film released in cinemas on 10 November 2015. The runtime of the film is 154 Minutes. The film is also available in the Hindi dubbed version with the same name.

Bhola Shankar, the 2023 Telugu-language film, and Sultan: The Saviour, the 2018 Bengali language film, are the remakes of Vedalam.

The story revolves around a heartless thug turned Taxi-Driver and the problems he faces from the crime syndicate. When the mafia syndicate becomes a pain for his adopted sister, the taxi driver vows to hunt them down.

Cast and Crew


Ajit Kumar, Shruti Haasan, and Laxmi Menon play the lead roles, whereas Rahul Dev, Kabir Duhan Singh, Aniket Chouhan, Soori, and Ashwin Kakumanu play pivotal roles in Vedalam.

The film also features Appukutty, Avinash, Kovai Sarala, Mansoor Ali Khan, Mayilswamy, Rajendran, Raviraj, Sriranjini, Sudha, Thambi Ramaiah, Vidyullekha Raman, Yogi Babu, and many others.


  1. Siva - Director
  2. Siva - Screenplay
  3. Siva - Dialogue
  4. Siva - Story
  5. Aadhi Narayana - Story
  6. S. Aishwarya - Producer
  7. Anirudh Ravichander - Music Director
  8. Vetri Palanisamy - Cinematographer
  9. Ruben - Fim Editor

Budget and Box Office Collection

The tentative budget of Vedalam was Rs. 60 Crore. The film did good commercial business and earned approximately Rs. 120 Crore at the Worldwide Box Office, making it the 2nd Highest Grossing Tamil film of 2015.

Vedalam-Movie Plot

Vedlam consists of three stories that cross paths with each other.

The first story

Ganesh (Ajith Kumar) lives in Chennai. He is a ruthless thug and popularly known as Vedalam. He is a money mined person and does every legal or illegal work for money.

The second story

Thamizharasi, alias Thamizh (Lakshmi Menon), is a young girl who lives with her blind parents. A builder causes problems for Thamizh and her parent. The builder wants their house for a company site, but the family does not want to sell it.

The third story

Rahul (Rahul Dev) is a dreaded criminal who does every possible illegal activity, especially human trafficking for the flesh trade. Abhinay (Kabir Duhan Singh) is his first younger brother, and Aniket (Aniket Chouhan) is the second younger brother of Rahul. They together run a big crime syndicate.

Connection of each story

Since Vedalam is a thug, he has many enemies. One night one of his enemies stabs him and flees. Thamizh (Laxmi Menon) takes the unconscious Ganesh to the hospital. When the hospital administration asks about her relationship with the patient, she lies that she is the sister of Vedalam. Thamiz returns home while Ganesh is unconscious in the hospital. Later Vedalam leaves the hospital without knowing about Thamiz.

After a few days, the builder at home threatens Thamiz's blind parents. Esther (Vidyullekha Raman), the best friend of Thamiz, suggests she should hire Vedalam (Ajit Kumar) because he can manage the builder for some money.

Thamiz visits Vedalam's house and recognizes him. Vedalam agrees to protect his family from the builder. However, Vedalam betrays Tamizah when because the builder pays a higher amount. Consequently, Thamizah and her parents become homeless, and they start living in Vedalam's home without the consent of Vedalam.

Soon the mafia syndicate Rahul abducts Thamizah with some other girls. Vedalam saves Thamizah and the other girls. Thamiz's family shows gratitude and leaves his home. However, the mafia syndicate attacks and kills the blind parents of Thamiz, who also gets badly injured.

Vedalam takes Thamizh to the same hospital where Thamizh brought him earlier. Vedalam learns that Thamizh is the girl who saved his life earlier. In the meantime, Thamizh loses her memories and does not remember anything about her past. Vedalam accepts her as his sister and promises to take care of her forever.

A changed Vedalam

Ganesh is now no more Vedalam. He leaves his illegal activities and decides to live like a changed person. He arrives in Kolkata with Thamiz (Lakshmi Menon), his adopted sister, to enroll her in an arts college.

In Kolkata, Ganesh becomes friends with Kolkata "Kolkata" Kaali (Rajendran), who escorts Ganesh and Tamizh to their new house. Ganesh hires a taxi from Laxmidas (Soori) and becomes a taxi driver.

Hilarious twist

Swetha (Shruti Haasan), an advocate, is the first customer of Ganesh. She offers him to pose as a fake mute eyewitness in a court case. However, Ganesh speaks out in court, and the court fires Swetha for bringing a fake witness.

Swetha teams up with the help of Laxmidas (Soori) to teach a lesson to Ganesh but fails badly. Soon Swetha falls for Ganesh. In the meantime, Arjun (Ashwin Kakumanu) sees Thamiz and falls in love with him. Coincidently, Arjun is the brother of Swetha. Ganesh arranges Tamizh's marriage with Swetha's brother Arjun.

Game changing twist

DCP Yashpal seeks help from the taxi drivers because they keep going through the city and might witness a crime that causes trouble to the public.

Ganesh reports a case of arms trafficking, which leads to Aniket (Aniket Chouhan), the second younger brother of the dreaded mafia king Rahul (Rahul Dev). Aniket asks his goons to kill Ganesh, but Ganesh kills all the goons and Aniket without leaving any evidence against him.

Abhinay (Kabir Duhan Singh), the elder brother of Aniket and the first younger brother of Rahul, uses technology to find the man behind the killing of   Aniket and his men. He finally learns about Ganesh, but before Abhinay can plan something, Ganesh reaches there and kills Abhinay and his goons.

Swetha (Shruti Hassan) witnesses the brutal Ganesh and becomes horrified by his actions. She now wants to stop the marriage of Arjun and Thamiz. However, Ganesh tells her the backstory, and Swetha realizes that Thamiz is not the biological sister of Ganesh. She accepts the marriage of her brother to Thamiz.


Rahul (Rahul Dev) becomes crazy after the killings of his two younger brothers, and he wants to finish the killer. An injured goon has seen Ganesh and is ready to give his description.

Circumstances go in favours of Rahul when Thamizh becomes his unplanned hostage. Rahul now wants Ganesh to come there to save his sister.

What happens next is the rest of the story of Vedalam.

Full Cast and Crew of Vedalam (2015)

Full Cast:

To be Updated Soon.

Other Cast(s):

Ajith Kumar
Shruti Haasan
Lakshmi Menon
Rahul Dev
Kabir Duhan Singh
Ashwin Kakumanu
Thambi Ramaiah
Avinash Yelandur
Mansoor Ali Khan
Kovai Sarala
Sreeja Ravi
Bala Saravanan
Ramesh Thilak
Yogi Babu
Vidyullekha Raman
Meera Krishnan
R N R Manohar
D R K Kiran
Aniket Chouhan

Full Crew:




S Aishwarya


Music Director(s)
Anirudh Ravichander

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