Virupaksha (2023) [Telugu ](2023)

Virupaksha (2023) [Telugu] (2023)

Film Name Virupaksha (2023)
Genre Suspense , Mystery Thriller , Supernatural Thriller , Horror
Director Karthik Varma Dandu
Producer(s) Sukumar , B V S N Prasad
Music Director B Ajaneesh Loknath
Lead Cast See Full Cast
Release Date 21 April 2023 (India)
Movie Budget 25 Cr. (Estimated)
Box Office Collection 90 Cr. Approximately (Worldwide)
Rating IMDB: 8/10    Bollywood Product: 7/10   

Virupaksha (2023) [Film] Synopsis

Virupaksha [meaning: A form of Lord Shiva] is a Telugu-language Supernatural Horror Mystery Thriller film released on 21 April 2023. The film has a runtime of 146 Minutes (2 Hours 26 Minutes). Virupaksha started streaming on the OTT platform Netflix on 21 May 2023.

Virupaksha depicts the story of a series of mysterious deaths in the village of Rudravanam. The villagers believe the mysterious deaths are the work of a spirit who wants to avenge her death.

Cast and Crew


Sai Dharam Tej, Samyuktha Menon, Sunil, Rajeev Kanakala, Brahmaji, Ajay, and Ravi Krishna in pivotal roles in Virupaksha. The film also features Abhinav Gomatam, Archana Ananth, Chatrapathi Sekhar, Kamal Kamaraju, Koushik Mahata, Naveen Neni, Rajasekhar Aningi, Sai Chand, Shyamala, Sonia Singh


  1. Karthik Varma Dandu - Director
  2. Karthik Varma Dandu - Story
  3. Sukumar - Writer
  4. Sukumar - Producer
  5. B. V. S. N. Prasad - Producer
  6. B. Ajaneesh Loknath - Music Director
  7. Shamdat Sainudeen - Cinematographer
  8. Navin Nooli - Film Editor

Budget and Box Office Collection

The tentative budget for Virupaksha is 25 Crore INR. The film did commercially well and earned approximately 88 Crore INR at the Worldwide Box Office.

Movie Plot

The village Rudravanam witnesses the mysterious deaths of children. One day the villagers learn that Venkata Chalapathy (Kamal Kamaraju) performs black magic in his house.

The mob bursts into the house of Venkata Chalapathy, accusing them of the mysterious deaths of children. The villagers tie Chalapathy and his wife to a tree and burn them to death.

Chalapathy's dying wife curses the entire village that the village will be turned into a graveyard by the next Pushkara. The villagers send Bhairava (the young son of Venkata Chalapathy) to an orphanage. 

After a few years

Grown-up Surya (Sai Dharam Tej) returns to Rudravanam after 15 years with his mother (Archana Ananth) and friend to attend a festival. However, the village is under lockdown after a villager mysteriously dies in the temple, and villagers fear the curse of Venkata Chalapathy's dead wife.

The village priest imposes an 8-day lockdown where nobody should arrive and leave the village while simultaneously not performing any religious rituals.

The villagers ask Surya to leave the village with other visitors. However, Surya sees Nandini (Samyuktha Menon) and immediately falls for her. he had to deliver injections to her during an emergency.

Nandini thanks Surya for his timely help by giving her a pendant (her lucky charm). Surya now decides to stay in the village during the lockdown.

The curse effect

Sudha (Sonia Singh) and Kumar (Ravi Krishna) are the love birds in the Rudravanam village. They plan to elop during the lockdown. However, Sonia gets shocked when she witnesses a fast-moving train run over Kumar and brings him to death. And Sudha dies due to bee stings.

As the lockdown progresses, village people witness paranormal activities. A series of death occurs during the lockdown period.

Surya starts an investigation and learns about the curse of Chalpathy's wife. However, he does not believe in supernatural power. He sets out to find the truth behind the mysterious deaths in the village.

Is it the work of supernatural power or someone else behind it with a hidden motive? If yes, who is doing the heinous crime and why? Film Virupaksha gives replies to all such queries.

Full Cast and Crew of Virupaksha (2023)

Full Cast:

To be Updated Soon.

Other Cast(s):

Sai Dharam Tej
Rajeev Kanakala
Ravi Krishna T
Abhinav Gomatam
Archana Ananth
Chatrapathi Sekhar
Kamal Kamaraju
Koushik Mahata
Naveen Neni
Sai Chand
Sonia Singh
Rajsekhar Aningi

Full Crew:


Karthik Varma Dandu


B V S N Prasad


Music Director(s)
B Ajaneesh Loknath

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