Jagdeep | Male | 85 Years Old

Biography of Jagdeep

Screen Name Jagdeep
Birth Name Syed Ishtiaq Ahmed Jafri
Nationality/Citizenship Indian
Date of Birth 29 March 1939
Birth Place Madhya Pradesh ,India
Died 08 July 2020

Family Details Jagdeep

Name Sughra Begum
Marriage Date 1960
Totel Son 2
Totel Daughter 0
Totel Children 2
Name Nazima
Totel Son 0
Totel Daughter 1
Totel Children 1
Name Naseem Begum
Totel Children 3
Name Javed Jaffrey
mother/father Mother
Son Relation Sughra Begum
Date Of Birth 04 December 1962
Name Naved Jaffrey
Son Relation Sughra Begum
Name Muskaan Jafri
mother/father Mother
Daughter Relation Nazima

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