Virgin Bhanupriya (2020) [ Hindi Movie ]

Movie Name Virgin Bhanupriya (2020)
Movie Genre Comedy Movie  
Directed by Ajay Lohan
Produced by Shreyans Mahendra Dhariwal
Music Director Chirantan Bhatt Ramji Gulati
Star Cast Urvashi Rautela, Gautam Gulati, Archana Puran Singh, Brijendra Kala, Delnaaz Irani, Rajiv Gupta, Niki Walia, Rumana Molla, Vijaylaxmi Singh, Vikas Verma, Rohit Goyal, Puskar Kumar, Sumit Gulati ,
Release Date 16 Jul, 2020 (India)
Movie Budget 5 Cr. (Estimated)
Box Office Collection Not Available Cr. Approximately (Worldwide)
Rating IMDB: 5    Bollywood Product: 1   

Virgin Bhanupriya (2020) Movie Synopsis

Virgin Bhanupriya (2020) is a Bollywood Sex Comedy Movie releases on 16 July 2020 on ZEE5. Earlier it was scheduled to be released on June 12 2020 but due to ongoing corona epidemics cinema halls in India are closed. Hence, the makers have decided to release the movie on ZEE5.

Shreyans Mahendrda Dhariwal has produced the movie whereas Ajay Lohan has helmed it by making his bollywood directorial debut. Earlier Ajay Lohan worked as Associate Director in movies like Karzzzz (2008) and Calendar Girls (2015).  Ajay Lohan is also credited as screenwriter of the movie. 

Virgin Bhanupriya Star Cast

Virgin Bhanupriya features Urvashi Rautela and Bigg Boss sensation Gautam Gulati in the lead roles. Archana Pooran Singh who is famous for the Indian television comedy Show “Kapil Sharma Show” is playing a pivotal role in the movie. 

Delnaaz Irani, Rajiv Gupta, Brijendra Kala, Niki Walia, Rumana Molla, Vijaylaxmi Singh, Vikas Verma, Rajiv Gupta, Sumit Gulati and Puskar Kumar are in supporting roles in the movie.

Virgin Bhanupriya Movie Plot

Bhanupriya Awasthy (Urvashi Rautela) is an old-fashioned conservative girl in her twenties. She also believes in astrology and considers her to be possessed with some bad luck. 

Bhanupirya’s mother Madhu (Archana Pooran Singh) and father Vijay (Rajiv Gupta) keeps wrangling with each other remain busy in their own business and they have no time for their daughter.

A fortune-teller forecasts that if she can lose her virginity she can triumph over her back luck.  However, she would not be able to lose her virginity by her choice, he added. Now Bhanupriya decides to lose her virginity to conquer her appalling luck.

She is uptight to find his soul mate and to lose her virginity. She tries harder and harder but her every attempt remains in vain and brings her disappointment only.

She always seeks advice of her friend Rakul (Rumana Molla) whenever issue of making relationship comes in her mind. However, advice of Rakul also falls flat like the luck of Bhanupriya.

However, the simple task becomes a hectic one as such every attempt of Bhanupriya to lose her virginity falls flat. She tries her level best to by taking advice from other girls too but no formula works for her.

Bhanu meets with Rajiv (Sumit Gulati) and he tries his best to win over her. However, destiny wants to play a different game and their future collaboration fails miserably.

Bhanu comes across many men but her desire to lose her virginity stays as the wildest dream of her life. In the end Shartiya (Gautam Gulati) comes in her life and she does her best to lose her virginity but her fate demands something else.

Virgin Bhanupriya Film Review

Script and Direction

Ajay Lohan helms both the fields, which are the most important fields for a movie. Ajay is comparatively new to the Bollywood Movies and miserably fails in his screen writing.

The story is a bit new but the screenplay is terrible. A girl wants to lose her virginity by choice! What is the thought behind this idea? It is beyond comprehend why the screenwriter wants a girl to do that by her choice.

Well, considering it a new and creative idea he must write a logical and tight script to show his creative abilities but the same was completely missing in the screenplay.

There is a scene when father asks her daughter that why she needs sanitary pads with wings whereas her body shape is thin. The audience can also feel the feelings of a girl, after such filthy discussion, as well. This scene is beyond any logic and merely screenwriter’s own dirty thinking that he brings before the audiences. 

Furthermore, as a director, he could not justify his own script and the movie becomes a slatternly attempt merely to show some cheap stuff.


Urvashi Rautela as Bhanu is the most important character of the film. She can also be categories the best actor in the entire movie. She tries hard to match up the illogical notion of the script but sometime even her face speaks that she is doing this irrational scene due to money she got by producer. 

Archana Pooran Singh has been repeating her in the character of cool-metropolitan woman. There is nothing new in her character and it is now tiring to see her in such roles. Rajiv Gupta character is really very badly written hence a good actor is used for nothing.

The director has also worn out Brijendra Kala's talent. He comes and goes with the flick of eyes. Sumit Gulati and Rumana Molla have nothing assured in their credit whereas Gautam Gulati seems good only to show his abs.  

Virgin Bhanupriya Music

Chirrantan Bhatt, Ramji Gulati and Amjad Nadeem Aamir have composed music for Virgin Bhanupriya. Three songs have already been released on YouTube and all of them sung by Jyotica Tangri

Virgin Bhanupriya Songs 

1. Kangna Vilayati composed by Ramji Gulati and lyrics penned by Kumaar.

2. Beat Pe Thumka composed by Amjad Nadeem Aamir and lyrics authored by Alokik Rahi and Amjad Aamir

3. Dil Apni Haddon Se composed by Chirrantan Bhatt and lyrics penned by Manoj Yadav.

No song is memorable even after having so many talented Music-Directors.

Virgin Bhanupriya Film Review/final Verdict

Virgin Bhanupriya is all about conversation ‘how to lose virginity’. The screenwriter itself makes jokes of his idea for the sake of sex satire. The movie is about Sex and Comedy but after watching the movie one can realize that there is neither sex nor comedy.

The film is very tiring instead of its less running time only 111 Minutes.

Virgin Bhanupriya Film Rating

IMDB viewers provide 5 out of 10 rating to Virgin Bhanupria whereas Bollywood Product rates it 2 out of 10.

Songs Of Movie Virgin Bhanupriya (2020)

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